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Uber Cars In Ghana: Promo codes, Owners & App download 2023

Uber Cars In Ghana: Cheaper Price, Promo codes, Owners & App download 2023

Uber is known to be one of the popular and best companies that provide transport as well as delivery services in Ghana. In 2016, Uber was unveiled in Ghana and started providing services to Ghanaian customers.
According to Wikipedia, Uber started operating in the United States of America in 2009, and was firstly known as Ubercab. Until 2011, the company’s name changed to Uber and hasn’t been changed again till date.

In Ghana, Uber is known to provide both rides and also delivery services like the bolt food and many others. In America, there are different types of Uber, but in Ghana according to sources they all operate or provide the same service.

In the States, Uber Black is known to be the most luxurious uber cab to order. The drivers on Uber black are known to use luxurious cars and therefore, their price is way higher than Uber XL and Uber Comfort.
Just as known publicly, your fee is determined by an automatic model that’s doing the calculation according to the journey made.

Owners Of Uber

Uber was founded in 2009 in the United States of America by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in San Francisco, California. They are the founders of the company but just like most other companies like Google, they have different CEO.

Uber Promo codes

For promo codes in Ghana, we will advise our readers to check out cash back (discount) websites on Google. Unfortunately, most of these websites codes are for individuals in diaspora.

What we will do here is to give few websites, you can check for yourself, you see if you find luck to get any of these promo codes.

1.UseVoucher blog
2. WeThrift website.

3. Forbes Official website

4. Gadget 360 official website

5. NME website

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How To Add Promo codes To Your Uber Account

  1. Log into your account
  2. Open the menu
  3. Scroll down to promotions and select “Add Promo code”
    You’re good to go… if valid code, it will be added to your account successfully.

Popular Cheap Uber Car Brands In Ghana

Below are some popular car brands and their models mostly used for uber in African countries like Ghana. The word “cheap”, used in the heading doesn’t mean they are all that cheap, but we will say, cars with reasonable prices that are popularly used for transport business.

1. Toyota Vitz:
Vitz is known as one of the popular cars used for uber business in Ghana. This is because of it size, comfortness and also fuel consumption conditions. Feels okay… for to sit in one unless you’re a bit tall.

2. Maruti Suzuki S-presso:
Suzuki’s s-presso on the other hand is also one of popular cars used for uber business in Ghana now. Started gaining massive popularity in Ghana. It’s also known to have considerable fuel consumption.

3. Toyota Corrolla:
Japanese car brand Toyota is known to make cars that have suitable fuel consumption. The Toyota Corolla is also known to be one of the cars used as uber in the country currently.

4. Toyota Yaris:
Another model of toyota that is also used for uber transport business widely, because of it size, conformtability, fuel consumption and durability.

5. Cheverolet Spark:
Cheverolet is an American made car manufacturer. Known for making large SUV’s like Dodge, Ford etc… The Chevy Spark is also one of the most used cars for uber in Ghana. It looks cute and known to have reasonable fuel consumption as well.

6. Daewoo Matix:
The Daewoo is also a South Korean made car. This car is also used for uber and other transportation businesses like taxi etc… This is because of its price and other factors like its fuel consumption and others.

7. Kia Morning:

8. Kia Picanto:

Kantanka Uber Cars

Kantanka’s Amoanimaa car model is known to be the Kantanka Uber car. This is a car like the Toyota Vitz. According to some posts on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the newly manufactured ones are said to be electric vehicles.

Uber Cars In Price

This is one of the most popularly asked questions according to Ubersuggest, Ahrefs etc. The price of a car will vary in every year. Because of this, we can not specify or name a specific price for a car here.

But our best advice is, you get in contact with a legal dealer so he/she sorts you out. Do you have a budget ready to get your self a car? If yes… contact our support team through the email on our contact us page.

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Pictures Of Uber Cars

Uber Cars In Ghana: Cheaper Price, Promo codes, Owners & App download
Uber Cars In Ghana: Cheaper Price, Promo codes, Owners & App download
Uber Cars In Ghana: Cheaper Price, Promo codes, Owners & App download
Uber Cars In Ghana: Cheaper Price, Promo codes, Owners & App download

Uber App Download

Uber operates on both website and on mobile applications. Apparently, their mobile app operates on both Android and IOS operating system. To download Uber official app, you can search Uber on Google Play Store or App store on IOS.

You can also choose to download the app on their official website, only if you use android and your mobile settings allow you to install download apps on the web.

Uber Alternatives

  1. Yango
  2. Bolt
  3. Shaxi
  4. Black Ride

To conclude, in this guide, we did our best to touch on the most asked questions about Uber here in Ghana according to Ahref keyword tool, SemRush and Google keyword Planner.
If your question wasn’t answered in the article above, you can drop it in the comment section below and our team members will be delighted to assist you immediately.

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