USA Universities That Offer MS In Information Systems With Bridge

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In this article, we have curated some of the best universities in the USA that offer master of science in Information systems as well as management of information systems. Not only that, we also added some universities that allow and admit applicants with no background in information systems, management of information systems, data science, computer science, information technology, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence etc.

In our previous articles, we have shared several stories on how technology has taken over almost all the industries in the world. Today, most social science and arts programmes are becoming less useful because of the future job growth. But for the aspect of technology, the job growth in the field is overwhelming.

In this case, even individuals with business degrees have the wish to switch into the technology domain by studying programs like management of information systems that will equip them with technology and business skills as well.

Computer science is the real deal for every individual willing to switch to the technology world. But the thing is, to be accepted to study a program like computer science in almost all universities around the world not only the US, you’ll need to have a background in Information technology, computer science, computer engineering, data science, Information systems etc.

Not only that, most universities have some prerequisite courses one is expected to take before he or she makes it into their department. In most schools, one is expected to have already taken courses like algebra, discrete mathematics, mathematics for computer scientist and many others.

In this case, the best option for individuals willing to switch into the I.T world with no background are advised to take programs like Management of Information systems, Information systems, Information technology and information science if possible.

This is because, some schools have no prerequisites courses as requirement for applicants and the only con about this is, it can be very competitive and tough to gain admission sometimes. It is classified as a STEM program. And with information systems masters you can secure a job as a project manager, database administrator etc. (We can a full list of careers below you can check it out.)

List Of Universities That Offer MS Information Systems With Bridge Option

This list contains universities that admit both graduates with STEM background and ones with no STEM background.

1. Northwestern University:

This is a university that has campuses in both the USA and Canada. They do offer information systems and information technology. They may have few requirements like GRE, GPA etc. We are not certain on this, since requirements do change almost every academic year.

2. Northeastern University:

This is also a private university that have campuses across the USA and some in Canada. Northeastern university do offer programs like information systems and information systems-bridge. The bridge is for individuals with no STEM or IT background. They may have other requirements, do well to confirm in order to know if you fit in their system. They do offer students with co-op opportunities like Drexel university

3. Emporia State University:

Emporia state university also for information technology and systems programs. Currently, have no GRE requirements. Emporia is said to be a public university located in Emporia in the Kansas state

4. Pace University:

Pace university also do offer information systems (Management). They have their own requirements, you can check it out on their department website.

5. University Of Houston-Victoria:

UHV is also a public university in Texas. They are one of the public universities that do admit applicant with no STEM background. They have requirements though, like GRE, WES evaluated transcript, GPA and few others. You can check out their department website since requirement for admission do change almost every academic year.

6. University Of North Hampshire:

University of North Hampshire is also a public university in New Hampshire. They do offer STEM programs and also have their requirements. You can check them out.

7. Michigan Flint University:

Michigan Flint university if also a public university that STEM programs and do accept applicants with no STEM background. Mostly, applicants with no STEM background are admitted to be run on the fast-track option.

8. University of Arizona:

This also a public university in Arizona that also offer STEM related programs but have their own requirements. They offer MS information technology and information systems related programs. Just as mentioned earlier, you’ll have to verify if they still waive GRE and few other requirements.

9. Drexel University:

Drexel’s university is also a public university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They do offer STEM courses and admit students with both STEM and no STEM  backgrounds. They do offer students with co-op opportunities like Northeastern university.

10. Kennesaw State University:

Kennesaw state university is a public university located in Georgia. They also do accept students with no STEM background to take programs like master of science in information technology. They also do have some requirements as well, check their official website.

11. Middle Tennessee State University:

Middle Tennessee State University is also a public university located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They also do offer masters of science in information systems. They are one of the public universities that admit students with no STEM background.

12. Dakota State University:

 Dakota State University is a public university located at Madison, South Dakota. They also do offer an information systems program and also do accept applicants with no STEM background.

13. University Of San Francisco:

A university in California, that also do offer STEM programs to individuals with no STEM background. They offer courses like information technology and systems as well as computer science related courses. Check their official web page for all courses to determine each of them, requirements expected.

14. Rochester Institute Of Technology:

This is a private university in the New York state. They do offer masters of science in information technology and Analytic. And also do admit both applicants with stem an no STEM background.

15. George Washington University:

George Washington University is a private university in Washington, DC. They do offer MS in information systems and technology. They have their own requirements, and you can check them out on the departments’ website.

