How To Activate & Deactivate MTN Zone Bundle With Code 2024

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As an active social media user or a tech-savvy individual, you would be spending more bucks on internet bundles in order to keep yourself updated daily. This particular article is what you need now, a guide on how to purchase huge data bundles with less money.

Have you heard of the zone bundles yet? If yes, “hats off”… If no, don’t worry, this is right here for you. The MTN Zone bundle is currently a popular data bundle for MTN subscribers. You purchase huge data bundles with a low amount compared to daily normal bundles.

At the end of the short guide, you will be enlightened with the short code to access the MTN zone bundles and procedures to activate and deactivate. And conclude by providing some information you would find useful or even educative as a subscriber.

The Short code For MTN Zone Bundles

The short code used to access the MTN zone bundle is USSD *135#. After dialling, you have to follow a few steps to purchase your zone bundle.

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How To Get Huge MTN Zone Bundles

With the zone bundles, your time of purchase also matter. During periods where the network is less busy, you can get huge bundles with less amount of money. For instance, during midnight, evenings or sometimes in the afternoon.

Yours is to be checking deliberately, once you find the available offer reasonable, you continue to purchase it.

Steps To Activate MTN Zone Bundles

Follow the below steps to activate your MTN zone bundles without breaking a sweat.

  1. Dial *135# and Send
  2. Select Option 1 (Activate)
  3. Dial *135*3*3# (For information settings up your handset)

How To Purchase or Buy MTN Zone Bundles

After you activate or successfully subscribe to data zone bundles. You then follow the below steps to purchase any of the amazing offers.

Some people will go on straight purchasing their data it might work though. Follow the below steps to make your purchase;

  1. Dial *135# and Send
  2. Select Option 2 (Zone Bundles)
  3. Select Your preferred amount to purchase.
    i. 300 mb for 1 day @GH¢ 2.99
    ii. 600 GB for 1 day @GH¢ 3.99
    iii. 1 GB for 1 day @GH¢ 5.99
  4. Continue to purchase with Airtime.

As said earlier, the time of purchase counts, there are times you can get huge offers at very lower prices. What really matters during the zone bundle purchase is the time.

Remember Just like the MTN Just4U offer, the zonal data can also be purchased with airtime only. This means you can’t buy these bundles using mobile money straight like you can with the normal bundles.

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Steps To Deactivate MTN Zone Bundles

After subscribing to this offer, you can choose to deactivate or unsubscribe. Below are the procedures to get that done;

  1. Dial *135# and Send
  2. Select Option 9 (Deactivate)
  3. You have successfully deactivated your account. You can dial *135*1# to activate once again.

How To Check MTN Zone Bundle Balance

You can also check your bundle balance by sticking to the steps below;

  1. Dial *135#
  2. Select Option 2 (zone bundles)
  3. Select Option 2 (zone balance)

You can also, use the MTN official mobile app. You’ll just have to log in and then tap on the available bundle balance on your dashboard. You’ll get an insight on your available bundle balance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zone Bundles

Q1. What’s the short code for MTN zone bundles?

Ans: Currently, it’s *135#

Q2. How long does zone bundles last?

Ans: They do last for 24 hours.

Q3. What should I do if I receive a message like “You still have an active bundle”?

Ans: This means, your 24-hour time given is not up even though you still some have existing bundle, or it’s exhausted. Kindly, wait for the existing bundle time to expire and try again.

Q4. How do I check my zone balance?

Ans: Follow this procedure

Q5. Can I purchase zone bundles with MTN momo?

Ans: No, currently you can purchase zone bundles with only airtime.

To conclude, this is all you need to know about the MTN zone bundles. Although it’s cheaper sometimes if compared to the normal bundles… yet still, it got some cons like;

  1. Expires after 24 hours (1 day)
  2. Can be purchased with only Airtime
  3. It can’t be purchased again once your existing bundle time is not expired. This means, even if your purchased bundle is exhausted, you’ll need to wait for another 24 hours to be able to purchase another one.
  4. When you’re activated on zonal bundles, all your subscriptions on MTN will be deactivated. An example is Free after 1 and many others…
  5. Another pro-tip is, the time you purchase these offers.

Last words;

We will say it’s so far the best MTN Ghana’s data offer currently. We have an article on all MTN data bundles, glance through MTN Ghana’s available data bundles here.

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    I did everything you said but still anytime I tap on option 2 ( Zone bundles) and then option 1 ( data zone bundles) this message appears:
    You have to have an active bundle to access data zone.

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    It says I have an active Zone bundle when trying to purchase a new one after 24 hours
    So I deactivated and reactivated it again but when I try to set up the handset it tells me invalid information
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    How do I renew my zonal bundle when the 24 hrs period is not up. I still have about 24.3MB which I cannot exhaust for me to purchase a new subscription.

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    Wait for your existing zone bundle to expire and try again. And if the data is exhausted you have to wait till the 24hr time given is up

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