MTN Ghana Magic Number And Short code

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At the end of this guide, you are going to discover everything on “MTN GH Magic Number And Short code” and also a short code to activate this amazing offer. This popularly known as the MTN Free 6 months calls and sometimes special number.

This is one of the most astounding voice call packages MTN GH gives or offers their customers. In this guide, we are going to provide you with the lowdown of this amazing offer. 

Not only that, but we will also enlighten you on some vital information you need to know about the MTN GH magic number. And lastly, we add the short code for you to get it done by yourself without breaking any sweat or needing any sort of assistance.

What Is MTN Magic Number?

MTN Magic Number is popularly known as the MTN free 6 moths call. The magic number allows activated users to make free calls to certain MTN numbers only for 6 good months. (You won’t be paying anything*)

Meaning activating this astounding offer, you will be making calls with the phone number you choose as the “magic number” for six (6) good months! Here this is no worries about buying airtime or credits.

This is one of the amazing offers for those blindly in love, lol…

But note: This offer is only valid for new MTN subscribers, thus, those with new sim cards. But for those, you can call or willing to put on the magic number their sim card has to be MTN only the time that sim was registered doesn’t matter.

Short Code To Activate The MTN Magic Call

The USSD code used to access the magic call or free six months call on MTN is *550#. Follow the guide below, as we guide you on how to register this offer.

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Steps To Activate The MTN GH Magic Number

Follow the below steps carefully to activate the MTN magic call or free 6 months call if and only you meet up the requirement stated above;

1. Dial *550#

2. Select Option 8 (More)

3. Select Option 1 (Magic Number)

4. Select Option 1 (MTN free call offer)

5. Dial The Phone number you are willing to activate as the magic number and send

6. You will receive a message of subscription from MTN.

After following the above steps carefully, you will successfully add that number, and you will be allowed to make free six (6) months call without paying a penny.

Note: To register or subscribe to this offer, your MTN phone number has to be new, and you can add only MTN numbers for now. You can use an old registered sim that is not older than 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers most people ask about the MTN magic number or free six (6) months call.

Q1. What is MTN Magic Number?

Ans: It is popularly known as the MTN free six (6) months call. It allows new subscribers on the MTN network to make free calls for six (6) months with a particular phone number for free.

Q2. What is The Short code To Activate MTN Magic Number?

Ans:  The short code to activate the  MTN Magic number is *550#

Q3. How Do I activate MTN Magic Number?

Ans: To activate the MTN magic number, you first have to make sure you are qualified for the requirement in other to activate the service. (Your sim card has to be new). 

If you are qualified, First dial *550# >>> Select Option 8 >>> Select Option 1 >>> Dial the phone number you are willing to make free calls with >>> lastly, you will receive a confirmation message of subscription.

Q4. How Do I Deactivate MTN Magic Number?

Ans:  The straight answer is you can not deactivate the free six (6) service with the registered number. Once you subscribe to the service, that’s it. It is a one-time thing, If you won’t be using it any more there is no problem there.

This is because it is not going to do any bad to your sim or anything.

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Q5. Can I add phone numbers Of Other Networks?

No! You can not add a phone number from different networks like Vodafone, GloAirteltigo. You can only activate this service with an MTN phone number only.

Q6. Can I Change The Added Number,  Thus Magic Number?

The answer is No! … So here, we would advise you to cross-check the phone number first before confirming or subscribing to the service.

Q5. What is The Requirement For MTN Magic Number or Free 6 months Call?

Ans: To subscribe to this service, your sim has to be a newly registered one or a new MTN sim card that is not more than three (3) months old.

In a nutshell, in this guide, we touched on how MTN magic number, how to activate the MTN magic number, the short code to activate the MTN magic number, the requirements and some vital information you need to know about the MTN Magic number.

You can drop your questions and suggestions in the comment section below. We will do our best to answer if we can. Do not forget to share this guide if you find it helps.


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