Tecno Spark 5 Pro Prix In Cameroun

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This is a review that gives brief you information about everything you need to know about this amazing smartphone released by Tecno mobile, the Tecno Spark 5 Pro Prix In Cameroun & Ghana.

Take your time to glance through this non-biased review and discover almost everything you need to know about the Spark 5 Pro today.

Tecno Spark 5 Pro Review

The Tecno Spark 5 Pro is powered by a 5000mAh battery and does not support flash charge. It is said to last for at least three (3) days when fully charged and is on standby. Also, it runs an Android Q operating system and Octa-Core Processor to enhance the performance of the Spark 5 Pro.

For its network and connectivity, it supports GSM, WCDMA, LTE, WIFI, GSM, OTG, FM, BT, WI-FI HOTSPOT. The Spark 5 Pro comes in lot’s of colours just like the Spark 5. Some of these colours are;

  1. Ice Jadeite
  2. Spark Orange
  3. Seabed Blue
  4. Comet Black

And also with its physical appearance and features, we will say it is okay as the other models of the Spark released. Can be easily handled and carried with protection. It is a touchscreen smartphone and has a display screen that’s 6.6” HD+ Dot-in, Height: 164.7mm, Width:76.3mm, Thickness: 8.75mm and 720*1600 as its Display resolution.

This is not a smartphone we are going to recommend for picture and video lovers. This is because of it’s average picture and videoing qualities. But then it can take nice and memorable pictures and videos in cool weather.

Its Front Camera is with Dual Flash, 8MP, Aperture F/2.0, 16MP Quad Rear Camera with Quad Flash, Aperture F/1.8 and a 16MP AI Quad Camera with Quad Flash, Aperture F/1.8.

From its camera specs, you can now know or identify the reason this phone is not recommended for pictures and video lovers.

And for it’s storage or memory aspects we will say the Spark 5 Pro is better than most of the released Sparks like the Spark 5. The Spark 5 Pro comes with a 128GB ROM+4GB RAM  or 64GB ROM + 3GB RAM thus, two different models.

And from the ROM and RAM, we can say the ability to run multiple tasks and apps at the same time is assured without the phone slowing down. And also has enough space for you where you can download your large files and folders for future reference and uses.

Last but not the least, for its gaming aspects we are not 100% certain but from the reviews of old users, the Spark 5 Pro is a bit good for gaming but sometimes you also have to consider the specs of the particular game-like graphics, size and others.

Lastly, we will recommend this amazing smartphone to everyone including both workers and students. The Spark 5 Pro is an amazing phone you will love using.

Key Specs Of The Tecno Spark 5 Pro 

Below are the listed vital specifications of you need to about the Tecno Spark 5 Pro.


  1. July 2020


  1. Octa-Core Processor
  2. Android Q operating System


  1. GSM
  2. WCDMA
  3. LTE
  4. WIFI
  5. 4G VOLTE


  1. 6.6” HD + Dot-in Display
  2. Height: 164.7mm
  3. Width:76.3mm
  4. Thickness: 8.75mm
  5. 720*1600 Display
  6. Touchscreen


  1. 5000mAh Battery
  2. Does Not Support Flash Charge


  1. 8MP Front Camera with Dual Flash, Aperture F/2.0
  2. 16MP Quad Rear Camera with Quad Flash, Aperture F/1.8
  3. 16MP AI Quad Camera with Quad Flash, Aperture F/1.8


  1. 128GB ROM+4GB RAM
  2. 64GB ROM + 3GB RAM


  1. G-Sensor
  2. Ambient Light Sensor
  3. Proximity Sensor
  4. Fingerprint Sensor


  1. Ice Jadeite
  2. Spark Orange
  3. Seabed Blue
  4. Comet Black


  1. FM
  2. BT
  3. GPS
  4. OTG


  1. Phone  1
  2. Charger cable 1
  3. Charger  1
Image Credit: Tecno Mobile

Price Of The Tecno Spark 5 Pro In Cameroun

Below are the officially released prices of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro. But put in mind there can be changes out there in various stores.

