How To Increase Your WhatsApp Status Viewers 2023-24

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Are you a WhatsApp lover and want to increase your WhatsApp status viewers? And also enjoy viewing other statuses… If yes….. This is a guide that is going to help you on “How To Increase Your WhatsApp Status Views”.

WhatsApp’s users in Africa and Asia are increasing as time goes on, below is some simple guide that is going to help you increase your views no matter your location.

How To Increase Your WhatsApp Status Views

1. Give your phone number out to lots of friends and families:

This is the main way to increase your WhatsApp status viewers. You can not have 10 contacts registered on whatsApp and expert to get 50 status viewers. The more you share your phone number with friends and families using WhatsApp, the more your uploaded status become exposed to lots of people.

That is the reason I did start with this point. Before you apply the rest of the steps provided below, you have to do this first.

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2. Upload Statuses when people are online (Upload at the right time always):

This is just like someone doing social media marketing. There are times lots of people are online and more over free. Times like this are weekends and evenings. So with this, you will be studying the time most of your WhatsApp contacts are online and then upload your status.

Once you upload at the right time, the probability for your status viewers to increase is very high here because they are all online and once you are on WhatsApp you will view your uploaded status of friends.

3. Upload Images or Photos most Often than Videos:

This is one of the most important points, for people living in continents like Africa and most parts of Asia, your money determines the data or bundle you buy to surf the internet (prepaid services). So uploading videos is not going to help those with lesser data bundle.

I myself, always skip statuses that are videos. This because I just want to preserve my data bundle. So the right thing for you to do is to upload photos or pictures more often in other to attract more viewers.

Another thing is, viewing pictures or photos is easier than compared to videos. With pictures, even if your network is not all that strong, the probability of viewing it is higher than that of a video.

4. Don’t Post Lots of Stuff (spamming is the right word to describe this):

Do not spam your status with pictures, texts or videos. That’s annoying, post once at a time. Spamming your Whatsapp status will prevent some of your statuses uploaded from getting reached to your contacts. 

Some people may also avoid watching your status because this attitude can be irritative sometimes.

5. Watch Other People’s Uploaded Status:

Lastly, you have to watch statuses uploaded by your friends and families. Once you watch their status, they will also watch yours.  So here, this is a hand go-hands come job, once you do for others they will return the favor.

To conclude, above are some simple ways and guides that’s going to help you increase the viewers or views of your WhatsApp status. You just have to follow the above points given carefully, these are no complicated steps.

i. Give out your Phone number to lots of friends and families.

ii. Upload status at the right time. (Time you think most of your WhatsApp contacts are online)

iii. Upload photos or pictures more often than videos. Or if you can, texts are better. 

iv. Do not spam your WhatsApp status.

v. Watch other people’s uploaded status.

Above is the summary of this guide, you can drop your questions and suggestions in the comment section below… 


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