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Vodafone Internet Settings (APN) For Android & Shortcode 2021-2022

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In our previous post we tackled how to set-up APN internet settings for MTN users. In this particular guide, we will also be enlightening our readers on “Vodafone Internet Settings (APN) For Android & Shortcode 2021-2022”

The APN settings is mostly important for Android smartphone users. Some smartphones may come with automatic set-ups. And with others, you will need to create a new or set it up by yourself manually.

APN is also termed as Access Point Network. Having problems with this can cause different problems like;
i. It might prevent your mobile data from turning-on when turned-on.

ii. Prevent your mobile phone from connecting to the internet even though you have enough data or your mobile data is turned-on successfully.

At the end of this short informative guide, you will discover the simple way to create or set-up new APN on Vodafone Ghana as well as other local networks like MTN Ghana.

And not that, but this guide is also going to be of a good help to individuals that find it difficult to turn-on their mobile data due to some faulty internet settings on Vodafone on their smart phones. Especially android smartphones.

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Steps To Set-up Vodafone APN Internet Settings 2021-2022

Below are the step-by-step procedures to follow in other to get your internet settings (APN) fully setup and running…

  1. Hop onto your settings on your Phone.
  2. Navigate to your Internet and Network option.
  3. Select Mobile Networks
    4.Select Access Points Names and Edit access point.
    i Name: Vf Internet
    ii. APN: browse
  4. You can leave the remaining options and the save your new the new set-up.

Your Vodafone APN settings is fully set-up, you can now go ahead and turn-on your mobile data to see if it turns-on or can now allow you to surf the internet. If No… then you might have an extra problems like wrong APN settings previously created.

We suggest you delete all these old ones and then switch to the new one created, using the procedure above. If it does not work still, then it might be your data limit may have been exceeded and you need to clear or expand it once again.

After all this process you are assured 90% that your internet is going to come back to normal like everyone else own.

To conclude, in this short guide we dealt with everything about “Vodafone Internet Settings (APN) For Android & Shortcode 2021-2022″.

You can drop your opinions and questions below and we will do our best to reply on time like always….


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