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CoinCola: Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Gift Cards With Ghana Cedis

Binance & Paxful Alternative: Similar Website For Ghana & Nigeria 2021-2022

CoinCola: Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Gift Cards With Ghana Cedis 2021-2022

CoinCola: Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Gift Cards With Ghana Cedis. CoinCola is currently one of the fast, reliable and secure platform to perform all buying and selling activities that involve gift cards and almost all cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash etc… here in Ghana.

They have the best marketplace you would ever imagine or think of. CoinCola is a platform for both vendors and individuals (Peer-to-Peer) willing to make personal trades. Also, CoinCola provide free bonuses and couple ways you can make money using their website or app. 

Just like other platforms, they also gather legit vendors who are willing to buy and sell  gift cards like (Amazon cards, Steam wallet, iTunes, Google Play cards, Sephora, eBay , American express etc..) and Cryptocurrencies.

Their top-most priority is to provide a welcoming and safe platform for all individuals willing to buy and sell gift cards or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Because of this, they have an escrow system that is going to serve as an intermediary to help facilitate a legit and fast business (Buying or selling) between two parties.

At the end of this article, you are going to be enlightened with the lowdown on every info you need to know about CoinCola the best platform to trade gift cards and digital currencies in Ghana.

CoinCola: Buy & Sell Bitcoin and Gift Cards With Ghana Cedis

About CoinCola

CoinCola is the global cryptocurrency trading marketplace and exchange, which provides spot/margin trading, P2P trading and gift card trading services at low fees. CoinCola’s platform is an integrated platform that has been designed from the ground up to offer the best cryptocurrency trading experience for users. (CoinCola About Us)

What Does CoinCola Platform Really Do?

CoinCola is a platform like Binance (thus their alternative), but on CoinCola you can trade gift cards and almost all cryptocurrencies including bitcoin. 

Also, on CoinCola you just don’t trade, you can also earn money from using CoinCola as well which sounds interesting.

Thus, by referring your friends and families to sign-up through your referral link or referral code. And with every affiliate, you refer to CoinCola you are going to earn 30% of their escrow fee on every trade they complete.

On CoinCola, you are allowed to buy and sell Bitcoin with Ghana cedis through popular money transfer mediums in Ghana like Vodafone cash, MTN mobile money, Airteltigo, Chipper cash, Bank transfers, Perfect money etc…

How To Access CoinCola (Through Web & App)

Everybody can access CoinCola’s platform from anywhere and on any device. Whether a mobile phone (Android or iPhone) or a P.C (Laptop or Desktop).

CoinCola also has a well-functioning App that is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. This means you can access CoinCola with both Android phones and an iPhone.

Individual’s willing to use a P.C thus, either a laptop or desktop can visit CoinCola’s official website and start trading right away.

CoinCola Official Website: 

Go to 【APP Store】or 【Google Play】, search for “CoinCola” and download it. 

How To Create A CoinCola Account

To perform any type of trade on CoinCola you need to create an account first. Creating a CoinCola account is simple and easy, you need not be a pro to get it done. It will take roughly 2mins of your time to create a CoinCola account. 

Another amazing thing about CoinCola is, you can choose whether to create your account with;

i. Valid Phone Number  or,

ii. Valid Email address

After choosing any of them you prefer, you will have to verify your email or phone number and then add a password and your account will be created successfully.

After creating your account, you can start unlimited trades and also choose to verify your identification if you want to. (Remember identity verification is optional)

Visit CoinCola Official Website Now: CoinCola

Mode Of Payment Available On Coincola For Ghanaian Residents

There are lots of payment options available on CoinCola including the most popular money transaction medium MTN Mobile Money. Below are some of the mode of payment on CoinCola;

i. MTN Mobile Money

ii. AirtelTigo Cash

iii. Vodafone Cash

iv. Bank Transfers

v. Perfect Money Transfer   

Remember there are lot’s of payment methods so don’t worry if you don’t see one you find it favourable here…….

