Nokia PureBook S14 Laptop Specifications and Price

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Nokia just came through with another amazing product with outstanding performance. The Nokia Purebook S14 is one of the powerful laptops today. In this guide, we will be touching on everything you need or willing to know about the Nokia Purebook S14 laptop.

Nokia Purebook S14 Review

Nokia is known to produce astounding products from mobile phones to television sets and laptop as well as many others we can mention here. Recently, Nokia has released several laptops like Nokia Purebook Pro, Nokia Purebook X  and many others.

This S14 was released this year and was released in numerous models, some with 8 GB RAM and some also with 16 GB RAM. It comes with pre-installed Windows 10 and runs on 11th Generation Intel Core i5.

Its memory is 8 GB which is unexpandable and also storage is 512 GB that enhance faster booting, speed up laptop’s performance and makes multitasking easy. Although it keyboards does not come with a keyboard backlight, it has a 1.4 mm key travel that enhance easy and fast typing as well as reduces errors during typing.

Unfortunately, it windows is not a touchscreen and can not be rotated as well but can be open up to 130 degrees wide. It has a light weight which is 1.4 kg that makes it easy to carry or handle.

The Nokia Purebook S14 display size is 14″ TN Max resolution: 1366 × 768 Display Proportion and 250 nits of brightness. Runs an Intel UHD 620 in-built graphics that enhance the laptops display with an expansive color palette of 16.7 million colors.

And for its connectivity, you are assured to surf faster on the internet and also come with ports that can help you charge and transfer files from an external to your laptop.

Specification Of The Nokia Purebook S14

Manufacturer Flipkart Private India
Model NumberNKi510TL85S
ProcessorIntel® Core™ i5-10210U CPU@2.1GHz
Operating SystemWindows 10 (64 bits)
Memory8 GB DDR4
Storage512 GB SSD
Graphic CardIntel® integrated UHD Graphics
 Display Size14″ TN Max resolution: 1366×768 Display Proportion: 16:9
BatterySize: 14″ TN Max resolution: 1366×768 Display Proportion: 16:9
Wi-FiIntel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Sound TechnologyDolby Atmos certified
Camera1M Pixel, HD 720P
USB (Type C)1x data transferring, charging, display
Speaker2 × 2W speaker box
Track PadPrecision Touchpad with Multi-feature supported
AC AdapterOutput: 19V, 3A, Input: Max 1.5A
Dimension323.5×219.4×19.3 mm
Weight1.4 kg

Few Other specs of this amazing laptop are;

  • Earphone jack – 1x
  • DC charge port – 1x
  • HDMI port – 1x
  • Micro SD socket – 1x
  • Bluetooth
Nokia PureBook S14 Specifications and Price (US, India, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria)

Where to Purchase Your Nokia Purebook S14

Today, buying and selling of goods and services online is being made very easy and simple. This is the same as wanting to purchase the amazing Purebook S14. Below are list of E-commerce stores you can purchase your Nokia Purebook S14 and get it shipped and delivered to you in your comfort zones.

1. Amazon

2. Flipkart

3. eBay

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the laptop come with Windows 10 pre-installed?

Ans: Yes, the laptop comes with a lifetime license to Windows 10 Home pre-installed. You’ll need to connect to the internet when setting up the laptop for the first time to activate it. If it’s not activated automatically, Windows 10 can be activated through System Settings, after you’ve connected to the internet.

Q2. Do I have to pay for activation of Windows?

Ans: No, it’s pre-installed with a lifetime licence. Go to System Settings and click on “Activate Windows” to begin.

Q3. What is the laptop’s Battery life?

Ans: The battery life is up to 8 hours with mixed usage of the laptop.

Q4. Is the Storage Expandable and is up to how much?

Ans: Yes, the storage is expandable up to 1 TB SSD, it can be upgraded by an authorized service engineer only.

Q5. Is the Laptops RAM expandable?

Ans: No, RAM is not Expandable

Q6. How do I activate Windows?

Ans: Go to Control Panel –> System and Security–>Systems and click on “Activate Windows”. At the bottom right, click on “Troubleshoot” and Windows will be activated in 1–2 minutes.

Q7. Do I need an activation key to activate Windows?

Ans: No, the activation key is embedded in BIOS and you only need to activate through System Settings. 

Q8. Is the laptop’s processor or GPU upgradable?

Ans: No, the processor and GPU are not upgradable.

Q9. Does window screen support torch, and can it be flipped backwards?

Ans: No, the laptop screen is not a touchscreen. You can open the laptop only up to 130 degrees.

Q10. Does The keyboard come with backlight?

Ans: No, the laptop screen is not a touchscreen. You can open the laptop only up to 130 degrees.

These are not all the answered questions and answers. If your question didn’t seem to appear here don’t worry. The official product page out, there are about 20 plus questions answered.

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