Tecno Phantom 9 Specifications And Prix In Cameroon

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This is a review on everything you need to know about the new Tecno Phantom 9 smartphone. And also vital info like its specifications, prices, and stores to buy yours in Cameroon or Ghana at a quality and affordable price.

Yours is to glance through the below review heedfully in other to unlock and enjoy this short review on the Phantom 9.

Tecno Phantom 9 Review 

The Tecno Phantom 9 is one of the power smart phones released by Tecno mobile in the year 2018-2019. And to compare it to smartphones released in that particular year we will say the Phantom 9 was one of the best phones till now.

It is powered by a 3500mAh battery that does not support Flash Charge. Unlike almost all the Camon’s that support flash charge. It runs a HiOS based on Android 9 Pie operating system and a 2.35 GHz Octa-Core to enhance its performance.

In terms of its network connectivity, the Phantom 9 supports HSPA+, EDGE, LTE, WIFI, WI-FI HOTSPOT and many others. But it doesn’t support 4G, but anyway the H+ is okay to speed it internet surfing ability.

It’s features and display are okay, in terms of its height, thickness, screen size and resolution and many more. Its screen size is 6.4” FHD, its height is 158.46 mm, Width is 75.3 mm, thickness 7.85 mm, and lastly it’s display resolution is 2340*1080.

They are come in one colour thus, Lapland Aurora and have sensors like;

  1. G-Sensor
  2. Ambient Light Sensor
  3. Proximity Sensor
  4. Fingerprint Sensor
  5. Electronic compass

The Tecno Phantom 9 camera quality is okay, we will classify it as average. It’s front, or selfie camera is 32MP with a dual flash, and its rear camera is also a triple 16MP+ 2MP+8MP but has a quad flash (4*)

This is okay for a phone released in 2018-2019. But it’s ROM and RAM is okay to keep it fast and reliable.

They all come with the same internal storage or ROM of 128 GB and a RAM of 6 GB. Which is cool, you have enough space to download and save your files. And the ROM is going to keep it up and running all the time.

For it’s gaming abilities we are not certain, but we can say android games of today that do not have high graphics, size and others can be played on it.

We will recommend the Tecno Phantom 9 to everyone including workers and students..

Key Specifications of The Tecno Phantom 9 

Below are the vital specifications you need to know about the new Tecno Phantom 9 whether you are a user or just a reader.


  1. 2019


  1. HiOS based on Android 9 Pie
  2. 2.35 GHz Octa-Core


  1. GSM
  2. LTE (FDD, CSFB)
  3. HSPA+
  4. WIFI


  1. 6.4” FHD Display Screen
  2. Height: 158.46 mm
  3. Width: 75.3mm
  4. Thickness: 7.85 mm
  5. Display Resolution : 2340*1080 
  6. Touchscreen


  1. 3500mAh(type)
  2. Don’t Support Flash Charge 


  1. Front or Selfie Camera (Dual Flash) – 32MP 
  2. Rear Camera (Triple with a Quad Flash) – 16MP+ 2MP+8MP 
  3. AI Triple Camera


  1. Internal Storage or ROM – 128GB 
  2.  RAM – 6GB


  1. G-Sensor
  2. Ambient Light Sensor
  3. Proximity Sensor
  4. Fingerprint Sensor
  5. Electronic compass


  1. Lapland Aurora


  1. Bluetooth


  1. Phone * 1
  2. Charger cable * 1
  3. Charger * 1
Tecno Phantom 9
Image Credit: Tecno Mobile

Price Of The Tecno Phantom 9 In Cameroon

The prices provided below are ones we curated from our various researches. And from what we noticed, it’s the official price of the Tecno Phantom 9. But then the price may vary in different stores out there. 

But you can glance through the end of this review, we have provided some stores you can get the Phantom 9 at affordable prices.

The price of the Tecno Phantom 9 in Cameroon is 11,921 CFA Franc approximately

The store price of the Tecno Phantom 9 in Ghana is Ghs 1,185.00 approximately

The official price of the Tecno Phantom 9 on Tecno Mobile Website is $200

Where To Buy Your Tecno Phantom 9 In Cameroon.

Are you willing to get yourself the new Tecno Phantom 9 in box? If yes… you don’t have to worry about how to get it. We will be referring our readers willing to buy the Tecno Phantom 9 in box to stores where they can purchase it online or visit any of the stores by their selves whether you are in Ghana or Cameroon.

Do not worry about your tight schedule, you can now order your Phantom 9 and get it delivered to you safely in your preferred locations and homes.

Those willing to buy online, You can choose to make payment first and then get it delivered to you after. Or those that have doubt or have not tried anything like that can also order their phone and then pay on delivery. You can choose any of them you find useful or comfortable with.

Remember, you can also buy stuff like Phone covers, Earpiece, Air pods, Headsets, Screen protectors, Chargers, USB cables, Pen drives, Phone stickers, Power banks and many more in addition to anything you buy on there and get it delivered to you too.

Below are some shops you can get your Tecno Phantom 9 in Ghana or Cameroon;

1. Tecno Official Website: ( For Residents in Cameroon & Ghana)

This is the most simple and easy way to buy your Tecno Phantom 9 with ease whether you are in Ghana or Cameroon. You just have to visit the official website of Tecno mobile and then navigate to their store.

After that search this keyword “Tecno Phantom 9”. You will then see it pop-up then select to check out and make payment. Here your location will be detected automatically, so you will be referred to Tecno Mobile shops or stores in your country whether you are in Ghana or Cameroon.

Just like they have in Ghana, they might have at least one shop or store in every region in the country.

Visit Tecno Official website.

2. Superprice: (For Residents In Ghana)

Superprice is also one of the fast-rising online e-commerce platforms in Ghana. And this is for Ghanaian residents only. You can order your Tecno Phantom 9 on Superprice website and then get it delivered to you instantly.

Remember with Superprice you can choose to make payment before delivery or choose to make payment on delivery. The ball is in your court.

Visit Superprice Official Website

3. eBay: (For Residents in Ghana & Cameroon)

Most of the residents in Africa might have heard of eBay. eBay is a marketplace just like Amazon where buying and selling goes on 24/7. eBay is the owner of PayPal, so with this you can conclude it is a safe place to do your buying and selling without encountering any bad experiences.

You can also decide to order your Tecno Phantom 9 on eBay and then get it shipped to your various location with ease. All you need is to make the necessary needed payment. 

eBay ships to almost all countries in the world.

Visit eBay Official Website

4. Jumia: (For Residents In Ghana & Cameroon)

I know might have also heard about Jumia. Because Jumia is also one of the best online marketplaces here in Africa. No Cap!

You can also choose to buy your Tecno Phantom 9 on Jumia and get it delivered to you in your comfort zones. Remember Jumia is available in almost all Africa countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa etc.

With Jumia you can choose to make payment after or on delivery. Not to forget they have payment options that favour all residents in Africa. On Jumia you can buy with MTN mobile money, Bank transfers and many other payment mediums.

Buy Your Phantom 9 Now On Jumia

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