How to Buy Bitcoin on CoinCola In Ghana With Ghana Cedis (Customer side)

After creating your account you will be allowed to perform every trading activity you are willing to. Follow the below step-by-step guide to Buy Bitcoin on CoinCola with Gift cards or any mode of payment;

1. Navigate to the OTC page and select the country of  “Ghana”, click “Buy

2. Find a vendor to trade with:

Just like other platforms, a list of offers from various vendors is going to drop down. Glance through and select the one you wish you want to get into a trade with. 

Remember on CoinCola, you can also choose to first check the number of trades and ratings of these vendors before you get into a trade with them.

3. After finding the vendor you are willing to trade with, you then click on his/her offer to start trade with him/her:

First, text the vendor and then wait for a reply. After that, you can go on and make payment whether it is through any mode of payment you wish.

4. After making the necessary payments your bitcoin will be released to your CoinCola account.

Following the above steps, you will successfully buy your bitcoin on CoinCola within few minutes. Also, remember CoinCola will be serving as an intermediary, bitcoins will be moved to escrow as soon as you get into a trade with any vendor. (There is no scams or fraud here)

Remember after signing up you will receive GHS50.00 as cashback from your first complete trade as a bonus.  

Visit CoinCola Official Website Now: CoinCola

On CoinCola You will Also Get Access To;

1. Study Bitcoin and other digital currencies market for free on there:

You can study the market of bitcoin and other digital currencies for free on CoinCola. This is very important for traders. But not all traders because most people don’t understand the market. 

But if you do, then this is a bonus for you. You will get access to this only on CoinCola.

2. Get free Bitcoin Wallet: 

Just like other platforms, you will be given a free wallet that will contain an address in which you can use it to receive digital currencies from other people. Whether they are on different platforms or on CoinCola.

3. You can send bitcoin to friends and families:

As explained earlier on CoinCola you can send digital currencies to friends and families. Just as it goes “Peer-to-Peer”. Although most platforms offer this too, Coincola offer this at low rates or charges as compared to others.

How To Earn & Save Money From CoinCola In Ghana (Make Money With CoinCola)

You can also earn and save money using CoinCola in a few ways. And this is why CoinCola is the best platform for trading gift cards and digital currencies like Bitcoin in Ghana. 

Below are some of the ways you can earn and save money through CoinCola;

i. Through CoinCola Referral Program (Affiliate Program):

You can earn money on CoinCola by referring friends and families through your referral link or code. If you have a website, you can add your referral QR code to your website in other to help others scan code and join through your code as new users.

You will be earning 30% escrow fee on every trade they complete on CoinCola. Also, these referrals of yours can get up to $100 bonus after their trades.

ii. Campaign For New Ghanaian’s Users ($8 BTC Bonus):

CoinCola has an ongoing campaign for sign-ups in Ghana.

How to participate in this rewarding campaign?

It is very simple! Sign up for a CoinCola account,sell one gift card or complete one fiat transaction. After that, you can win $8 BTC (about 50GHS) as a reward. You can receive $3 BTC as a coupon instantly after you complete one trade. The other $5 BTC will be sent to your CoinCola wallet at the end of this campaign. 

>> Sign up CoinCola account to join in this campaign  (with link:

What are the rules of this activity?

1. Only Ghanaians who just sign up for an account can take participate in it. 

2. New users who sell any kind of gift card for their first CoinCola transaction can win $8 BTC.

 The value of a gift card is not requested.

3. New users who buy BTC with GHS or sell BTC for GHS as their first transaction on CoinCola can win $8 BTC also without the transaction amount requested. 

4. Remember to select a $3 BTC coupon on your first trade. After completing one trade, $3 BTC will be sent to your wallet. The other $5 BTC will be distributed to CoinCola wallet at the end of this campaign.

5. You the best sign up for an account by clicking the link above.

6. CoinCola reserves the right to disqualify any participates when discovering his fraudulent behaviour. 

How Contact CoinCola Customer Service On WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook & CoinCola Platform

Below are the links in which you can get in touch with CoinCola on all their social media handles and link to download the CoinCola App.

1. Download CoinCola App and trade instantly

Contact us:

2. WhatsApp:

3. Twitter:

4. Facebook: