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Vodafone Red Bundles Short code & Activation 2023

Vodafone Made 4 Me Offer & Short code 2023-2024

You can also purchase bundles for both calls and text as well as SMS on Vodafone. The Vodafone red bundle is an integrated bundle which offers talk time, SMS, and internet bundle to subscribers.

Just like MTN have the MTN Mashup, on Vodafone it’s called Red bundles. But the red bundle seems to have some favorable and appealing terms and conditions which makes it more favourable.

In this guide, we will be enlightening our readers on the three different ways to purchase the red bundles. This offer is available to every Vodafone subscriber who is a pre-paid user. What we mean by pre-paid is, individuals who use the pay as you go service.

Without airtime, you can not make a call on the prepaid Vodafone sim cards that’s why we described it as pay as you go service. And most sim cards sold outside are prepaid sim cards.

You’re allowed to purchase these offers with airtime and also be able to deactivate this offer if you’ve subscribed to the service as “auto-renewal”

How To Purchase The Vodafone Red Bundle

You can purchase this amazing offer in three different ways, thus, through;

1. The Vodafone App

2. Shortcode *200#

3. IVR (200)

Shortcode For Vodafone Red Bundle

The shortcode to activate and deactivate is;

1. *200#

2. *151*3*

We will provide the step-by-step to activate and deactivate the service as well. But in the guide below, we will be using the USSD code *200#

Types Of The Vodafone Red Bundles

1. Red No Expiry Offers: The non-expiry offers do not expire and also less than that of the red validity bundles. This is because the validity takes days, weeks, or a month to expire.

2. Red Validity Based Bundles: The on the other hand, has the high amount of bundle and known to come with expiry dates.

Steps To Purchase The Red Bundles

1. Dial *200# and send

2. Now select whether expiry or non-expiry and the go on to select the preferred amount you’ll be willing to purchase.

3. Follow the prompts to make necessary payment with either airtime or Vodafone cash.

4. You will receive a success message if you’ve subscribed successfully.

Steps To Deactivate The Red Bundles Auto-renewal

1. Dial *200# and send

2. Select Option 3 and follow the prompts to deactivate the service.

3. You’ll receive a message letting you know your request is successful, and you’ve deactivated the red bundle

Vodafone Red Bundles Offers (Expiry and Non-Expiry)

No-Expiry Offers

0.5p6 mins to all local networks, 25 MB and 50 SMS
1.0012 mins to all local networks, 50 MB and 50 SMS
2.0030 mins to all local networks, 100 MB and 50 SMS
5.0080 mins to all local networks, 250 MB, and 50 SMS
10.00165 mins to all local networks, 500 MB and 50 SMS
20.00330 ins to local networks, 850850 MBMB and 50 SMS
30.00400 mins to local networks, 1126 MB and 50 SMS

Validity Based Bundles

1.0090 mins to Vodafone numbers and 5 mins to local networks, 50 MB and 10 SMS24 hours
2.00400 mins to call Vodafone numbers and 30 mins to call local numbers, 100 MB3 days
5.00160 mins to all local networks, 250 MB, 100 SMS7 days
10.00unlimited minutes to Vodafone numbers for 30 days30 days
20.002800 mins for Vodafone call, 150 mins to local networks, 700 MB and 100 SMS30 days
30.00550 mins to local networks and 500 MB30 days
100.002100 mins to call local network and 2 GB30 days

Few Terms & Conditions You Need To Know About The Bundles

Just like every offer, it does come with a term of use. The red bundles also do come with few terms and conditions every subscriber interested to use this service should know.

1. This is an integrated bundle, this means you get talk time, SMS, and internet bundle.

2. There are two types of the red bundle, thus, the non-expiry and expiry offer. Also, you can choose to purchase a one-time or auto-renewal offer.

3. Expiry offers do expire when the time given is up when not used. And the non-expiry data doesn’t expire unless it’s been exhausted. But for the expiry offers, Vodafone do give 3 to 7 days grace period when your time given is up.

4. When you are on auto-renewal, your bundle purchase will be automatically activated once the old one expires. In this case, your bundle will accumulate if you didn’t exhaust the old bundle since you’ll be given 3 to 7 days grace period.

5. If you exhaust your red bundle offer before time, it is either you’ll be charged on a different offer you’re on, or you will continue with a paid as you go service (PAYG)

Check out the full list of the terms of use by Vodafone Ghana on this offer…

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Frequently Asked Questions By Subscribers

Below are some frequently asked questions by subscribers according to Vodafone.

1. What is the shortcode to purchase Red bundles?

Ans: Dial *200# and send

2. What is the prices of Vodafone red bundle?

Ans: The price for these bundles starts from 0.5p up to 100.00 cedis

3. What will happen if I’m not able to use by purchase offer before expiry time given?

Ans: Some subscribers to get grace period from 3 to 7 days

4. How do I know I have subscribed to the service?

Ans: After your subscription to this offer, you’ll receive a message from Vodafone welcoming you on the success of your registration.

5. How do I check my Vodafone red bundle balance?

Ans: Simply dial *126# and send or you can also check your balance using the *124# code.

6. How can is deactivate my auto-renewal offer?

Ans: Dial *200# and select option 3 (stop auto-renewal)

7. How do I deactivate my red bundle offer?

Ans: Dial *200# and select option 6

8. Can I purchase my red bundles with airtime or Vodafone cash?

Ans: With the red bundle offer, you can purchase it with both airtime or Vodafone cash.

For more info you can check out Vodafone official article on this offer.

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In conclusion, the red bundles are integrated bundles that come with both talk time, SMS, and internet bundles. It also has two types and can be purchased in three different procedures. Just like the MTN do have the Mashup and Pulse loyalty offer, Vodafone also have the red bundle offer.

The above guide on the red bundle offer is for prepaid users only, post paid users can also check our article on theirs too.

Remember… it’s available to all Vodafone subscribers…