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MTN Internet Settings (APN) For Android & Shortcode 2021-2022

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One of the factors that can prevent you from accessing the internet when using your MTN sim card to surf the internet is “Internet settings (APN)”. This is a short guide on the procedure to set up “MTN Internet Settings (APN) For Android & Shortcode 2021-2022”

This setting is most often important or vital to Android users very much. They are sometimes automatically set up or sometimes needs to be done manually.

Mostly with android users, sometimes their internet settings need to be corrected when there is a new sim card inserted or they keep facing internet connection problems connecting to the internet.

Not only do MTN users on Android need this internet settings tutorial but also Vodafone and Airteltigo users as well. The APN you see in your settings is termed as Access Point Names. And with an inappropriate APN set-up sometimes mobile data refuses to turn on.

Readers willing to read and also edify their selves with the internet settings for Vodafone and Airteltigo users can also check our previous article on them respectively.

This guide is going to work for almost all android users because the procedure is likely to be the same for all.(Huawei, Samsung, Infinix, Tecno, Itel etc). And also, this guide is going to help all individuals that their mobile data is refusing to turn on.

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Steps To Set-up MTN Internet Settings (APN) 2021-2022

Follow the below steps to get your internet settings fully set up and running…

  1. Hop onto your settings on your Phone.
  2. Navigate to your Internet and Network option.
  3. Select Mobile Networks
    4.Select Access Points Names and Edit access point.
    i Name: MTN
    ii. APN: internet
  4. You can leave the remaining options and the save your new the new set-up.

After this, you will have to turn on your mobile data is see if it works. In case it didn’t work, we suggest you delete all the APN set-ups you’ve created on your mobile phone and then create a new one following the above steps.

After this set-up, your internet has to work perfectly and if yours was difficulty in turning on your mobile data it also has to work perfectly as well like it was at first.

If still your mobile data don, not turn on or connect to the internet, we suggest you keep the new APN settings and then go on to delete or change your mobile data-saving limit. This is because it might be full and it’s preventing your data from turning on or connecting to the internet.

To conclude, in this guide we touched on how to get MTN internet settings (APN) set up in 2021-2022. And also enlightened added some important stuff like the meaning of APN and many others.

Drop your question or opinion if you have any, we will do our best to reply on time as we do always…… have a great day

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