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MTN Data Bundles/Internet Bundles & Shortcodes 2022-2023

How To Borrow Airtime/Credit on MTN (MTN Xtra Time) 2022-2023

MTN GH data bundles, internet bundles and shortcodes in 2022-20223. In this guide, we are going to edify our readers on all MTN data packages and internet bundles in other to help them understand and know the vital info they need to be aware of about these amazing packages etc…

Currently, we can boldly say almost 60% of Ghanaian’s have access to the internet in 2021. This is because of the increase in the literacy rate as time goes on in the country. Now even Teenagers from ages 11 have access to smartphones and the internet.

We found it important to curate all MTN data bundles and then list them all in one article or guide of ours.

This is because of the number of search queries on search engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo etc not only that but also to help our readers and blog visitors save their hard-earned money in terms of bundle purchasing in 2022-23.

MTN is the most used telecommunication network in Ghana now, originally started in South Africa (SA) followed by Vodafone that was also originally started in the United Kingdom (U.K) etc.

Even though they had and still have some worst internet packages there are still one’s every subscriber or customer of theirs has to enjoy.

So in this guide, we are touching on their Flexi bundles, Non-Expiry bundles, Midnight bundles, Turbonet bundles, Kokrokoo bundles, Social Media bundles, Video bundles and Mashup bundles.

MTN Data Packages, Bundles , Offers & Short codes 2021-2022

Short Codes For Internet Bundles & Packages

We have categorized all these MTN data packages and internet bundles and added the shortcodes in other to help you activate. Check them out;

1. Dial USSD *138#   [ For Flexi bundles, Non-Expiry bundles, Midnight bundles, Kokrokoo bundles, Social Media bundles and Video bundles]

2. Dial USSD *567*1*4#    [For MTN Mashup bundles]

3. Dial USSD *5057#       [For MTN Turbonet bundles. Available for only Turbonet sim cards]

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All MTN Data Packages & Internet Bundles [Update]

Below are all the above-mentioned bundles and steps and procedures in other to activate all these amazing packages.

1. Normal Data Bundles:

This is most called “data bundles” but we added normal because it the internet bundles that cover day and night just like MTN’s old data packages. The amazing news is now they are all non-expiry.

This means they do not expire as they did in the past years. Today you can use your bundle anytime you want to unless it gets exhausted. With these bundles, you can purchase from GHC0.50ps up to GHC399.00.

Below are the packages;

  1. GHC 0.5p  (24.05MB)
  2. GHC1.00  (48.10MB)
  3. GHC3.00 (471.70MB)
  4. GHC10.00 (971.82MB)
  5.  GHC 399 (214.9GB)

Steps To Purchase The MTN Data Bundles

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Option 1  (Data bundles)
  3. Continue from there and choose the preferred amount you are willing to purchase either yourself or for others.

#NB: You sometimes get 4G bonus thus, 10%- 40% the bundle purchased. I think new subscribers get this bonus more often when you buy data bundles with MTN mobile money.

But for Thursdays, every subscriber on MTN gets over 70% bonus when they purchase data bundles with their MTN mobile money. (Terrific Thursday)

2. Non-Expiry (Flexi bundles) :

Here just as its name goes, it is also non-expiry which means your internet bundle does not expire when purchase unless it gets exhausted. And also “Flexi” which probably means flexible, when the Flexi bundles you can purchase data bundles with any amount of money.

Actually, the last bundle you can purchase is GHC0.01p up to GHC399.00. You will be getting the same bundle as the but will be calculated according to the money I guess.

Meaning with the Flexi bundles you can purchase MTN bundles at GHC 0.2p, GHC11.00, GHC101.00, GHC0.8p etc… So here we cannot give every price and the exact data you will be getting but we will say you can purchase data with any amount.

 Steps To Purchase MTN Flexi Non-Expiry Bundles

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Option 1 (Data bundles)
  3. Select Option 1 or 2 (For self or For others)
  4. Select Option 1  (Flexi Bundles)
  5. Continue and type in the preferred amount you are willing to purchase. Remember, any amount.
  6. Confirm Payment through either MTN Mobile Money or Airtime.

3. Midnight Bundles:

The third internet package by MTN on our list is the midnight bundles. Just like the name goes, this bundle was made specifically to be used during midnight. That’s from12:am – 5:am always.

This is the internet bundle package we will recommend to their users that love doing bind downloads like downloading HD movies, music videos, Applications, software etc…

The good news is now in 2021, the MTN midnight bundles are also non-expiry.

Below are the prices and bundles you will get in return.

For the midnight bundles, the prices are not fixed. They are like the Flexi bundles, but the MTN midnight bundle packages range from GHC0.1p to GHC2.99p

Steps To Purchase MTN Midnight Bundles

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Option 2 (Midnight bundles)
  3. Select Option 1 or 2 ( For self or For others)
  4. Type in the amount you are willing to buy. Remember the price from GHC0.01p to GHC2.99p
  5. Confirm Payment through either Airtime or MTN Mobile Money.

