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You Can Now Visit The Hospital With Ghana Card

How To Link NHIS Card to Ghana Card & Short code (On Phone, Etc)

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Currently, the vice president is seemed to be obsessed with the Ghana card thing and digitalization in the country. Almost all public institutions providing services to the citizens are using Ghana card as the valid or recognized ID and those private institutions are adapting as well.

From banks to telecommunication networks like MTN, Vodafone, Airteltigo etc. are all expecting their customers to re-register their sim cards with their Ghana card else they will be loosing their phone number on the 31st of July. No matter how long they’ve used their phone number.

Apparently, the national health insurance scheme is next… On Friday 22nd of July 2022, NHIS sent out an official announcement informing all cardholders that, their NHIS card has been successfully linked to their Ghana card.

Basically means, they can visit government hospital’s in the country with their Ghana card for healthcare. So now without an NHIS card, individuals with a linked Ghana card can visit a hospital for healthcare.

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They also added, individuals willing to ask questions or make inquiries can visit the nearest NHIS district office or contact them through 0544446447.