Hire Us

You’re welcome once again to Kbroda Tech Hire Us Page”. This page was created purposely to help our readers and visitors get stuff they find complicated done. And also, help us advertise our businesses and services we offer along with our website publishing business. Some of our team members and professional freelancers are ready to offer services like;

1. How-to services

1. Creating PayPal Account For Residents in Africa (Few conditions apply)

2. Creating Payoneer and Perfect Money Account for residents in Ghana or any part of Africa.

3. ClickBank Account for Residents in Africa.

2. Writing of Articles – We write articles such as;

1. Review Articles of Businesses, Products, Offers and many more.

2. SEO optimized articles (Cryptocurrencies, Digital Marketing, Tech, Fintech etc)

3. Website Creation & Development

1. Creating a free website using Google Blogger Also one with a custom domain name.

2. Creating a Professional WordPress website

3. E-commerce or Shopping Websites building and development. (Shopify or WordPress)

4. We Also Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies And PayPal Funds;

Contact us if you have any of the below listed cryptocurrencies and willing to sell for instant cash.

1. Bitcoin

2. Ethereum

Also, if you have PayPal funds for individuals willing to buy or sell. Check out the main advertisement page for this.

5. Domain Reselling:

We currently, have in possession valuable, memorable and short domain names you can purchase for your business, or personal brand. All these domains worth thousand of dollars according to GoDaddy’s appraisal tool.

These domain names are listed on domain reselling platforms like Namecheap, Afternic, Sedo and GoDaddy. Below are the list of domains we have in possession,

1. tuffbiz.com

2. queffa.com

3. kbrodatech.com

4. tuffman.org

If you want any of the above-mentioned, hop on the above listed platforms and make your offer. We will receive it and if it’s a good one, you’ll get a reply from us through them.

Contact Us Through;

I. Email: bronzegroupsteam1@gmail.com or Mail us straight using our Contact Us Form

ii. Phone Number:  +233-053-8609-772

iii. WhatsApp Number:  +233-053-8609-772