MTN Midnight Data Bundle Packages & Short code 2023-24

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In this guide, we will be edifying you on “MTN Midnight Data Bundle Packages”. If you find this confusing don’t worry at the end of this short guide you will be able to get this done easily without any sweat or issues anymore.

Remember this article is not only going to help you purchase or buy your MTN midnight data bundle but also help you with all the questions mostly asked by MTN users. Our experienced team answers these questions.

How To Purchase MTN Midnight Bundle With Airtime

1. Dial *138#

2. Select Option 2 (Midnight Bundles)

3. Select Option 1 (Buy For Self)

4. Select Option 1 (Flexi)

5. Enter the Preferred amount you want to purchase

6. Select Option 1

7. Choose Payment (Select Option 1 with Airtime)

8. Confirm Purchase 

After following all the above steps accordingly, you will end up purchasing your MTN midnight data successfully with your airtime.

How To Purchase MTN Midnight Bundle With Mobile Money

1. Dial *138#

2. Select Option 2 (Midnight Bundles)

3. Select Option 1 (Buy For Self)

4. Select Option 1 (Flexi)

5. Enter the Preferred amount you want to purchase

6. Select Option 1

7. Choose Payment  (Select Option 2 with Mobile Money)

8. Enter your Mobile Money Pin

9. Confirm Purchase.

How To Purchase MTN Midnight Bundle For Friends & Family

1. Dial *138#

2. Select Option 2 (Buy For Others)

3. Enter The person’s Phone Number

4. Repeat Phone Number

5. Select Option 1 (Flexi)

6. Enter the Amount you want to purchase.

7. Select Option 1 (Buy)

8. Select Mode Of Payment (Airtime or Mobile Money)

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What Time Does MTN Midnight Bundle (Data) Starts?

The MTN midnight bundle or data starts exactly at 12:00am and ends at 5:00 am exactly. Just like its name goes “Midnight Bundle”. But then, you will have at least six (6) good hours to do anything you want to do either browse or mostly do some movie, course, and tutorial video downloads.

Can I Use MTN Midnight Day-time?

The simple answer to this question is NO!!. A BIG NO!…  Just as its name goes “Midnight” It is an offer mainly created to be used during midnight only by MTN GH.

Many people do ask this type of question day in and out. Which there is no need to be asking this type of question, and as a matter of fact, for now, your MTN midnight bundle or data does not expire.

This means you can use your bundle until it finishes or gets exhausted. Unlike the past years when you are not able to use your midnight data, it expires even though you didn’t use it.

But then we are hoping they do not change this policy or offer in the mere future!

Does MTN Midnight Bundle Starts or End?

For now, the answer is No ! MTN midnight data does not end for now. This means once you purchase your MTN midnight data, you can use it until finishes or get exhausted. It does not expire this time. 

But in the past years, MTN midnight had an expiring time in which if you buy it and didn’t use it, you can’t use it the next day.

What time does the MTN midnight bundle starts? 

The MTN midnight bundle starts exactly at 12:00 am and ends at exactly 5:00 am. But those real users know that today as soon as it 4:55 am it starts misbehaving and slowing down, but its actual ending time is 5:00 am.

How To Check MTN Midnight Data Balance?

This is a complicated question to answer. Because MTN GH does not separate your midnight data or bundle from your real data bundle. They add it any time you top up or bundle, even if it is a social media bundle, real data bundle or a midnight bundle they are all added.

But then you can check the MTN data balance or midnight balance with code *124#

Unlike Vodafone Ghana, they separate every bundle you purchase, even if it is bonus data. This will help you know your actual data bundle and your midnight data bundle left.

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Why Is My MTN Midnight Bundle Not Working?

There might be some little problems you have to check by yourself, these are not complicated, you can solve them by yourself. It may be either;

1. The time you are accessing the midnight bundle is not up yet or past:

This is the main concern, sometimes people want to use the midnight bundle even when it is not midnight, which is not going to work like that. The MTN midnight bundle or data starts exactly from 12:00 am and ends at 5:00 am. (But starts to slow down when it’s 4:45 am nowadays, which is normal)

Anytime time apart from the listed above. Put in mind, I am not going to work period!

2. There is a network problem either with your mobile phone, location (area) or sometimes even with MTN:

There might be some little network issues with your smartphone or modem or even from MTN. With this, you have to wait for a bit like 10 minutes time and then turn ON your data again. (It is surely going to work this time) thus, 12:10 am.

3. It’s 4:50 am or 5:00 am. (Nowadays, the MTN midnight data slows down or sometimes stop working when it is 4:45 am) This is what many people don’t know and feel there is a fault somewhere. I myself that was what I was thinking until I studied it for weeks and noticed that is how it is nowadays.

To conclude, In this short guide, we have covered everything you need to know when purchasing MTN Midnight data with Mobile money or Airtime for yourself or even for someone else. And also answered most questions MTN Ghana users ask all the time.

You can also ask your question in the comment section if your preferred question is still not answered in this guide, or you need more explanations.


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