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Contact us if you have an article or review you want to share on our blog. There are no strict requirements you need to meet when submitting articles to us.

The only thing is your article has to be in the “make money online, tech and anything about digital marketing niche”.

The above-mentioned niches are very broad, so are open to receiving lots of ideas, updates, tips and tricks, tools and software that will help individuals and businesses excel online and in their businesses. 


1. Submitting a post or article, your content has to be original: 

Copied or plagiarized content from any different blog or your own blog is won’t be accepted. All submitted posts have to be original and unique from other content on the internet. 

2.  The Article has to be at least 1,000 words: (Can be fewer if it’s a sponsored article or post)

The length of your article is also important for search engine ranking (SEO). Articles below 1,000 words sometimes are not ranked well by search engines when the keyword competing for is difficult or competitive.

Anyway it depends on your article content quality and the competition online, but with broad topics, your article has to be at least 1,000 words

3. We don’t accept any articles or posts that are not our niche, as stated above: (Unless if it’s a sponsored article or post)

Our main motive for creating this blog is to help individuals and businesses by posting updates and articles on hot tools and software, tips & tricks and reviews on products on the internet market. In order to help them grow their businesses and that is our main priority.

4. We do not accept adult content:

All submitted posts or articles that contain adult content, whether an image or video, will be declined.

5. We do not accept racial posts or articles. Neither do we accept articles and reviews that attack business competitors:

All articles have to be friendly and provide quality information in other to gain natural love from visitors but not attack competitors. “We believe in respecting competitors, but not fearing them!”


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