Websites And Apps To Download Movies In Ghana 2024

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Have you been asking yourself questions like “How & Where To Download/Stream Movies In Ghana (Africa)” anytime a movie is being dropped and people are discussing and sharing their views about it non-stop all over social media. If you are reading this article we assume you having been asking yourself such question too.

According Google trends and Google Ads keyword planner, this is one of the topics or keywords that its search volume keeps on growing as time goes on.

These days, most movies are monetized by been uploaded on movie subscription sites Netflix, Showmax, IMDb, Amazon prime etc. And to get access or watch these movies, you have to buy a subscription else, there is no way you can watch it. 

In this article, we will be listing at least five sites or platforms where you can download movies (thus, both foreign and Ghanaian movies) for free and also movie sites and apps that worth buy subscription.

Disclaimer:  This article’s main purpose is to promote, educate and enlighten our readers on several ways movies can be downloaded online but not to encourage them perform activities that are against the laws of other successful businesses. Deciding to perform any activity that is against the laws of a company, you face the consequences yourself. We won’t be entitled to any activities performed by any reader.

List Of Free Apps And Websites To Stream /Download Movies

1. Netnaija:

Netnaija is a Nigerian website that shares news and also uploads all type of movies. These movies uploaded on there can be downloaded for free by their visitors.Some of these movies are one’s uploaded on Netflix, IMDb and other popular movie streaming platforms.

Just as mentioned earlier, on Netnaija, you can download all types of movies (Foreign and African movies) Drama, Series, Singles, Comedy, Romance, Nollywood, Hollywood, Bollywood, Korean, Chinese etc….and many other types.

Downloading movies are simple on Netnaija, you will just have to navigate to the movies page  and then start glancing through their available categories or even try using the search bar. Once you find a movie you like, it’s easy to download. (No guide need for that)

Lastly, Netnaija can be accessed by everyone on the internet. There are no restrictions on IP addresses or whatever.

Visit Netnaija Official Website Now!

2. Telegram:

The second on our list is Telegram. Are you shocked?….. Many people do not know also 20% of premium movies downloaded for free are uploaded on Telegram (Groups and channels). 

Sometimes if you are willing to download a new and trending movie that got hype and circulating on all social media platforms, Telegram is an option. On Telegram what you have to do is to publi search for groups and channels.

Sometimes, it is also best to search the particular name or make a general search like “free movie downloads” and many others.

You will have to join these groups and channel. No need for subscription, once the movies are uploaded you download them and then export them to your phone ROM or Gallery.

Just like on Netnaijai you can also download all types of movies and series on Telegram. (Drama, Comedy, Singles, Romance, Bollyhood, Nollywood, Hollywood etc…) Telegram can be accessed on both laptops and on smartphones. Both a P.C or a Laptop and can also run on both Android and IOS operating systems. Visit Google Playstore to Download Telegram or Telegram Official Website Now!

3. Vidmate (Movies):

Vidmate is also an app developed by some Asian developers. Vidmate’s main purpose is to help make downloading of content or videos online easy. On Vidmate, you can download videos from almost all popular websites or platforms online (1000+ websites)

You can download videos from Facebook, Tiktok, Vine, Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, IMDb etc….  Using Vidmate, you can stream and download movies and videos uploaded on YouTube. 

And also, Vidmate also allows it’s users to download IMDb premium movies for free using their “movie” option. All types of movies can be downloaded on there, and they are mostly Foreign movies.

Vidmate is an App and can be accessed on Android devices and will take one to be a Pro in other to access it on P.C’s or on a laptop.

Visit Vidmate Official Website Now!

4. YouTube: (Channels like Aforevo, Moreplex)

So far in 2022, we will say YouTube is the popular online website for streaming and watching video and audio (Visual audio) content. Movies can be downloaded on YouTube as well, but nits not legal to do that.

YouTube prefer their users to rather stream contents uploaded there online. This is a way to monetize video content and also help them run their businesses like showing advertisements and many others.

In this guide we won’t be encouraging our readers to violate the terms of businesses. So we would advice our readers to rather stream these videos or movies and then later add them to their save or watch later list. 

In this case, they will find it easier to locate these movies again if they are not able to finish watching when they first started. Another alternative is for individuals using Android mobile phones.

There are YouTube apps already installed on these phone when bought. You can stream these movies on there, save it and watch it later even if your are off line.

Visit YouTube Official Website Now!


