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Online & Remote Jobs In Ghana That Pay Through MTN Mobile Money 2022-2023

Online Jobs In Ghana That Pay Through MTN Mobile Money 2021-2022

Online Jobs In Ghana That Pay Through MTN Mobile Money 2022-2023. This article contains the list of Online jobs, remote jobs, typing Jobs, freelancing jobs as well as some easy work from home jobs you can start in Ghana that pay can you through MTN (momo) Mobile money.

By popular demand our team members decided to make some researches and curate the simple and low competition online jobs here in Ghana that you can jump into and get paid through Momo using your mobile phones, laptops, computers etc.

1. Paxful Affiliate Programs:

This is the affiliate program of Paxful.  Paxful is known to be the most used and trusted  website were individuals sell and buy digital currencies such Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethuruem and many more.

Paxful has flexible payment methods such as Cash App, Vodafone Cash, MTN Mobile Money, Western Union, Paypal, Zelle, Stripe, Gift Cards and many more.

You will be asking yourself, how can I make money from Paxful? With this you do not necessarily have to have knowledge about Bitcoin investing or anything. 

Here you will be referring friends and families to start using Paxful and once they signup and make a trade either buying, selling or also referring others, you will earn a commission for accomplishing such a task.

Paxful has over 3million users worldwide and still counting so referring individuals there will be quite an easy job. Once you accomplish any of these task you will be getting paid recurring once your down-line makes trade or anything.

You can also choose to buy and sell bitcoins on there and get paid through MTN mobile money, Paxful or Bank account. This is the most super way to earn super fast money with paxful.

This is because Bitcoin prices keep increasing day in and day out and to prevent risking your money by investing, You can raise money buy them them and sell them when their prices are high and in high demand in the market. 

You can read more about Paxful on our previous article…..

Visit Paxful Official Website:        Paxful

2. Start On 15 Ghana:

15 is a website similar to Fiverr or Upwork (A Freelancing Platform). With 15 every individual is allowed to render services to clients online by selling and buying various skills and work (Freelancing ). It is simple to use and requires no special skills or knowledge in using it.

With 15 all you need is to have a specific skill or services you are willing to render or sell to people in need of that. The best thing about 15 Ghana is, It is free to sign up and a safe platform were you can buy and sell your skills and services safely without encountering any scam or legal problems.

Once you sign up, You create your gig just like you do on popular websites such as Fiverr and Upwork. You then add your price you will be charging or taking when you render such services and then wait for clients to inbox you with deals and so on.

How To Use 15

⦁    Signup for your free account
⦁    Complete your profile in other to attract and gain trust from customers
⦁    Create your Gig
⦁    Wait for orders and deals
⦁    Once you complete any deal or order you get paid .

#NB: For 15 you have to have a particular skill like, Web designing, Animation Creator, Painting or drawing, Writing articles or Guest blogging etc.

Once you gain positive feedback for your past customers, it boost your reputation and trust from new clients.
 Visit Bronzeintellectuals to study, learn and get certified and start rendering services as a Freelancer.

Visit 15 Official Website:      15

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3. Stormerhost Affiliates:

StormerHost affiliate program is also one of the affiliate programs in Ghana that pay through MTN mobile money. Stormerhost’s affiliate system is just like Paxful affiliate system. But Stormerhost is web hosting company based in Ghana Dansoman to be precise.

They pay their affiliates when they refer to them new customers. And as a professional web hosting company they render all web hosting services at affordable and reasonable prices.

With Stormerhost before you can be their affiliate you have to use or be their customer first, what I mean here is by using their services they render. By hosting your website with them or buying a domain.

They also help assist you creating your website whether with WordPress, Blogger, Wix and many more.
With stormerhost once you refer to them a new sign up or purchase they give you a commission and you can withdraw through MTN mobile money.

My advise is once you are willing to work online as full time or part-time, You will definitely need a website or blog. On your website that is were you are going to promote your offers and render services for clients.

 Creating a website your web host has much impact on your website, the best and affordable web host I will recommend for people willing to work online here in Ghana or Africa is stormerhost.

