NLA Companies And Games Available On Phone In Ghana

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As technology is influencing almost all industries in every part of the world, the NLA and gaming industry are also getting their dose of this influence. Today we have NLA companies like the NLA 5/90 or 959, Daywa and Game Park in the country. You can take part in their lottery games on your mobile phones and on your laptop, you can participate online.

In this article, we have curated some approved list of NLA and gaming companies here in Ghana. And also, do well to throw some light on the various lottery games they render to their customers. Individuals interested in any of them shouldn’t worry, we have a full guide on each of them.

Almost all lottery companies emerging in the country now are integrated thus, users have the option to either play on their mobile phones sometimes with the USSD code or their official app. And also on the web, thus, their official website.

Some even well to publish their results on TV stations like UTV and mostly on their websites or apps. But this shouldn’t a problem for you because, today’s lottery is not like the first. Now, once you win you’ll get a notification automatically and your funds won will follow in due time.

List Of NLA Lottery Companies In Ghana Now

1. NLA 5/90 or 959 Lottery:  (*959#)

We will start with the 5/90 which is sometimes referred to as the 959 by some customers. 959 because that is the exact short code to access their lottery games on phone. From our researches, we noticed it’s currently the most popular now.

From Google trends to monthly search volume and keywords, we discovered it get more searches that its competitors for now. And has been around for some years now. You can access their games both on your mobile phone and online or on web.

The short code to access the NLA 5/90 is *959# and it’s for all network except GLO. They do have game options like direct 1 to 5, perm 2 or 3 and banker. You’ll make your preferred stake and then receive a prompt to enter your e-wallet pin and then confirm stake. (E-wallet can be MTN mobile money, Vodafone cash or Airteltigo money etc)

On their website it’s similar, you hop on their website, log into your account and select any of the above-mentioned options (perm, direct or sure banker) and they enter your e-wallet pin to confirm the stake. You’ll receive an SMS indicating your stake been successfully if it went through.

2. Game Park Lottery: (*946#)

So the Game Park lottery is from Game Park limited. A new company that have a motive of giving customers good gaming experience. This company was launched in 2023 and also have best gaming options for lottery enthusiasts across the country.

Just as mentioned earlier, they have an integrated platform that allows customers to participate on the phone via their official mobile app or with the USSD code *946# or on their website. Playing on their website or mobile application, you’ll be expected to create an account and do necessary age and identification verification.

Game park also do have some amazing lottery games to pick. They have the pick one and pick four games, and you can win amazing prizes if you get lucky.

3. Daywa Lottery:  (*446#)

The daywa lottery is the last on our list. This will be kind of familiar to UTV lovers. Daywa lottery is also one of the amazing lottery games and enthusiasts can win amazing prizes if they get lucky after every draw.

Like all the lottery platforms, you can also make your stakes both on phone and web-based. On phone, which is the most popular option, the short code to access the daywa lottery is currently *446#.

To conclude, above are the popular or will say available lottery companies in the country, apparently. Since they are all licensed you can try any of them is you’re eligible thus 18 and above. Some of these lottery platforms will have you verify your identity and age before you can take participation.

Apart from all that stress, lottery has been made very easy and simple. And every game lover across the country can now stake their games with comfort and less stress.

Disclaimer: This article is for education purposes only. Won’t be responsible for any financial loss or illegal act. We believe that every reader has agreed with our disclaimer and terms & conditions.


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