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MTN Nkomode And Talk Chaw Code Not Working 2021-2022

How To Deactivate All Subscriptions on MTN, Vodafone & Airteltigo 2022

MTN Nkomode And Talk Chaw Code Not Working 2021-2022… This is a short guide that is going to help every reader with the simple trick to activate and also access the MTN nkomode service even though it’s USSD thus, *315# is a bit slow now.

You are not the only MTN user facing such challenges, it is almost every MTN user. The nkomode code seems not to be working of late.

How To Access MTN Nkomode Not Working Now (2021-2022)

Actually, there are two simple steps in which the MTN Nkomode code can be activated. Thus by,

i. Using the USSD code (*315#)

ii. Calling 315

So here, since the first option or point seems not to be working anymore, we will switch to the second point or option.

Now to activate the MTN nkomode, you have to call 315 and follow the prompts and you will be subscribed successfully.

Steps To Subscribe To MTN Nkomode

  1. Call 315
  2. Press 1 (To Activate)
  3. Press 1 again to confirm.
  4. You will receive a message shortly that you have successfully subscribed to MTN free after 1/ Talk Chaw/ Nkomode.

Following the above steps carefully, you will be able to subscribe to the MTN nkomode service without using the USSD option which is having some challenges.

Remember calling 315 won’t cost you anything, yours is to stay on the call and complete all the necessary procedures.

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How To Unsubscribe MTN Nkomode

Just like we did subscribe to the service earlier in this guide, we will be following the same procedures to unsubscribe to the service this time as well.

We will be using the calling option;

  1. Call 315
  2. Press 2 (To Deactivate)
  3. Press 1 (To Confirm)

Once the procedures are completed successfully, you will receive a notification showing you have successfully deactivated or unsubscribed to the service.

To conclude, in this guide we tackled one of the rising problems and trending questions according to Google trends of Ghana.

We first stated the two ways you can activate or subscribe to the MTN Nkomode service and also added the simple way to get it done since option 1 is not working of late.

Drop your questions or suggestions if you have any, we will reply within 24hours.

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