MTN Sunday Special Code & Guide To Activate And Deactivate 2024

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Every Sunday is like a public holiday nationwide. Almost all jobs allow their employees to have their rest, connect with their maker and prepare for the new week. This is a guide on the “MTN Sunday Special Call Bundle Code & Guide To Activate And Deactivate”

Some people decide to connect with their maker on Sundays, others also try to connect with friends and families far away through phone calls. As a prepaid user on MTN, you will be charged every minute you talk on a phone call as usual. This makes the MTN Sunday Special call bundle thing very important.

This bundle is similar to other MTN call bundles like MTN Free after 1, Mashup and Pulse bundles, MTN Jara and many others, but it’s an integrated bundle. For this offer, it works only on Sundays just like its name goes “Sunday Special”.

And this bundle offer is available to MTN prepaid subscribers only, and also it’s subscription-based. Just like other call bundles. When subscribed, it operates on the basis of an auto-renewal subscription. This means this bundle will be updated (renewed) every Sunday once this service activated.

In this article, we will be enlightening our readers on everything about this amazing offer, its short code, guide to activate and deactivate this offer and also the pros and cons of this offer.

What Is MTN Sunday Special Bundle?

The MTN Sunday special bundle is one of MTN call bundles that allows MTN subscribers to make voice calls, SMS and also browse the internet on Sundays at high discount prices.

Just as said earlier, this offer is available to only prepaid subscribers and can be accessed by every MTN user in Ghana. (no location restrictions like the MTN Jara offer)

Short code For MTN Sunday Special Call Bundle

The short code for MTN S.S bundles is *550# for individuals willing to use the dialling method
And 5050 to individuals willing to activate this offer through the SMS method.

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How To Activate The MTN Special Call Bundle

This Sunday special call bundle can be activated in two different and simple procedures. We will provide all these two procedures below.
Method 1: Short code Method.

  1. Dial *550#
  2. Select option 8 (which says more)
  3. Select option 2 (which says Sunday Special)
  4. Select your preferred offer
  5. Lastly, confirm to complete subscription.

Another important thing to know is this offer can be purchased with airtime only and without airtime or low balance your subscription can’t be successful.

Method 2: SMS Method
For the SMS method, you will have to;

  1. Send “START” to 5050
  2. Select your preferred offer and the confirmation.

You will receive a confirmation soon indicating whether your subscription was successful or unsuccessful.

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How To Deactivate The MTN Special Call Bundle

Just like we have two different methods to activate this offer, there are also two different ways to deactivate this offer as well.

Method 1: Short code Method

  1. Dial *5050#
  2. Select Option 4 (Unsubscribe)
  3. You will receive a message like “you have successfully exited MTN Sunday special package”

Method 2: SMS Method
You can also get this done by;

  1. Sending “STOP” to 5050
  2. Reply 1 to confirm.

Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation soon indicating your unsubscription was successful

Some Business Rules Of The Sunday Special Package

  1. This promo is available to Prepaid subscribers only.
    2. This promo is subscription based
  2. Customer can subscribe to this offer on any other day. And the package will start working the net Sunday.
  3. The short code to activate this offer is *5050# and “START” to 5050 for SMS

This and many other terms, Check them out on MTN official Website

In Conclusion, we will say this so far the vital information every subscriber need to know about the Sunday special package. (View more on this package on MTN)

This is not the only amazing and super cool call bundle of MTN, there are lots of them out there. (Check out all MTN call Bundles here)

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