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How To Check Your NSS Pin codes, Codes Released Officially

NSS Pin codes Released & How To Check Your Pin code 2022-2023

Image Credit: NSS Official Website

Just like it’s done every year, the national service scheme has officially released pin codes for final year students that are yet to complete from their various tertiary institutions here in Ghana. In this guide, we will be enlightening our readers on how to get their NSS pin codes and also what to do if they face challenges when generating their pin codes. (Additional link to how to go about their online registration and special posting)

This is the first step to start the national service registration, every student is required to check his/her pin code and keep it safe. Although, these pin codes can be accessed anytime you visit the NSS portal “check pin” page.

The process is in this way,

  • Check your pin code
  • Activate your pin code
  • Complete your online registration
  • Wait for posting or continue with special posting (optional)

Currently, we do have guides on how to go with all the above listed procedures. But in this article we will be dealing with how to generate or get your pin code and how to activate the pin code as well.

A link to our article on how to complete your NSS online registration and special posting is added at the bottom of the guide.

What You’ll Need To check Your NSS Pin code

To check your pin, you’ll need your

  • Student ID number
  • Date of birth.

How To Your Check NSS Pin code

Below is the step-by-step procedure to check your NSS pin code currently,

1. Visit NSS portal (Official website)

2. Navigate to the “Check pin” page

3. Enter your Student ID number and Date of birth

4. Your Pin code and school info will pop up.

After getting your pin code, do well to activate your pin code and complete your online registration on time before the deadline provided is due.

NSS Pin codes Released & How To Check Your Pin code 2022-2023

What To Do When Facing Discrepancies Checking Your NSS Pin code

Sometimes, mostly, when the pin codes are newly released, there will be cases individuals will face discrepancies when checking their pin codes. If you’re facing in this kind of situation don’t worry, it might be the number of taffic or people accessing th site at the moment that is causing that. Or your pin is yet to be released.

So our advice is, stay calm and wait for few hours like 1 to 2 hours and then, do check once again. Remember, you can check your pin code as many times you want to.

How To Activate Your NSS Pin code

After, getting access to your pin code, what is next is to activate your pin code by paying an activation fee of GHC 40.00 through ADB bank or GHC 41.00 when willing to pay with MTN mobile money.

NSS Pin codes Released & How To Check Your Pin code 2022-2023

Follow the below procedure to activate your NSS Pin code;

1. Visit NSS portal (Official website)

2. Navigate to the “Check pin” page

3. Enter your Student ID number and Date of birth

4. Your Pincode and school info will pop up.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, You’ll see “Enter phone number below for correspondence”. (NB: This would be used to notify you on the successful payment and pin activation)

6. Enter the MTN number you’re willing to pay with there.

7. Proceed to make a full payment of GHC 41 cedis. You’ll receive a success message on the phone you used for payment.

8. Your pin will be finally activated. You’ll now have to proceed with the Online Registration.

Online Registration is where you choose the regions you prefer to do your national service. According to other sources, they say it doesn’t matter, but it’s sometimes considered. Completing your online registration, you’ll the final get your NSS number and wait for the posting after school completion.

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To conclude,

This is everything you need to know when you’re willing to generate your national service pin code. Always bear in mind that, it’s the pin code that is going to help you complete your NSS online registration and generate your final NSS number.

After generating your pin do not forget to activate your pin by paying the required amount which is currently, GHC 40.00 at ADB bank or GHC 41.00 using MTN mobile money. Take not, currently, you can use only MTN mobile money if you’re not willing to use the bank option.

Once you’re done, you come proceed to reading our guide on how to complete your online registration as well as how to go with your postings including the popular special posting.

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