Popular Types Of CVs In The World Today (Academic & Professional)

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You tend to discover some simple stuff when they become necessary. Most of us never knew they were a difference in Curriculum vita (CV’s) until they maybe completed their undergraduate studies, applying for graduate admissions, internships, employment opportunities and others.

They are actually numerous kinds of CV’s, In this article, we will be throwing some light on the three most popular ones in the world today. After reading this article, you will know the slight difference in CV’s and know how to write-up your CV’s according to the purpose it will be serving.

After my undergraduate studies, being eye-red for jobs with my colleagues, we were invited to join a job search seminar. Our motive of joining this seminar was to get hold of some secrets or knowledge we will need to acquire, so we can be part of the lucky graduates to have a job in the country.

And during this seminar we discovered there are type of curriculum vita and every CV should be tailored for the kind of purpose it will be serving. This means, every job you tend or make a move to apply should have it own tailored skill sets included in your resume. This is to make you more qualified in the eyes of the recruiters.

Today we are so lucky that artificial intelligence can do everything we need for us without going to lots of stress like we did those days. Today, there are AI apps that can write-up CVs to fit the purpose it will be serving in minutes. You will have to tailor it to make it more realistic, and you’re good to go.

Below are some popular Resumes in the world today.

1. Functional CV:

This is popularly known as Academic or scholarship CV. They are skill-based or personal made resumes. These CVs are made up purposely for academic reasons. They are used during, Admissions, internship opportunities, Scholarship applications and few other academic stuff that require your write-up and a CV.

This resume should focus mainly on your academic progress made, you should include information like your CGPA if you’re still in school or your FGPA if you’re done with your studies. You can include some of your academic activities like certifications, seminars, publications, academic positions, roles, and awards attained.

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2. Chronological Resume:

This type of CV is for experienced individuals. What we simply mean here is, this particular resume is for individuals with work experience. These CVs are mostly used for job applications.

Today, companies want the best for themselves. Because of this, their HR managers are very interested with the work experience of their applicants. In this case, for an applicant to be counted as one of the favourites, they have to be more detailed about their work experiences and sometimes certifications.

The kind of certifications here is work related certifications. Certifications like, Business management and leadership, Cybersecurity and information management, Data science, Data and business analytics, Cloud computing, Cisco and few others. Most graduate schools in the US mostly do organize or add certifications to some of their graduate curriculum. This kind of resume is for individuals willing to acquire managerial roles, PA, secretarial jobs etc.

3. Hybrid Resume:

The last on our list is the hybrid type of CV. This type of resume is known as the mixed one. What we mean by mixed here is, this resumes, entails, both academic and work experience in different fields. That’s to say, a mixture of chronological and functional CV.

In this kind of CV you’ll see one include numerous degrees obtained, certifications and different field of job worked. These types of CVs are for well experienced and people with both high academic and work profile.

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Popular Types Of CVs In The World Today (Academic & Professional) – Full Video

In conclusion, Resumes play a lot of roles and do represent us when we are not available, just like personal statements does during admission processes.

Another important thing about making or building a CV or resume is, knowing the purpose of that particular CV. You then have it tailored to match the required skill-set or professionalism needed. Whether you are attaching it to a job application, internship opportunity, scholarship applications, or admissions.

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