Universal Pocket Wifi (MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo) Price In Ghana 2024

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Today, every internet user wants to access the internet at any location where they find themselves at a high surfing and download speed. This is when the pocket WIFI comes in. These little pocket wifi’s were made to help you access the internet at top speed no matter your location.

Just like what other routers with big antennas would do. These ones are portable and come with an inbuilt antenna that performs the same tasks as big ones.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of the available universal pocket wifi’s we have today on the market and their available prices. Also, we will do well through some light on some of the features and specifications of these internet devices.

What is a Universal Pocket Wifi

A Pocket wifi simply means a portable wifi. Meaning, it can be taken with you everywhere you go. A universal wifi is one that can run on all available network providers. Thus, can be used when inserting a Vodafone, GLO, MTN, or Airteltigo SIM.

Normally, the most popular pocket wifi’s are assigned to a particular network. Which can sometimes make it annoying. Because it won’t work if it’s not a particular network.

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How Does The Pocket Wifi Works

Well, the pocket internet device works just like the big routers or WIFI you see on the internet. They are just built differently. They have built-in antennas and rechargeable batteries, just like other routers.

The pocket wifi has rechargeable batteries that can last for up to eight (8) hours after being fully charged and can also be used while charging. It’s easy to set it up, you insert your data SIM to connect to the internet, and start using it.

Being your first time, you will have to complete a one-time setup. Which will include a PIN or password and a few others.

The set-up is a one-time thing that will not be required again unless you personally reset your wifi

Popular Specifications or Features of Universal Pocket Wifi

Below are some of the popular specifications or features of most pocket wifi on the market now.

1. Unlocked to all networks (Universal pocket wifi’s)

2. Some works with MTN Turbonet SIM card

3. Can connect up to 10 different users at a go. The limit varies here, some can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously, others up to 8 different devices.

4. Up to 8 hours after fully charged. Strong battery Life

5. Some come with a LAN/ETHERNET Port

6. Removable and rechargeable Battery

7. SD CARD Slot

8. 3G and 4G Network. (5G) for new Huawei pocket wifi. Check out our review on the Huawei pocket wifi device

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Price of the Pocket Universal Wifi

Apparently, the price of the wifi varies. Mostly, the price of these portable internet devices is determined by their specifications and sometimes brands. Some do have high specifications and are expected to deliver up to some level. Another influence on its price is the brand. Some brands are known to be durable and popular as well.

Your expectation of its price should be around Gh¢ 350.00 to Gh¢ 750.00. Individuals willing to order or purchase their pocket wifi online can, place their orders on our online store and will get immediate feedback from us.

Remember, in our store, you make no pre-payment. Strictly payment on delivery.

What You Should Expect In Your Pocket Wifi

Below are the most likely materials you will see in the box of your pocket wifi. Mostly the same with almost all portable wifi bought on the market and online.

1. Your Wifi

2. Charger or USB cable

3. User manual

4. Data SIM (Optional)

To conclude, This is everything you need to know about the amazing portable internet devices. We believe this article will help you grasp how the device works and what to expect in most devices.

Just as mentioned earlier, individuals willing to purchase their universal wifi can place their order on our online store. Remember, you make no pre-payment, You only make payment on delivery.

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