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Vodafone GH Hourly Bundles & Short Code 2022-2023

All Vodafone Bundles Packages & Shortcodes 2022/2023

The hour bundles are one of the amazing, the cheapest bundles in Ghana now. Imagine getting 2 GB data for just GHS 2.00 for one (1) hour. And you can get this only on Vodafone. This guide, is going to enlighten our readers on the Vodafone hour bundles, offers, and short code to activate.

We will start by giving some brief information about this package and then proceed to the short code and guide to activate it. And also add a few frequently asked questions by people on search engines like Google.

What is The Vodafone Hour Bundle?

The Vodafone hour bundles are astounding and cheap bundle packages by Vodafone GH. You can purchase huge data bundles and pay less, but this bundles will be valid for only 1 hour.

This means after the 1 hour, your bundle is expired and no longer available. This is an incredible bundle you can use in downloading your movies and applications, update your smartphones and do much other stuff online.

Short code & Guide to Activate The Vodafone Hour Bundle

The short code to access the Vodafone hour bundle is *700#. Follow the below procedures on how to purchase this package.

  1. Dial *700#
  2. Select Option 7 (Hour Bundles)
  3. Select Your Preferred Bundle
    i. 500 MB @GHs1 for 1 hour
    ii. 2 GB @Ghs2 for 1 hour
  4. Proceed to pay with Airtime or Vodafone cash
  5. Once payment is complete, you will receive a subscription message

You’re done… And your time starts as soon as your bundle purchase is confirmed. In your subscription message, you will be given the time your 1 hour will be up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the short code For Vodafone Hour Bundles?
    Ans: *700#
  2. How long does This bundle last?
    Ans: It last for a duration of 1 hour
  3. How can I know the time my bundle will expire?
    Ans: You’ll get the exact time in your subscription message when you successfully purchase an hour bundle.
  4. Can I purchase hour bundles with Vodafone Cash or Airtime?
    Ans: Yes… You can purchase hour bundles with both Vodafone cash or airtime or credit.

To conclude,
This everything you need to know about the Vodafone hour bundles. This is not the only amazing bundle Vodafone GH offers. You can check out all their bundles in our previous post.
Drop your questions and suggestions below if you have any…

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