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Wrongful Deletion & Addition Of Courses on MIS Web/ ienabler University Of Ghana

How To Check University Of Ghana Academic Results (Transcript) on Mis Web

Lots of University of Ghana students, especially ones offering the distance education, ask questions like… What should I do if I mistakenly delete or add a course I’m not supposed to read on my MIS web or ienabler?.

The procedure to get it’s done normal can be “pain in the arse”. This particular guide is going to help every reader from university of Ghana, especially Distance Education students who find their selves in situations like.

Following the registration process, a lot of students wrongfully delete or sometimes add courses from their selection on the MIS Web. After successfully adding or deleting a course a number of times, you will have restricted access!

These are the steps to follow in getting the mistakes corrected;

  1. Log into yourt UG students mail Eg.
  2. Compose a message with the subject “Wrong Deletion Of Course or Wrong Addition Of Course” to
  3. Main Body of the mail write;
    “I mistakenly deleted or added a course in my course registration and I humbly ask for a reversal of this mistake.

ID NUMBER – 106xxxx
And then conclude by writing, I am grateful and counting on a swift response. Thank You!

  1. Add an Attachment file (Take a picture or screenshot of your Proof Of Registration)
  2. Lastly, don’t forget you will be sending this to (

After this you’ll have to wait for some hours, if your email was sent on a week day you’ll probably receive or get a feedback in some hours time.

This is what to do, you mistakenly or wrongfully delete or add an unwanted course on academic course registration. This is the perfect action to take if you’re a distance education student at university of Ghana.
Personally, I suggest the regular students can contact their academic office or go there and make a complaint by their self since they are on campus always….

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