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Sportybet Hack: Steps To Turn Off SportyBet Automatic Notification Bar & Speed Up SportyBet App)

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You are not the only one who hates it when there are a lot of notifications on your notification bar or area. This particular guide is going to enlighten you on how to turn off or clear Sportybet’s automatic notification bar that shows quick actions on your notification area.

This is something that happens mostly to android smartphone users. And if your smartphones RAM is very small like let’s say 1 GB or 2 GB, your phone is going to run very, very slow. Not only that, it can automatically pause or stop apps running in your phone’s background. Like let’s say music player and many others.

Sometimes, your app runs so slow that makes betting very, very boring. This is something most android smartphone users encounter. As said earlier, this guide is going to provide the procedure to turn off automatic notification bar and speedup Sportybet App.

How To Turn Off SportyBet Notification Bar

  1. Launch your SportyBet App
  2. Tap on “Me” (To access your personal account)
  3. Tap on the “Setting Symbol” at the Right-most corner of your screen.
  4. Now on the Notification bar option “Turn it Off”
  5. You’re done…. the Automatic notification bar ha sto disappear instantly from your phone’s notification area.

Things To Do To Speedup Sportybet App Up.

For individuals using smartphones with low RAM’s, sometimes your sportybet app might slow down a bit. Which can make betting very, very difficult and boring as well. Try the below tips to try speedup your Sportybet app anytime you want to bet.

  1. Turn on Auto-Update to new version
  2. Turn off the Auto-Notification bar
  3. Turn off Match alerts
  4. Clear all apps in background before opening sporty bet app
  5. Take time and wait for phone App to execute every action you request.

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To sum everything up, we touched on the procedure to turn off sportybet’s automatic notification bar that shows quick actions. And also listed some few tips that are going to help individuals using smartphones with low RAM’s speedup their sporty bet app.

Drop your question or suggestion if you have any in the comment box below… let’s all get interactive.

DISCLAIMER: We are not giving a 100% assurance that this procedure is going to work for everybody. We won’t be responsible in case of any financial loss. Also, the info on this page is not from a certified financial backer

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