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NLA Short codes, Stake Lotto on Phone With Mobile Money 2022-0223-(NLA 5/90)

In this guide, we will be enlightening our readers on NLA Short codes, Stake Lotto on Phone With Mobile Money 2022-2023 (NLA 5/90). Stay tune to discover the procedures to stake NLA lotto games using mobile phones and laptops with or without an internet connection from their comfort zones. 

This guide contains the shortcode, step-by-step guide, how to check results after every game and frequently asked questions by most interested individuals.

Now in Ghana, you can stake lotto from your comfort zones on “NLA 5/90”. The NLA 5/90 is a lottery platform by KEED Ghana LimitedThey allow individuals present in Ghana to stake lotto games both online and through mobile money thus, MTN momo, Vodafone cash and Tigo cash.

Those willing to stake online will need to hop on their official website (590 mobile) create an account and then link their mobile money account thus, MTN momo, Vodafone Cash and Tigo Cash. Creating an account you will need only (Name, Phone Number and Nationality)

Individuals willing to stake the NLA lotto straight on mobile can also use shortcode USSD *959#

The NLA 5/90 is restricted to individuals above age 18years. This is a simple and easy way to stake lotto at your convenient location.

We will first start with the shortcode to dial when willing to stake and then move on to the step-by-step guide stake using mobile phones or online. 

NLA: Short codes, Stake Lotto With Mobile Money (NLA 5/90) -  2021/22

NLA Shortcode:

The shortcode used for staking NLA lotto is  USSD *959#

How To Stake A Game Using Mobile Phone

Below is the step-by-step procedure on how to stake NLA lotto games using mobile money on a phone. (MTN momo, Vodafone cash, Tigo cash)

1. Dial *959#

2. Select Option 1 (Select Game)

3. Select how to you want to stake your game. You will get options like (Direct-1, 2-Sure, Direct-3, Direct-4, Direct-5, Perm-2, Perm-3 Match 3 or more numbers to win, Banker)

4. Now select the numbers you are willing to stake.  Separate each number with space. Eg. Two numbers ( 25 7), If Three numbers (12 5 76)

5. Proceed To Make payment. Withdraw each day except Sundays is between GHC1 to GHC 50 for Direct1-5 and GHC1 to 200 for PERMUTATION.

6. Confirm and Make Payment ( MTN momo, Vodafone Cash, Tigo Cash)

How To Stake A Game Online.

We are in a digital world now, From Google search query there are lots of people that ask if they can stake their NLA games online. The answer is Yes! you can stake all your NLA games online now in Ghana.

Just like staking bet online, this is also an easy and simple step. Follow the guide below to get it done;

1. Hop on NLA 590mobile official website

2. Create an Account and log in (Name, Phone number password & nationality)

3. You’re Done!

4. You will see the various options and menu there, select your preferred game and make payment through MTN momo, Vodafone cash and Tigo cash.

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How To Check Draw Results

Apparently, once you win a draw you will get a notification immediately on your registered sim or mobile phone followed by a cash deposit message.

You can also check the draw ID and results on the 590mobile official website. 

Follow the steps below to check both current and recent draw ID and results;

1. Hop on the 590mobile official website

2. Sc-row to the Bottom of the page and Select Results from the Quick links below.

3. The results will pop up on your screen including past draws.

You can then check the results 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you still have some questions in that mind that you would love to get some clarifications? read the questions and answers below you might find an answer to that question of yours.

1. What is the shortcode for 5/90?

Ans: USSD *959#

2. Can I play this game online?

Ans:  Yes! you can play this game online. Just hop on the 590mobile official homepage and create an account. Fill in necessary info like (Name, Nationality, Phone number password) and you are good to go!

3. How Much Does it cost to play?

Ans: The stake to participate in the draw each day except Sundays is between GHC1 to GHC 50 for Direct1-5 and GHC1 to 200 for PERMUTATION and you can place many stakes you want in a day to increase your chance of winning.

4. What is the cost of an SMS for the game “NLA590” campaign. Do I pay for those?

Ans: No. All messages you received from this campaign are free of charge.

5. What are the prizes?

This is a cash-only game. the different prizes you can get from the game are:

-Instant prizes everyday(corresponding to your stake time the odds of the game, up to 44,000X)

-Special promotions offers(free tickets, best players cash gift etc..)

6. If I win will I receive the cash prize immediately?

Ans: Yes! within 24hours. Once your original/winning numbers are drawn you will receive a notification for a deposit on your mobile phone wallet for instant cash prize won per terms and conditions.

7. Is It open to all networks users to participate?

Ans: Yes… Except for Glo

With the guide above, you can stake your NLA  games from your convenient homes in Ghana. You can now stake your lotto both online and offline. Remember this is available for all networks in Ghana except Glo.

And the NLA shortcode is USSD*959#

You can drop your comments and suggestion in the comment section below, whether it’s a question or suggestion it is warmly welcome.

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