Vodafone Announced You Can Now Receive Money Directly From WorldRemit

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Vodafone Ghana announced that you can now receive money directly from WorldRemit to your Vodafone cash wallet. This is good news for individuals that have family members and business partners overseas. 

With worldremit, you can transfer money and also buy credit or airtime for friends and families either in abroad or in Ghana.

Worldremit allows you to send money to over 130 countries worldwide and choose from over 70 different currencies. Below are some of these popular countries;

1. Ghana

2. Nigeria

3. India

4. Australia

5. Austria

6. United Kingdom (UK)

7. Belgium

8. France 

9. Germany

10. Netherland

11. Norway

12. Spain

13. Sweden

14. Turkey

15. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

16. United State Of America (USA)

WorldRemit To Vodafone Cash Wallet Ghana

What Is WorldRemit?

Worldremit is a fast and secure service that allows it users to transfer money online using computer and smartphones.

You might have heard about worldremit because it is one of the popular money transfer mediums most people abroad use to transfer money home (Mobile money, cash pickups, banks etc). 

Some alternatives of Worldremit are;

1. Wave money transfer

2. TapTap Send

3. Expresspay etc.

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Why Choose Worldremit ?

Worldremit is one of the best money transferring mediums including the above-mentioned and many others not mentioned in this short update. Below are some reasons why you have to try worldremit;

1. They are Fast:

This is because 90% of transactions made on there get ready in minutes.

2. They are safe:

They use industry-leading technology that protects your money and ensures it arrives safely to your recipient.

3. Low-cost:

They sometimes have low fees and the best exchange rates upfront, with no hidden costs.

We suggest our readers convinced to use or try their services should read some reviews about them before using their service.

You can read reviews about them on world trusted review sites like;

1. Trustpilot

2. Google Play Store reviews

3. Apple Store reviews

You can drop your question or suggestion in the comment section below. You can also share it on all social media platforms if you are willing to.

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