Binance & Paxful Alternatives Similar Sites Like Paxful 2024

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There are lots of websites like or similar to Paxful and Binance. Paxful and Binance are known to be the most popular P2P platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and gift cards in Africa and Asia.

Countries like Ghana (GH), Nigeria(NG), South Africa(ZA), Kenya(KE), China, Philippines, Hong Kong etc…
This guide is going to enlighten you with the best Alternative website for Paxful, Binance, Localbitcoin etc. For both buyers and sellers including vendors. The safest, reliable and simple to use P2P platform.

This platform is . Have you ever heard anything about them? If No!….. then you are missing a lot. This is because, on Coincola, you can trade almost all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etheruem, Bitcash and many more as well as all kinds of Gift cards.

They are just like Paxful, Binance and other platforms out there, This means every activity you can perform on Paxful or these websites you can do the same on CoinCola.But for residents in countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, China, Hong Kong etc… Coincola is the best platform to start using……..

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Why CoinCola?

I myself have been trading on almost all the P2P trading (market) platforms out there. And I know why you would be looking for websites like or similar to Paxful, Binance etc… 
some of these reasons are;

1. High rate of scams and fraud on these platforms.
2. High exchange and escrow fees/ Low prices and few offers
3. Compulsory to confirm phone number before allowed to trade.
4. Account getting blocked and phished most often
5. Poor customer service, disputes take almost 2 weeks sometimes above to be solved… Imagine your Gift card, bitcoin or money is being locked.

But with CoinCola and my experience on Coincola, the above-mentioned problems you sometimes encounter on these platforms are hard to find there. Why choose Coincola;

1. Low scam  and fraud rate on there:
This is because of the measures and prompts they give you when you are always involved in a trade…. (I will give them some accolades for that…. it will prevent you from tripping)

2. It’s easy to create an account on Coincola:
On Coincola you can create an account with only your G-mail and start trading or with only your phone number as well. (You can also decide to confirm both)

3. Low escrow fee. Free first trade for individuals in some African countries like Ghana

4. Perfect, 100% customer service:
With Coincola you can even contact their customer service through WhatsApp. 

5. Also on Coincola you can trade almost 6 different digital currencies as well as gift cards.

Binance & Paxful Alternative: Similar Website For Ghana & Nigeria

About Coincola 

 is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform that allows individuals to engage in all kinds of trading there. (either buying and selling of cryptocurrencies or gift cards for bitcoin etc). The best Paxful and Binance alternative for residents in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, China, Hing Kong, India etc…

They have been around since 2016 and they are still one of the active, fast, reliable and safest P2P platforms to engage in all trading activities. 

They have all the favourable payment options you would think of when wanting to trade. like;

1. MTN mobile money

2. Bank Transfers

3. Chipper Cash

4. Perfect money transfer and many others…

This is a platform we will recommend for both buyers and sellers. (Vendors) Also on Coincola, you can exchange your bitcoin for other digital currencies on there. Example; Exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum or Litecoin etc…
You can also receive bitcoin with your Coincola bitcoin wallet and also send bitcoin out to friends and families.

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How To Sell Gift Cards On CoinCola For Cash or Bitcoin

There are steps you need to follow when willing to sell your Gift cards for Bitcoin or cash. Just as mentioned earlier, on CoinCola you can receive your cash through MTN mobile money, Vodafone cash, Tigo cash, Bank transfers, perfect money etc…

Remember you can trade almost all kinds of gift cards including Amazon gift cards, Google play cards, Steam wallet gift cards, American Express, iTunes cards

Follow the below step-by-step to sell Gift cards for bitcoin ;

1. Step1: Go to the OTC page and select the country of  “Ghana or ….”, click  “Sell” “Gift card”

2. Find a vendor to trade with:
Here just like you do when selling your gift cards or buying bitcoin on CoinCola. You will just have to glance through the available offers by vendors and then finally select one to get into a trade with.
Remember on CoinCola, you can also choose to first check the number of trades and ratings of these vendors before you get into a trade with them.

3. Click on the offer you find suitable and get into a trade with that particular vendor; Always remember to text the vendor first before you perform any action there. This is to verify whether the vendor is willing to get into the trade or he/she is online.

4. After that, provide the info you will be using to receive payment. And then wait for the vendor to complete payment. (eg; Provide your MTN momo number and Name used to register for verification)

5. Once the vendor completes payment, you release bitcoin just like the other vendor released your money.  Add feedback or” reviews” after trades if you can……

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How To Sell Bitcoin On CoinCola For Cash

Follow the below step-by-step guide to sell your Bitcoin on CoinCola for cash… using and any mode of payment (receiving) you want;
1. Navigate to the OTC page and select the country of  “Ghana”, click “sell” 

2. Find a vendor to trade with: Select the vendor with the cool deal. Always try to check their number of trades and other stuff just to know their past activities.

3. After finding the vendor you are willing to trade with, you then click on his/her offer to start trade:
Type in the amount of bitcoin you are willing to send and start the trade. Make sure the vendor is online. If he/she is online go ahead and drop your details for receiving your cash. 

4. After you receive payment, release Bitcoin.

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How To Sell On CoinCola As a Vendor. (For Vendors Only)

To buy and sell on CoinCola as a vendor is the same as other platforms like Paxful, Binance etc… 
What you will need to do is to get your vendor account ready and then create an offer or “Post an Ad”. Creating your offer or Posting Ad, you add necessary info like;

i. Trade limit eg: Ghs 10-500

ii Mode of payment.

iii. And then rules of trading if you only have some.

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Pro’s And Con’s Of Using CoinCola

Pros Of Using CoinCola.

Below are why you should use CoinCola;1. CoinCola has an easy and welcoming interface that make it attractive and easy to use.
1. You earn 20% of the Escrow fee on CoinCola from every referral’s trade.

2. On CoinCola you will be getting lots of bonuses like Ghs60.00 cashback from your first trade and free trade without any charges (Ghanaian residents only)

3. You can contact CoinCola’s customer service on both their platform or straight on WhatsApp. (There is no platform in which you can do this except CoinCola)

Con’s Of Using CoinCola

  1. Few vendors

In a nutshell, although there are lots of websites similar to Paxful and Binance, we chose CoinCola in this article because of the mode of payments available there and other factors that will favour the target audience of this article. (Residents in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, China etc….)

You can drop your suggestion or questions in the comment section below. We will do our possible best to reply to and answer all comments and questions in the comment section. You can also choose to read more about Coincola…or te.


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