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Paxful Officially Resume Back To Work

Paxful Officially Resume Back To Work

This good news right? Months back, Paxful and their users weren’t all that happy. The cause of their sadness was the struggles the company faced years back that made their previous CEO Ray announce the shutdown of operations by the company.

On May 30th, Paxful officially released a press mainly on their comeback and how things have changed this time around. The first is their new CEO Roshan Dharia, who is known to have helped built successful technology (fintech) companies in the world today. Some of these companies are, PTHL Affiliates and TrustToken now known as Archblock.

In his speech according to Paxful press, he is happy and willing to help build innovative technology for their users by the help of the Paxful team members. Officially, they’re back to all services they were rendering in the past.

Services like, buying and selling cryptocurrencies online, making money with crypto, building businesses, making payments and sending payments.