MTN Ghana AFA Bundle: Short Code, Agent Registration 2024

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Just like you know about always, they come up with amazing and affordable packages for their subscribers always. One of the newest and affordable call packages is the MTN AFA bundle. It’s becoming one of the popular call bundles on the network now.

This blog post will provide a comprehensive overview of this package and every vital information you need to know as a new customer. So, basically, AFA bundle was created for some people is a particular discourse with the idea that they can connect to each other at affordable prices.

The amazing fact about this is, it’s an integrated bundle just like MTN mashup. Also, when you call individuals or phone numbers registered on the AFA bundle too as well, you will be charged from your AFA balance and not your original credit balance.

Let’s dive into everything about this amazing package.

What Is AFA Bundle?

From our research the MTN AFA bundles was commenced by MTN to help connect community health personnel, extension officers, market women, drivers, input suppliers etc. The idea is to help the above-mentioned people in careers mentioned earlier connect to each other at affordable prices.

According to MTN, on the AFA bundle, you can connect with colleagues on the AFA bundle for a whole month at GH¢ 6.00. Also, just like the MTN just4u that’s available using airtime only, the AFA bundle is also available on MTN mobile money.

MTN AFA Bundle Shortcode

The short code to access the AFA bundle currently is *1848#. After dialling this USSD code, if you are registered, you will be allowed to purchase AFA bundles for your self or for other individuals registered on the network.

MTN AFA Bundle Registration Process

Just as mentioned earlier to be able to access this amazing offer, you’ll have to apply or request to join and the approved before you can be able to access the AFA offers. Anyway, registration is nothing difficult, you can call the 1848 and then proceed to register immediately.

Registering, you’ll be asked for information like,

1. Your full name

2. Occupation or profession

3. And where you are calling from currently.

You’ll then be notified by a notification. This process can be complicated sometimes since you’ll be on call. But remember, your call will be free, so you can hang on as long as you want to complete your registration.

Actually, individuals that find it difficult can contact agents to get their registration done for them at a fee. But remember, registration on the AFA bundle is free when you get it done by yourself. The amount the agent will charge is like a commission for getting your registration done for you on your behalf.

How To Be An MTN AFA Agent

Individuals willing to be AFA agents can contact us, to help them proceed with their registration. Remember, we will be linking you to someone who will help you get your registration done. We will not take anything from you, referring you.

But take note, the individual registering you might take a small token as in workmanship fee. Contact us through our email or contact us page.

How To Purchase MTN AFA Bundle Packages For Self.

Once you’re registered, you can proceed to purchase any of the AFA bundles for yourself or even for someone on the AFA network. Follow the below process to purchase the AFA bundle for yourself,

1. Dial *1848#

1. Select option 1

3. Now proceed to select your preferred package.

4. Now conclude everything by making necessary payment with momo.

How To Purchase MTN AFA Bundle Packages For Someone

Follow the below the process to purchase the AFA bundle for your colleagues and friends.

1. Dial *1848#

1. Select option 2 (For someone)

3. Now, enter the phone number of this individual

4. Select your preferred offer

5. Now conclude everything by making necessary payment with momo.

MTN AFA Bundle Offers

The AFA bundle offers starts from GH¢6.00 and can last for a month. You can choose to purchase higher packages like Gh¢30.00 plus if you want to.

MTN AFA Bundle Shortcode And Registration Process Explained – Full Video

To conclude,

Just like we always do, this also one of MTN’s amazing call bundle but this time for a particular community. These bundles can help you connect with registered friends and families at affordable prices and with ease.

Also, bear in mind that the careers listed in our post isn’t all of them. You can try to register is your career wasn’t mentioned, and may get approved. Kindly contact us if you want help in your registration process, we will do well to connect you to someone for fast registration.


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