16. California State University (Long beach):

The California university at Long Beach also do offer information systems program. It’s a public university and one of the affordable universities in California. Their programs are said to be STEM related program.

17. Colorado Sate University:

The Colorado Sate University is a public university at Fort Collins, Colorado. They also do accept applicants with no background in IT or STEM. And said to offer programs like computer information systems.

18. Marywood University:

Marywood university is a private university at Dunmore, Pennsylvania. They do offer STEM related program like Management of information system with two tracks. One of which is business related and the other is information technology related. Currently, they have waved off GRE and few other exam tests. But have their own other requirements since they are a private institution. Kindly glance through their various program web page to get to know these requirements.

19. Illinois Technology University:

They offer MS in formation technology and management both online and offline. They are located in Chicago, Illinois. Furthermore, they have separate requirements regarding all tracks. It’s a STEM related program.

20. University of Texas at San Antonio:

They do offer MS in information technology but for individuals with technical background in information systems, computer science and information technology only. Their program is a STEM related program.

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Popular Requirements For MS Information Systems (Bridge) Programs

There are few popular requirements in almost all schools in the US that offer information systems or technology. Some schools tend to have tough requirements since information systems, management of information systems and information technology are all classified as STEM programs.

This because STEM programs certificates are one of the best degrees to since the world we are in now and the future we are about to experience is all about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Lets dive into the popular requirements of the MS information systems, science, technology requirements in most schools in the USA.

1. Evaluated Transcript:

Mostly, public universities in the US want applicants to evaluated their transcripts from their various home countries to the US accepted standard. In this case, you will see most schools mention on their program page that, applicants should have their transcript evaluated by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).

And there are several institutions under the NACES that do or provide this service to international students. The most popular amongst them is the WES evaluation, Span tran and couple other institutions.

Remember these evaluation comes at a cost and also these insititutions will be responsible to send your evaluated transcript to the school you will be applying for. Trancript evaluation helps sometimes, it either boost your overall GPA and then increases your chances or even sometimes reduces your overall FGPA at the end of the evaluation.

2. GRE scores:

This GRE test is mostly required by a lot of schools in the US and Canada. But since the covid 19 era, most schools have waived this for most students. And even in most schools, if you have a minimum of three years working experience, GRE test can be waived for you.

GRE is not really difficult, but requires time to prepare, if proper preparations are made, you can get the pass score you need.

3. English test scores: (ILETS, SAT, Duolingo etc):

This requirement is mostly for individuals from countries who don’t have English as their official language or for instructions during their undergraduate studies. Mostly, residents from countries like Australia, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and few other countries have this requirement waived.

4. Prior experience in some programming languages:

Since the program is a STEM program, most schools expect future students to have programming or coding skills. Since they will be building on it during their studies on there.

Some schools exepcially schools offering the bridge type of course waive this kind of requirements and sometimes give future students some time to read and master this required skills or knowledge.

5. Prior experience knowledge in computer science foundation courses like, statistics for computer science, algebra, data structures and algorithms, networking and few others:

Computer and technology is about mathematics, and accuracy most of the time. That’s why every STEM program in every part of the world starts with foundational courses that are mathematics. In this case, schools that don not offer bridge programs expects their applicants to have this foundation.

Again, schools that offer brifge programs also ignores this requirements and allow future students to learn this by extending their academic period of study.

Career Opportunities Of MS Information Systems Graduates

The career opportunities will vary even though you have an MS in information technology or information systems. This is because almost all schools have their own curriculums. In this case, the courses you take will determine your career path. But the most common career paths are as listed below,

  1. Database Administrator
  2. Web developer
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Project Manager
  5. MIS manager
  6. Junior software developer
  7. Cybersecurity specialist or Information security specialist
  8. User Experience design

USA Universities That Offer MS In Information Systems With Bridge – Full Video

To conclude, here we’ve brought together some of the amazing universities offering Information systems (management) and information technology related programs that are STEM related. And also did well to add schools that are open to accepting applicants from all backgrounds and with no mathematical background as well.

Just as mentioned earlier, almost every school has their own curriculum. In this case, it’s best to glance through their curriculum before deciding to apply. Some schools have some bad courses mixed together.

Knowing what you want after the completion of your program will help you very much in deciding the school which have the best curriculum for you.


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