But we will be referring our interested readers willing to buy their own also in stores here in Ghana and Cameroun where they can get it at the quality and affordable prices.

The price of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro In Ghana Ghs845.00 approximately

The price of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro In Cameroun 78714.82 XAF approximately

The official price of the Tecno Spark 5 Pro is $145.00

Where To Buy Your Tecno Spark 5 Pro In Cameroun

After we have enlightened you will everything you need to know about the new Tecno Spark 5 Pro smartphone, We will be referring our interested visitors to amazing store deals and offers.

You can buy your Tecno Spark 5 Pro anywhere you find yourself and get it delivered to you without you breaking any sweat. You can choose to purchase it online and get them delivered to you in your preferred locations or comfort zones or even visit the below-listed store personally to purchase it by yourself when you have enough time.

Remember, for individuals willing to buy their Tecno Spark 5 Pro online, You have two options. Thus, you can choose to make payment and then wait for it to be delivered to you. Or you can choose to place your order and set payment to “payment on delivery”

This is for people who don’t have trust or have never ordered anything online. We added this because in Africa everything is possible.

Those living in areas where they think delivery will be difficult can also choose to visit any of the below-listed stores personally and get it their selves.

You can also purchase stuff like USB cords, Chargers, Pendrives, earpieces, Headsets, Power banks, Phone covers, Screen protectors and many others and get them delivered to you as well. 

Below are some of the stores you can get your Tecno Spark 5 Pro at in Ghana & Cameroun

1. Telefonika:

Telefonika is an online e-commerce platform that is known for the selling of electric gadgets and stuff like mobile phones and many more. You can buy the Spark 5 Pro on their official website and get it delivered to you.

Now buying and selling has been made very easy and simple, You can choose to make payment before the item is delivered to you or make payment on delivery anyone you prefer.

Remember Telefonika is now available for residents in Ghana only. You can also visit their stores if you want to buy it by yourself physically.

2. Jumia:

Everyone might have heard about them. They are currently available in almost the majority of the African countries. If not, you might have probably seen their advertisements on your social media walls or even on your various browsers GoogleBingEcosia etc.

Just like Telefonika, Jumia is also an online marketplace where buying and selling go on. But for Jumia they sell almost everything you need or want. 

You can choose to order your Tecno Spark 5 Pro on Jumia and get it delivered to you. With Jumia there are lot’s of merchants and different kinds of products and different prices. If you are lucky you can find products at reasonable and favourable prices.

They accept payment through MTN mobile money, Visa Cards, Credit cards, Bank transfers including some local banks, Airtel money, Vodafone cash and many other payment gateways.

Remember Jumia is for both residents in Ghana and Cameroun and even other African countries.

3. eBay:

eBay is just like Amazon and other online market places but for eBay, you can even buy Cars both old and brand new ones in fact every sensible thing you would think of.

You can purchase the spark 5 Pro on there and get it shipped to you in your various country. eBay ships to almost all countries in the world, but make sure you can receive the product when shipped to you in your location. 

Those in Diaspora countries like the USA and Europe can get it shipped and delivered to their doorsteps but not possible in Africa.

4. Frank Trading Ent:

Last on our list Franko Trading Enterprise. You might have heard of them only if you are in Ghana. And they are currently available for Ghanaian residents only. They have been around for a decade or even over.

You can purchase your Tecno Spark 5 Pro at any of their shops nationwide by yourself. Or even choose to visit their official website and make a purchase there and get your mobile phone delivered to you in your home and preferred location.

Remember you can make payment before delivery or you can choose to make payment on delivery but sometimes consider your location first.

We spelt “Cameroon” like this because “Cameroun” we wanted to catch-up with SEO and the search engine robots. This is not a mistake we don’t know but we this that in order to help you and most people find this review. Thank You !!!!!

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