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4. Kokrokoo Bundles:

The MTN kokrokoo bundle is the fourth on our list. The name was derived from cock’s crow Lol…. The sound they make in the morning. This bundle is valid from 4:00 am to 8:00 am every blessed day.

Take note this bundle is also a non-expiry bundle. This means till it gets exhausted you can use it forever.

With the MTN kokrokoo bundles;

GHC1.06p (400MB and 20minutes talk time)

Steps To Purchase The Kokrokoo Bundles

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Option 3 (Korkrokoo bundles)
  3. Select Option 1 or 2 (For self or friends)
  4. Type 1  (To buy)
  5.  Confirm Payment with either Airtime or Mobile Money.

5. Social Media Bundles:

This is also made for browsing and surfing social media platforms only. And I see this to be much better if you bundle just to browse on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram.

This is because the internet bundle given here is a bit higher than the other bundle’s. Let’s say if you buy a 50MB bundle for 0.5p with the social media bundles you can get 50MB for like 0.4p.

This is also a non-expiry bundle and can be purchased either standard or Flexi.

Below are some of the packages;

Standard Fixed Prices

  1. GHC1.00     (96MB)
  2. GHC5.00     (481)
  3. GHC10.00   (962MB)


You can also purchase the MTN social media bundles with any amount you prefer.

Steps To Purchase The MTN Social Media Data

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Option 4 (Social Media Bundles)
  3. Select Option 1 or 2 (For self or others)
  4. Select Option 1 or 2 (Standard or Non-expiry)
  5. Type in or select the preferred amount you are willing to purchase.
  6. Confirm Purchase of bundle (Airtime or Momo)

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6. MTN Video Bundles:

So this is also a package for video lovers. To be specific individuals that love streaming live movies, games, and music videos online either on NetflixShowmax, YouTube, Vevo etc.

This is also non-expiry data like the other bundles and comes at reasonable prices too because they are used to stream videos. Here you can also purchase at standard fixed prices or Flexi too.

Below are some of these prices;

Standard Fixed Prices

1. GHC1.00  (183MB)

2. GHC5.00  (917MB)

3. GHC10.00  (1.79GB)


You can also purchase the MTN video bundles with any amount you prefer.

Steps To Purchase MTN Video Bundles

1. Dial *138#

2. Select Option 99 (More)

3. Select Option 6  (Video bundles)

4. Select Option 1 or 2 (For self or others)

5. Select Option 1 or 2 ( standard or Flexi)

6. Type-in or Select the Preferred Amount you are willing to purchase

7. Confirm Payment through Momo or Airtime.

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7. MTN Turbonet Bundles:

With this bundle, the name most people know is the MTN MIFI or WIFI bundle. These are bundles for individuals that use the MTN Turbonet as WIFI or MIFI to surf the internet.

Here, once you purchase your Turbonet you get a data sim or Turbonet sim and then purchase your preferred bundle. We won’t talk much about it here.

You can read the full article and guide on MTN Turbonet Router Prices, Packages etc…

Below is the MTN Turbonet bundles Prices

               DATA                                                           PRICE

  1.  5.14GB                                                               25.00
  2.  10.27.GB                                                            50.00
  3.  46.22GB                                                              145.00
  4.  231.08GB                                                            295.00

8. MTN Zone Bundles:

This is one of the special bundles MTN Ghana gives to their subscribers. MTN Zone bundles is one of the bundle offers that allows subscribers to buy huge amounts of data at low prices.

This is the type of data we will recommend to people that work online and individuals that spend lot’s of bucks on data in other to keep themselves updated on social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn… etc

This offer is available to every MTN user. The shortcode to get access to the Zone bundles is USSD *141#.
Follow the below process to purchase the MTN Zone bundles.

Firstly, you will have to activate or subscribe and then follow the below steps to purchase your preferred offer.

  1. Dial *135# and Send
  2. Select Option 2 (Zone Bundles)
  3. Select Your preferred amount to purchase.
    i. 1GB for 1day @GHC2.99
    ii. 2GB for 1day @GHC3.99
    iii. 5GB for 1day @GHC5.99
  4. Continue to confirm purchase with Airtime.

NB: The MTN Zone bundles can be purchased with only airtime or credit. What we mean here the zone bundles cannot be purchased with mobile money.

In a nutshell, we explained almost all MTN data bundles and internet packages. From standard-fixed data bundles, Flexi non-expiry bundles, midnight bundles, kokrokoo bundles, social media bundles, video bundles, MTN zone bundles and MTN Turbonet bundles.

You can drop your comments in the comments section below if you have one. We will be glad to help you out whether it’s a question or suggestion it’s warmly welcome.

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