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All MTN Unlimited Call Bundles (Packages) & Shortcode 2022-2023

How To Borrow Airtime/Credit on MTN (MTN Xtra Time) 2022-2023

MTN GH has amazing call bundles for their subscribers. Some of these offers have gained massive popularity than others ever since they were commenced. But in this article, we will be curating almost all the “MTN Unlimited Call Bundles (Packages) & Shortcode 2022-2023”

This is also one of the popular keywords under the main topic “MTN” according to Semrush and other keyword planners. And also keywords like MTN Me2U, MTN Just4U, MTN Mashup and Pulse, MTN Nkomode and many others.

They get tons of searches daily and monthly which made us decide to curate them all into one article and give some further elaborations on how they all work, shortcodes and also steps to activate or subscribe to these unlimited call offers or bundles by MTN.

All MTN Unlimited Call Bundles(Packages)

1. Just4U, Code *141#

The MTN Just4U has one of the amazing and cheap offers on MTN now. With the Just4U offer, you can purchase both data bundles and airtime at the same time like how the “Mashup & pulse offer”.

This offer is not that popular from the statistics (number) of monthly searches according to Google trends and Semrush. Yet still, it is one of the amazing offers we will recommend MTN subscribers to try out.

Because of this, MTN mostly sends tons of messages about the Just4U offer and currently using the MTN mobile App to promote it as well.

The only con about the Just4U offer is, you can only purchase this with credit or airtime. This means you can’t purchase this offer with MTN mobile money when you are owing on MTN Xtratime.

Another con about this offer is, offers purchased have expiry dates and will be taken back if not used. They are not like normal bundles that do not expire until they are exhausted by the user.

The Just4U offers prices start from GHC 1.50p to GHC 20.00 thus, from daily bundles to weekly and then monthly (30 days) as well.

The shortcode to get access to the MTN Just4U offer is USSD *141#. Below is a guide on how to purchase it;

  1. Dial *141# now send
  2. Select the any of the offers you are willing to purchase (Price of packages ranges from Ghc 1.50p to 20.00 as said earlier)
  3. Press 1 to confirm and complete prompts
  4. You will receive an SMS on your purchase status either it was successful or unsuccessful.
    Read full guide and Requirements about the MTN Just4U

2. Magic Number or MTN Akwaaba *550#

The MTN Magic number or the MTN Akwaaba is a welcome offer available to only individuals who are new on the network MTN. They are allowed to make free 6 month calls with a particular selected phone number of their choice.

This is the only MTN unlimited call offer that comes with a requirement, which means if you do not meet the requirement provided you won’t be allowed to use this particular service.

Once you select the phone number you are willing to use as the magic number you will make free calls with that particular number ” 24/7 for 6 months”.

The con about this is, the number used as the magic number cannot be changed nor can it be cancelled. So for instance, you make a mistake when activating it as a magic number, that’s it. Or you wish to change that particular number you activated as the magic number.

Follow the steps below to register if you reach the above-mentioned requirement.

  1. Dial *550# and send
  2. Select Option 1
  3. Enter the preferred number you will be using and confirm it once again.
  4. Your application will be receive and you will receive an SMS shortly if its successful
    Read full guide and Requirements about the MTN Akwaaba or Magic Number
  1. Dial *550# and send

2. Select Option 6 (Free After 1)

3. Select Option 1 to activate

4. Confirm activation.

After this process, you will receive an SMS indicating the status of your proposal.
You can also subscribe to the Nkomode service by;

  1. Calling 315

2. Follow all prompts and confirm activation

After you hang up the call you will be alerted through SMS indicating your proposal’s status
Read full guide and Requirements about the MTN Nkomode, Free After 1 or Talk Chaw

4. Mashup and Pulse, Code *567#:

The Mashup and Pulse is also one of MTN’s popular unlimited call bundles. With this service, you can buy both data bundles and airtime. And also for the Pulse Loyalty offer, you can be given discount codes to visit and shop at places like Silverbird cinema, KFC etc…

The Mashup bundles range from GHC 5.00 to 30.00 and some are for days, weekly and lastly monthly thus 30 days.

Every MTN user is allowed to have access to this service and can be bought with both airtime and mobile money. Follow the below steps to purchase the Mashup call bundles;

  1. Dial *567# and send

2. Select Option 1 (Mashup for self)

3. Select your preferred amount (from Ghc1.00 to 30.00)

4. Proceed and complete the payment with Airtime or Momo

Below is also the procedure to receive your Pulse loyalty vouchers

  1. *567# and send
  2. Select Option 4 (Pulse Loyalty)
  3. Select your Preferred offer
  4. You will receive an SMS message that contains your discount voucher as well as days in which it is valid.
    Read full guide and Requirements about the Mashup & Pulse

5. MTN Jara, Code *5055#

The MTN Jara is also one of the unlimited call offers that come with requirements. The MTN Jara allows subscribers to enjoy unlimited calls and SMS daily from Monday to Saturday at only o.52p

As said earlier to be able to get access to this offer you got to have the requirements needed. It’s available to only prepaid customers in Volta, Oti, Upper East, Upper West, Bono, Bono East, Ahafo, Northern East and Savannah regions.

Because of our location now, we do not have access to this offer so we can not provide the procedures to get it done. But the shortcode to activate or subscribe to the MTN Jara is USSD *5055

Read the full guide and Requirements about the MTN Jara

6. IDD call bundles, Code *138#:

The international bundle is the calling bundle that allows local MTN subscribers to make calls with individuals outside the country at reasonable and cost-saving prices. The regions are grouped into three different categories by MTN.

i. Category 1. Canada, China, USA, India
ii. Category 2. Germany, India, France, UAE
iii. Category 3. Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands

This means you can call friends, families and business partners in Europe, North America, the Middle-east and some parts of Asia at reasonable prices.

The shortcode to get access to these amazing call bundles is USSD *138#. Read the full guide and requirements about the MTN International Call bundles.

7. MTN Sunday Special, Code *5050#:

The MTN Sunday special offer also allows MTN subscribers to make unlimited calls for free on Sundays. Some of the offers contain data bundles and free SMS as well.

There is no special requirement to this offer, it’s available to every MTN user. You will have to dial *5050# to gt access these amazing offers.

Follow the below steps to purchase MTN Sunday Special call bundles;

  1. Dial *5050# and send

2. Select your Preferred option.
i. Ghc 1.06p – 20MB,50mins and 10 SMS to all networks
ii. Ghc 0.52p – 25mins & 10 SMS to all networks
iii. Ghc 2.12p – 50MB, 120mins & 10 SMS to all networks

3. Enter 9 to accept and proceed with payment.

Once it’s successful, you will receive an SMS right away like always.

To conclude, we listed almost all MTN GH unlimited call bundles and added a few information you should know about all these available bundles. Follow Bronze-review for more content from Tech to Digital Marketing…

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