UG Legon Distance Education Requirement, Programs, And Fees

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Technology continue to influence every aspect of our daily lives. From the banking industry, health, manufacturing, finance and to our education industry. Today, you can get certifications from any educational institution of your choice without letting its location be a barrier.

You don’t have to be present on campus to make things happen any more. Today almost all tertiary institutions do have numerous mode of delivery from full-time, part-time to distance education. University of Ghana is one of these universities making good use of technology to deliver educational excellence.

University of Ghana is known to be one of the premier universities in country Ghana currently. They have produced great alumnus from the current sitting president Akuffo Addo to his rival like John Dramani Mahama and other ministers as well as big men in the country.

The UG distance education is currently under the college of education. Students take their classes during weekends, thus, Saturday and Sunday. Examinations are also written during weekends. Admitted students take the same courses and sometimes credit hours as the regular students.

And sometimes, DE lecturers and tutors also teach the regular students. The DE department is also a whole body that participates in all UG activities like sports, entertainment and other activities.

This article will be looking at the university of Ghana’s distance education. And also elaborate on some important stuff fresh undergraduates admitted or working individuals willing to go back to school will find important.

Legon Distance Available Programs

The distance education department do offer numerous courses from education, business, social sciences and information technology. Some courses are not yet offered at the distance education.
i. Bachelor of Arts: Courses offered;
-Political Science, Sociology and Information Studies
-Economics, Sociology and Psychology
-Psychology, Sociology and Information Studies
Adult Education, Psychology, Political Science, and Information Studies
ii. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
iii. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Not available to WASSCE applicants)
iv. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

The above listed programs are the available courses taken at the University of Ghana distance education.

Legon Distance Education Requirements

So just like every post-secondary educational institute, there are requirements or set forth cut-off points applicants are required to meet in order to take these programs.

To be admitted to any program, Senior High School graduates must possess:
At least credits (A1 – C6 in WASSCE and A – D in SSSCE) in English, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science (for Science applicants) or Social Studies (for non-Science applicants) and three elective subjects in General Arts/Business/Science/ Vocational, with a total aggregate not exceeding 30.

Science applicants should have at least a grade C6 in WASSCE/D in SSSCE in Social Studies/Life Skills, and non-Science applicants should also have at least a grade C6 in WASSCE/D in SSSCE in Integrated Science/Core Science. (University of Ghana Website)

Here, individuals willing to apply for social science or arts programs will have to add social studies in their three (3) core courses plus their three other electives. Science applicants will also replace social studies with integrated science.

On the other hand, individuals holding a Diploma degree with a FGPA of 3.00 from university of Ghana or any other university can also get admitted. Such applicants will be admitted and will have to start from level 200. But these applicants must have a pass in core subjects as mentioned earlier.

Also, individuals holding HND from technical universities and polytechnics also do have a chance at the university of Ghana distance education. The FGPA requirement here is 3.25. Also, HND holders will also be admitted to level 200 when gained admission.

Holding an HND in programs like hospitality management, marketing, accounting, tourism, and estate management can also get admission to study BSC in administrations with different options like accounting, marketing and few others.

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Available Fees for Distance Students

Here we can not be specific with the amount to be paid, since fees are likely to reduce or increase. But from our researches, Entry fees starts from ¢3,000 for your entry year. It’s said to reduce the following academic years.

Also, take note that you’re not expected to pay full amount before you’re allowed to go to the classroom or start studies. Mostly, paying 60% of your required fees, you can finish the first academic semester of the academic year. You’ll then be required to pay the 40% left before you can register your courses for the second semester.

Take note that, the fees for all programs vary, arts students do not pay the same amount of fees as Nursing or Information technology students.

Legon Distance Education Campuses

Admitted distance students are always given educational centres. These centeres are venues where face-to-face learning will be going on. So whiles, Accra admitted students will be having their lectures in Accra city campus, Kumasi students will be having theirs in Kumasi same applies to koforidua, Tema, Tamale, Cape coast students.
Below is the complete list of university of Ghana legon distance education campuses across the country.

– Accra
– Tema
– Tsitso/Ho
– Koforidua
– Cape Coast.
– Takoradi
– Kumasi
– Sunyani
– Tamale
– Bolgatanga
– Wa

UG Distance Education Contact

Individuals having further questions can contact the DE office reps to get their problems or questions answered. Remember, every learning center do have their own contact numbers. Check out their contact numbers and email to all departments here.

Facts You Should know About UG Distance Education

1. Regular applicants are sometimes given distance education when they do not reach the required cut-off points.

2. To get admitted, to any social science program, you’ll have to get at least C6 in all your courses. Information technology and business administration are sometimes required to have better grades compared to arts applicants.

3. You can change your admission from regular student to distance only if you want to. In this case you’ll have to see the authorities and if you’re qualified you will be enrolled for that program you prefer.

4. Matured applicants also can get into the DE college

5. Classes are mixed. Thus, both face-to-face and online. Face-to-face classes will be taken at your educational center and online class on MIS web, Zoom, Google Classroom etc. Classes are taken on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

6. The UG Distance education department have campuses all over the country.

7. Just like the regular students, the distance students will be taking their assignment, Interim assessments, test and quizzes online (Sakai)

8. All DE students are also given a university of Ghana unique student login that can be used to access all UG portals.

9. DE students are given the same certificate as regular students

10. Graduating students who got admitted straight from SHS can register and complete their national service.

To conclude, this almost everything both future and fresh applicants will like to know about the university of Ghana’s distance education. The DE feels just like the regular students. The Accra centre students have the great feel the most.

As they write examinations at the main campus of the university at the end of every semester and sometimes lodge in the university hostel for that period of time.

Do not let location, work schedule block you from getting your dream degree from the premier university in Ghana legon. Get your degree at your best schedule.


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