How To Get Gift Cards For Free In Ghana (Africa) 2024

At the end of this short guide, You will discover some simple and best ways to earn Gift cards online for free in Ghana Africa. With these websites and apps, you can earn Google play cards, Steam Wallet Gift cards, Amazon Gift cards and iTunes Gift cards for free in Ghana, Nigeria (Africa).

Although, the caption of this article is precise to Ghana (Africa) those outside the continent can also adapt some of the below methods and also earn some Gift cards for free. After showing you some simple ways to earn gift cards for free online we will also recommend the best website to sell your gift cards for money or bitcoin.

 With easy payment, so no matter your location you will be able to sell your gift card and get paid without encountering any issues.


Here you will be referring users or customers as said earlier to a business website for them to either make a purchase or just create an account and use the website, Application, software and many more.

With this, you will be sharing your personal link given to you to refer to other users and customers just like an affiliate link. And with this, It is the most familiar method that is why it is my first point. 

You have noticed, sometimes friends post dome links on their WhatsApp statuses and others do the same on their website referring people to check out the new Application, software, or even a business website.

Once someone clicks on your referral link and either makes a purchase, sign up or watch a video you will earn an amount of commission and later get paid in the form of gift cards.

An example of these websites are;

i. Amazon associates.



There is some browser that pays their users anytime they surf the internet with it. With this, all you have to do is to download these browsers and start using them. The more you use these search engines the more you earn.

They are limits set to withdraw your earning either through PayPal or Gift cards. Most of us prefer a gift card because we can use it to do some shopping for friends and families without sending them money.

These browsers can be installed on mobile phones and on laptops. All you have to do is to browse with them and as they show you an Ad or suggest an Ad you just have to click on the Ad and later close it.

Below are some of these browsers you can browse with and get paid with gift cards.

i. Brave Browser:

ii. Bing :

For Bing, you have to be based in the USA before you can be able to access this giveaway. So all you have to do is to get a VPN and always turn on your location to the USA even ever you are surfing or browsing the internet.

#NB: One pro-tip I will give my readers is, You can download Brave browser and then go to settings and change your search engine to Bing. After getting your self a free VPN.

With this procedure, You will be earning from using both, Brave browser will be paying you and Bing will also be paying you. This Pro-tip is for the smart ones…

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This is another powerful way to earn gift cards for free. Artists, celebrities, and social media influencers sometimes do giveaways for their followers and fans. The lucky one sometimes wins Gift cards and stuff that is worth more than gift cards.

Here what to do is just to participate in this giveaway, This is not a big deal or something that takes lots of time. It’s just a try your luck game, and you might be one of the winners.

Sometimes they post links to websites for your to-go Follow or even like the page or perform some different task. And then later they select the winner and then pay him/her with a Gift card.

#NB: One pro-tip you have to put in mind is that Lots of people have taken this giveaway’s thing to scam lots of people.

They do that by creating Phishing websites and designing them to look just like a real website and then asking you to fill in your personal info. What you never have to do is to never fill in your personal Info like;

i. Email Address and Password.

ii. Visa, Master or Debit Card Number and Code

ii. Social Media Account Logins.

Real giveaways do not ask for such information about you and real giveaways do not ask you to pay any amount of money first.  Put in mind they are all scams.


This point will favour those who shop online always. People that buy stuff like groceries and other stuff online on shops like Amazon, Rakuten etc. You can register either Swagbucks or Ibotta and then use them for your online shopping.

With Swagbucks and Ibotta, sometimes you get discount codes that reduce the price of items you shop through them online. And sometimes you earn points and then later get paid with gift cards.

This is a simple and easy way, You get some amount of money you spend back once again.


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