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In accordance to the state’s act 426, every tertiary student will have to serve the nation for a year after their tertiary education. Regardless, it’s 2 years, 3 years or a 4 years course. This service is scheduled to last for 1 year or sometimes less.

In this guide, we will be enlightening our readers on everything they need to know about NSS. From the registration process, printing of appointment and posting letter, special posting, regional verification, adding e-zwich card on NSS dashboard, Alawa, requesting for certificate and NSS contact and phone numbers.

NSS Registration Step-by-Step Process

The NSS registration process is a step-by-step process. It starts from your school, and then you complete your registration if you accept to do your national service that particular year you’ll be graduating.
Let’s dive into the step-by-step procedure to complete NSS registration;

  1. Once NSS releases NSP pin codes, you’ll then proceed to check yours. (By typing in your student ID number and date of birth)
  2. After that, you’ll have to pay an amount of GHC 40.00 in order to be allowed to start and complete your NSS online registration.
  3. Proceed your online registration by using your NSS number and code given.
  4. Firstly, you’ll have to verify your identity. Here, you’ll be allowed to use either voter’s id card, Ghana card, passport etc.
  5. Proceed to provide the necessary information required. Information like, your passport pictures soft copy, your full name, phone number and valid email address, guardian’s name, phone number and email address, house address, shirt and trouser size, region you prefer to be posted, types of organization you prefer to be posted, fluent languages, disability etc…
  6. Now, glance through your whole registration to make sure all provided information is correct and then proceed to save to complete your registration.
  7. You’ll receive a message through your email address provided during your registration. You’ll then have to log in to your NSS dashboard with your email address and given password. Remember, you’ll have to change your password to your preferred one after wards.

NB: When deadline given is not up yet, you’re sometimes allowed to make changes in your registration. Also take note that, you’ll have to change your password when you log into your NSS portal with your email address.

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When NSS Postings are Finally Released

After registration, a few months later, NSS department also releases postings for service personnel to know where they’ll be serving or doing their national service. Once an official announcement is made that NSS postings has been released, you’ll have to follow the processes below;

  1. Check your posting on your NSS dashboard. Remember, you’ll be logging in with your email address and password you created after your registration.
  2. Afterwards, you’ll check you’ll have to go print your posting letter and appointment letter to the organization you were posted.
  3. You have to be approved by the organization you’ve been posted. In this case, you’ll have to send both your printed appointment letter and posting letter to the organization for it to be signed.
    Now you’ll have to continue to perform your regional verification since you’ve been accepted at the organization you were posted.

And for individuals who won’t like the organization they’ve been posted to, you can go to the NSS head office and get your posting changed. It will take a few days for your new posting to reflect.

Some will also go with special posting, which will involve you in paying an amount of money to get your posting changed. With this procedure, it takes a few hours for your new posting to reflect.

Appointment Letter & Regional Verification After Posting

After you’ve been approved by the organization you were posted, you’ll have to complete all the process by doing a regional verification to make everything complete.
For regional verification, You’ll have to book an appointment and go to the nearest NSS office and get your regional verification done.

To complete your regional verification, you’ll have to go along with your Ghana card, all the four-page posting letter including the signed one.
Once you have the above-mentioned, you can complete your regional verification as well.

How To Update E-zwich Card On NSS Platform

After your regional verification, you’ll have to add an e-zwich card to your NSS dashboard. You can add any bank’s card, whether Fidelity bank, ADB, GCB, Zenith bank, Ecobank etc… Remember, no matter where you get your e-zwich card, you can use it anywhere in the country. Thus, regardless the banks, agents etc…

It’s through your e-zwich that you’re going to receive your NSS allawa. Follow the below steps to add or update your e-zwich card to your NSS dashboard;

  1. Log into your NSS account
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your page.
  3. You’ll see add (update) e-zwich card, click on it and then enter the name used to register your card and your e-zwich number on your card
  4. Cross-check whether there is no mistake and proceed to save your card details.
  5. Its status will be changed to submitted

You’re done with this procedure too, once you receive your allawa, you will have to find an ATM with a fingerprint and then withdraw your money.

Those whose e-zwich have been linked to their bank account too can withdraw their money straight to their bank account or even a percentage of their money.

Take note, you can get an e-zwich card without creating a bank account. But it’s advisable to create a bank account, so you save part of your salary whenever you get paid.

How To Get NSS ID Card During Service

When the appropriate time is due, your NSS ID card will be shared to each and every national service personnel. But you can also download your provisional NSS ID card by following the below procedure;

  1. Log into your NSS account
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your page.
  3. Click on download NSS ID
  4. You’ll see a preview of your card, proceed to download in a PDF form if you want to.

How To Request For NSS Certificate After Completion

After your 12 or 11 months of service, you’ll be asked to fill a form and get it approved by your various supervisors in order to get your NSS certificate.

NSS certificates are very important. Some companies will ask their job applicants to add their NSS certificate when they apply for various positions in their companies. Without NSS certificate, it’s likely to miss great opportunities, especially job opportunities.

Below is the step-by-step procedure to request for your NSS on your NSS dashboard;

  1. Log into your NSS account
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your page.
  3. Click on request NSS certificate
  4. Pay the required amount to complete process.

National Service Office Phone Numbers or Contact

Just like every business, the national service secretariat also have a support team. They are to help interact with service personnel who find problems in any of the processes. Below are phone numbers and address in which you can call if you have any difficulty concerning NSS.

Help Desk



46 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential Area Accra

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In conclusion, in this guide, we did our possible best to talk about the whole process you’ll pass through as a national service personnel here in Ghana. As said earlier, it’s an obligation for any every tertiary or vocational leaver.

If you have a question in mind and this article didn’t seem to address it, kindly contact the NSS regional or district office in your region.
You can also choose to give the headquarters support team a call on the phone and interact with their customer service personnel to get your concern solved.

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