Steps For Online Academic Course Registration On MIS Web UG

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Just like it is every other academic year, you will have to register for the courses you are willing to read for the academic year (semester). This guide is going to help you with the procedures to get this done within a few minutes.

This is one of the activities that’s done during the start of every semester, yet some students still find it challenging to get it done. That’s not a problem because, the brain is known to grasp activities or practicals that are executed over and over again. And in this case, it’s done once every semester, so it’s cool to forget or miss some procedures sometimes.

The main motive of this guide to enlighten every reader of ours with the procedures for academic course registration on MIS web

Steps For Academic Registration

  1. Hop on the MIS web or ienabler portal
  2. Login by using your Credentials (student ID number and pin)
  3. On the left side of your screen, click on the menu and select “Registration” under the student registration system.
  4. Click on “Submit Registration”
  5. Then click on the “Blue Letters” under the “Qualification Code” and select “Register for this Qualification”
  6. Then click on “Save and Continue” to see the list of courses that are relevant to your level. To register for courses from the list, click on the small box close to the course code and title to select the courses you are required to register for the semester.
  7. Click on “Save and Continue” to view the courses you selected. You can click on “Restart Process”. If you need to make some corrections.
  8. Then click on “Continue” to view the registration cost. (Academic facility User Free).
  9. Click on “Accept Registration” to complete registration.
  10. Click on “Printer Friendly Format” to print your proof of registration
  11. You’re done…… You can then log out.

NB: For the University of Ghana distance students, after your course registration, you will still have to go to your learning center to complete your “Center Registration”. Center registration means, registering for the particular center to learn or take your tutorials.

You register at city campus and write end of semester examinations at main campus when you’re in Accra, and for those in other centers like Tema, Kumasi, Tamale, Volta region you do the same as well.
But unlike the academic course registration, the center registration is done once every academic year at your learning center.

To conclude,

Above is the procedures to to go about when willing to register your courses on Mis Web or iEnabler. As mentioned earlier course registration is done twice every academic yearn and for distance students you’ll have to do center registration at your learning center after registering your courses.

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