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MTN Me2U Code, How To Activate It & Share Credit On MTN 2021-2022

How To Borrow Airtime/Credit on MTN (MTN Xtra Time) 2022-2023

MTN Me2U Code, How To Activate It & Share Credit On MTN 2021-2022……. Have you been wondering or making researches on how you can transfer airtime or credit from an MTN phone number to another MTN phone number?

We believe most of our readers have once had this idea before. And that is what we are going to enlighten our readers with MTN in this guide Me2U.

This is a brief guide on how to register and send airtime to your friends and families anytime anywhere with MTN’s Me2U.

This guide is going to help everyone including those who have heard about the MTN Me2U service and do not know the procedure to go about it or have some questions to ask about it. Also, individuals who do not know anything about it at all.

This is a guide that is going to help every individual from scratch. To begin we will start by answering some frequently asked questions by MTN users wanting to know more about the Me2U service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is MTN Me2U?

MTN Me2U allows customers to share their airtime with their family, friends and loved ones. 0.10p is deducted on every transfer. Remember before you can participate you have to first register for the Me2U service. (Scrow-down to read the steps on how to register)

2. How Do I Register MTN Me2U?

You can register to MTN Me2U either via SMS or USSD. Via SMS, type ‘register’, leave a space, enter a 4-digit PIN and send to 1329. Via USSD, dial *198#, select 1 ‘Activate’, choose a new PIN, re-enter that new PIN and finally, you will receive a confirmation of successful registration.

3. Procedure To Share Airtime or Credit On MTN Me2U? (This is a summary of the answer we will explain it more further for those who find it difficult to grasp it at this point)

You can share airtime on MTN Me2U either via SMS or USSD. Via SMS, enter ‘Amount’, leave a space, enter ‘Mobile number’, leave a space, enter ‘PIN’ and send to 1329 E.g. ‘5 024XXXXXXX 1234’ and send to 1329. Via USSD, dial *198#, select 2 ‘Transfer’, enter receiver Eg. 024XXXXXXX, enter amount Eg. 5, enter decimal Eg. 0, enter PIN Eg. 1234 and select 1 to confirm.

4. How Much Will I Be Charged When Sending Airtime?

You will be deducted 0.10p only from every airtime you send out to friends and families.

5. Can I Change My Me2U Pin?

Yes! You can anytime you want to. Just don’t forget your old pin because it is going to help you reset to get a new one.

6. How To Change MTN Me2U Pin? {We have provided the step-to-step point to execute this point don’t worry if you don’t grasp it here. Scrow-down to follow the below steps provided)

Dial *198#, Enter your Old Me2U Pin, Enter Your New Preferred Me2U Pin and then Confirm. You’re done! This is when you feel someone close to you knows your pin and is transferring airtime from your phone all the time. You can change the pin to prevent them from doing that without your concern.

7. What Is The Shortcode For MTN Me2U service?

Simply Dial *198#

We are now done with the most frequently asked questions, let’s now get into the procedure to register to the MTN Me2U service and then the steps to transfer airtime or credit to your loved ones with ease using this service.

What Is The Shortcode For MTN Me2U service?

Simply Dial *198#

How To Register MTN GH Me2U 2021-2022

This is the procedure in which you have to follow to register for the MTN Me2U service. Remember to use the Me2U service you first have to register first. Follow the procedure below to register.

1. Dial *198#

2. Select Option 1 (Activate)

3. Enter your Preferred four (4) Digit Pin. (This is similar to the pin you use when sending or withdrawing money in your Momo account. Here you will also set a 4 digit pin you will use to complete your transfers anytime you are willing to send airtime to your friends and families.)

4. Re-enter your four (4) Digit Pin.

5. You will receive a pop-up message on your mobile screen indicating you have successfully activated MTN Me2U.

Once you follow the above steps carefully you will activate or register to the MTN Me2U service successfully.


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How To Transfer Airtime Or Credit From MTN to MTN Using MTN Me2U In 2021-2022

Follow the below steps to send or transfer MTN credit or airtime to another MTN number. Put in mind you first have to activate or register the MTN Me2U service before you can execute the below procedure.

1. Dial *198#

2. Select Option 2 (Transfer)

3. You Will See Enter Receiver MSISDN (means receiver Phone Number)

4. Enter The Amount You Are Willing To Transfer

5. Enter Decimal Value {Here you do not need to enter any dot(.). Just type the value eg if you are sending 1cedi enter. Failure to do so you will receive an error message which will prevent you from completing your transfer}

6. Enter your MTN Me2U Pin

7. Confirm to complete the transfer successfully.

8. Just like all other services, you will receive a notification if your transfer is been completed successfully.

#NB: Remember you will be charged 0.1p on any complete transfer you make.

How To Change MTN Me2U Pin 2021-2022

This is the procedure to follow if you are willing to change your pin to a new one.

1. Dial *198#

2. Select Option 3 (Change Pin)

3. Enter Your Old Pin 

4. Enter Your New Preferred 4 Digit Pin

5. Re-enter Your New 4 Digit Pin

6. Confirm and your Pin will be reset successfully.

Following this procedure, you will be able to change your MTN Me2U four (4) digits at any time. Remember it is like the MTN Momo you can change your PIN anytime you want to. This is to help protect your airtime or credit been transferred without your concern.

Also, once you forget your Me2U pin it will be difficult to transfer airtime or credit. You will have to contact MTN customer service to help you reset it if you encounter any problem like that. You will have to approach such a problem like how MTN Momo is been approached.

To conclude, above is everything you need to know about the MTN Gh Me2U service. This is the service that is going to help you transfer airtime or credit to your loved ones at just 0.1p. 

This guide covers every aspect you would think of about this service, frequently asked questions, how to register to Me2U, How to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN using Me2U and how to change your Me2U code.

Drop your questions and suggestions in the comment section below if you have one. Have a nice day!!

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