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MTN Free After 1 (MTN Talk Chaw) Code 2021-2022

How To Deactivate All Subscriptions on MTN, Vodafone & Airteltigo 2022

This short guide is going to help you with both the steps to subscribe and deactivate MTN free after 1 popularly known as MTN talk chaw or MTN Nkomode in 2021-2022. And also the code in other for you to make all this happen.

 It’s an offer for MTN users only and it allows you to make calls for 1 Hour for GH 0.30 pesewas. It was the first 0.25p but then increased to 0.30p currently.

This is because you only pay for the first one 1minute of the call and the rest is free. The code for MTN Free After 1 or MTN Talk Chaw is *315#.

MTN Free After 1 (MTN Talk Chaw) Code 2021-2022

How To Subscribe To MTN Free After 1 or MTN Talk Chaw  2021

1. Dial *315#

2. Select Option 1 (Activate )

3. Select Option 1 ( To Confirm Purchase Of Free After 1)

How To Deactivate  MTN Free After 1  or MTN Talk Chaw 2021

1. Dial *315#

2. Select Option 2 (Deactivate)

3. MTN will successfully deactivate your purchase until you reactivate it again.

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Lastly, What you need to know about MTN free after 1 or MTN talk chaw is they indicate it’s free for all local networks. Thus, Vodafone, MTN, Airteltigo, Glo…..

But it does not work like that, but rather works for only MTN numbers. For MTN numbers you can talk for as long as 1 Hour. But for other local networks, the call will probably end when it’s 4:59 seconds

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