Visit StormerHost Official Website:   Stomerhost

4. Blogging:

You can not talk about jobs that help individuals earn passive income online and eliminate blogging. Blogging is one of the online jobs you can tap into and get paid commissions into your MTN mobile money or Bank account.

As we are in the digital world now everything is done online, And blogging is one of the industries that grows as time goes on. Our problem here in Ghana is, most people think blogging in Ghana means writing about celebrities and news updates.

You can create an Affiliate Website, Tech Blog, Educational Blog, Health Blog, Traveling Blog or even be a V-logger. But sincerely the most popular blogs here in Ghana are the Lifestyle blogs and Music blogs.

But you can jump into any field you have some basic ideas and can write unique contents without copying from other websites and blogs.

With blogging once your website gains high online presence and respect it needs, you will be open to different hundreds of ways to make money.

You can make money with your blog through;
⦁    Google Adsense
⦁    Affiliate Marketing
⦁    Advertisement
⦁    Ambassadorial deals
⦁    Hiring
⦁    Donations


The only thing is blogging takes time and dedication, Once you reach a certain peak everything will be softer than you will ever think.

And traffic and visitors on website or blogs pickup with 2-6 months. So with this, once you are consistent your visitors with be increasing as time goes on day in and day out. 

You can check our previous post on how to create your blog and make money from it. Text us or Mail us through if you need tutorials or what to hire any of or team members to help you grow your website.

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5. Chipper Cash Referral Program:

Chipper Cash is also a website that allows individuals to send money to their loved ones and business partners living overseas just like Mpesa, World remittance and wave money transfer.

For now Chipper Cash is in countries like United Kingdom (U.K), Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and many other African countries.

The simple way you are going to earn from Chipper cash is by referring to them new users. Once they sign up and start using their services like sending money to other networks here in Ghana and even outside the country.

You will be paid commissions when your referrals perform some specific tasks.

Visit Chipper Cash Official Website:         Chipper Cash

Online & Remote Jobs In Ghana That Pay Through MTN Mobile Money 2021-2022

6. Jumia Affiliate Program:

Jumia affiliate program, We all know or have heard about Jumia. Jumia is an e-commerce platform that allows individuals to buy and sell from both local and foreign vendors around the world. 

Websites that are like Jumia are Amazon, eBay, Jiji, and many more. Jumia is now working in almost all African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa etc. But most of the vendors on there are from china.

To make money using Jumia affiliate you will have you share links of products you find them interesting and think other people out there will love just like you do. 

Products like Mobile phones, Furniture, Electronic Gadgets, Baby products, Men and women clothes and many more. You will then be given a unique URL thus, your affiliate link.

You will then share this link to your friends and families on social media platforms or your website. When someone makes a purchase through your link you will get paid a commission for referring that sale to them.

But the sad thing about Jumia affiliate is you will have to have a website that is getting lot’s or traffic before you will be accepted to be an affiliate or given an affiliate dashboard.
But no worries you can start with blogging and tap into it once you gain solid online presence.

Visit Jumia Official Website:       Jumia

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Check Nla Results

7. Start Freelance Jobs:

The last on our list is by starting freelancing jobs. With freelancing jobs you render services to businesses and individuals and get paid instantly. The only thing need in freelancing is having a specific knowledge or skill.

You can do lot’s of work like;
⦁    Translating
⦁    Transcribing
⦁    Web development
⦁    Painting and Drawing
⦁    SEO
⦁    Blogging and Article writing

Once you are done with your work you get paid. Now I know you will be asking, where can I find these people so I work for them? This is simple you will have to join freelancing websites, create your account and profile, create a Gig and start working for others.

Examples of freelancing websites are;
⦁    15
⦁    Upwork
⦁    Fiverr

To conclude, above are the online jobs in Ghana that pay through MTN mobile money in 2021. From our research these are the low competition jobs you can tap into and make some passive income.
But remember, working online is like starting a business. You are not going to get results as soon as you start it will take you months. 

So I will say the above points listed is for dedicated, smart and hard working individuals. You need not to be brilliant and be a genius consistency will do everything as you work hard.

Drop your comments and questions in the comment section or send us an email through if you need any special help

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