GenYoutube is a website like Tubidy, they allows their users download all videos on YouTube. They are also like Vidmate, but they can be accessed online only for now. 

GenYouTube was added to our free listing because its one of the popular and most searched sites for downloading movies for free online in Africa. 

Just as said earlier downloading content on YouTube is a breach of terms and one can be sued for performing such activity. 

We will recommend our readers rather stream these movies online or pay/buy subscription and download their favourite movies on the below listed websites.

6. Light downloads (Lightdlmovies):

Light downloads is also popularly known as lightdlmovies. Light downloads is a website for downloading movies just like Netnaija. It has a huge catalogue of movies from TV series, Hollywood, Bollywood, drama, documentary, comedy, biography, crime, history, sports, movie trailers etc. and also added games, software and anime to it’s current website.

To download a movie on light downloads, all you need to do is to select your preferred movie, and then proceed to download. You are also allowed to select the movie quality sometimes.

One astounding thing about this website is, it has a huge catalogue as said earlier and you can locate your preferred movie easily by using the categories and search bar.

The only con about light downloads is that, the website seem to look very crowed and is full of pop up advertisements, and redirects which can be annoying sometimes.

To preserve yourself from all this, we will advise our readers to turn on their “pop up block” setting in their browser and also use the search button if the category button seem to look crowded together.

Currently, we will say it one of the best entertainment website on the internet now considering its broad

Visit Light-downloads Official website

7. O2TV Series:

O2tv series is also a free website were you can download all new and popular released series for free. Not only download, you can also stream all your series as well. I personally love the interface and how all movies are arranged in catalogues. The only con about the site is, the serach bar on the site somehow malfunctions.

Thus, when you search for a keyword in the title of your preferred series, its like you won’t find it in a pop up after the search.

But if you get the time to glance through the list well you might find it. Talking about list, all movies are categorized by their first Alphabet. So lets say to download or stream the SWAT series. You have to hop on the S catalogue of movies. Another example, lets say you want to stream or download Sex education series. You’ll also have to hop on the S catalogue.

Downloading there is easy compared to other free websites. There are not sort of ads and pop ups. You can use and ad blocker to access the website freely and smoothly with encountering any discrepancies.

Visit O2TVseries website

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Movie Websites And Apps That Worth Paying For Subscription

8. Netflix:

Netflix is an American subscription streaming service and production company launched in August 1997. Netfli offers libraries of movie (tv series and films) and also own its own production populary known as the Netlfix Originals. (Wikipedia)

Netflix is can now be accessed in almost all African countries including Ghana. For residents in Ghana thier subscription ranges from GHC 300.00 above and sometimes lower.

Now Nollywood and other African movie producers now upload their productions on Netflix now. With a subscription on Netflix you will get access to both Foreign and local movies as well.

Visit Netflix Official Website Now!

9. Showmax:

Showmax is a streaming service that offers their uers wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, series, documentaries, kids shows, sports and more.  Showmax was launched in South Africa in 2015.

We will say this is one of the easiest platforms when it comes in terms of subscribing or buying subscriptions at their ends. Showmax can even be added to DStv bill and also paid with popular E-money transfers popular here in Africa.

Visit Showmax Official Websites now!

10. Amazon Prime Video:

Amazon Prime Video is a subscription video on-demand over the top streaming and rental service of Amazon Inc. The Prie service is offered as a standalone service or as part of Amazon’s Prime subscription and was launched in 2006. (Wikipedia)

Visit Amazon Prime Official Website Now!

11. IMDb:

IMDb is a streaming platform just like Netflix, Showmax, Amazon Prime video etc. On IMDb you will have to pay or buy subsciption before you get access to uploaded contents there. But free users ar allowed to watch sometimes trailers of movies.

Which is cool for you to determine whether the subscription you will be paying for worth it.

Visit IMDb Official Website Now!

To conclude, we touched on almost all the popular and possible movies sites and platforms that residents in Africa or Ghana can download and stream movies either for free or paid.

Remember on sites or platforms like YouTube, for now, its not legal to download content of their video creators on their platform. But rather watched online. The idea behind this, is simply to help these video creators to monetize their content. But there are third party websites ( which we listed some above) that help download YouTube videos for free.

Disclaimer:  This article’s main purpose is to promote, educate and enlighten our readers on several ways movies can be downloaded online but not to encourage them perform activities that are against the laws of other successful businesses.

Deciding to perform any activity that is against the laws of a company, you face the consequences yourself. We won’t be entitled to any activities performed by any reader


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