Money Making Apps That Pay Real Money In Ghana 2024

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There are still lots of apps and websites that pay their users for using their services. In this guide, we will be listing six plus best money making apps that pay real money in Ghana. The main reason why its so dificult to come across these apps easily is becuase, most of these websites are not located here in Africa.

And the ones here in Africa are not all that much. But in this article, you got everything covered.

In this article, we are going to edify and give a brief explanation of some best money making apps for earning and making real money here in Ghana for free. You might be asking yourself if there are websites that still pay people to use their services. The answer Is Yes.….

We will be enlightening you with websites that can help everybody earn from using them without your gender, smartness or intelligence.


Have you ever heard about Brave browser? If No, I am going to give you a brief explanation so you understand what it is and how it works.

Brave is a browser that cares about its user’s online security and also pays its users for using it. But then, it’s just like pay per click jobs, you do not earn that much using it manually. To earn from it big time, You have to install it on your Mobile Phone or Computer/Laptop and use it daily. 

You just have to search the Brave browser on Google and download it, install it and start using it as your main browser.

With Brave, you will be getting paid once you continue using brave as your browser daily and also you will be getting paid by clicking on Brave advertisements. With this, my advice is just to click on the advertisement they show and then close it later. Just click on it and get paid that’s all.

Once your earned points reach a level you can withdraw, You can then withdraw and get paid through Paypal or even get paid through various digital currencies like Bitcoin, dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Ven, China coin, Primecoin, Ethereum etc.

I put this first on the list because I am myself I use Brave browser and have got paid several times through Paypal. Using brave you need no skills or be any intelligentsia just use it for your normal searches and get paid simple.


Best Money Making Apps That Pay Real Money In Ghana


As I said earlier in the article, I will be putting browsers first and following them with the websites. Microsoft Bing is a browser by Microsoft, Every windows computer’s main browser is Bing. You might be wondering how can I get paid using Bing. 

Bing Pays its users with Gift cards like Google Play gift cards, iTunes cards, Nike gift cards and many more.

But with Bing, you have to get a VPN because, you will be paid using Bing only if you are located in countries like the United Kingdom, United States Of America, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Australia and other foreign countries. So all you need is a VPN that’s a bit strong and you are good to go. You can use VPN’s Like;

i. Nord VPN

ii. Pure VPN

iii. Ultrasurf VPN

iv. 911 VPN

v. Windscribe VPN 

Bing is just like Brave browser, all you need to do is to use it all day in other for your points to increase that’s all. After that, you can get your earnings by getting paid with gift cards. After that, you can trade your Gift card for money here in Africa on P2P trading platforms. 

#NB: One Pro-tip is, Download and Braver browser change your search engine to Bing and download a VPN. With this, while you are getting paid by Brave for using their browser, you will also be getting Gift cards from Microsoft Bing. 

Microsoft Bing browser download:   BING

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I know everyone located in Africa knows or have heard about Jumia. The affiliate attached means you will be working for Jumia online as their affiliate. 

You might be asking What job do Affiliates do? Affiliates refer customers to vendors and merchants websites for them to make a purchase or complete a specific task and then get paid.

 You have been an affiliate, You will be given a special URL that the merchants and vendors will use to track all the sales and customers you refer to their website or online store through your affiliate link.

Jumia is one of the most popular and the most-shopped from online stores people in Africa use. You can just find products and share links of them with your friends on WhatsApp or even Facebook. Once they make a purchase through your link you will get paid instantly.

With Jumia you can also buy airtime and stuff with your Jumia account. That is what I do myself. You will be awarded airtime and sometimes gifts. To be accepted on Jumia is a bit difficult, once you don’t accept do this with your account and get some little gifts from them as time goes on.

Jumia official website:    JUMIA


Stormerhost is a web Hosting company based here in Ghana Accra-Dansoman to be precise. It’s one of the best Webhosting companies in Ghana. For me they are the best, I host 2 of my website with them.  Web Hosting companies are companies that host websites resources online.

 With StomerHost you will also be getting paid once you refer a user that their website.

Once you refer a user you will be paid 20% of any plan he/she purchases. This is simple. But with this, you have to get your affiliate links out. Post them on your WhatsApp stats, groups and also on Facebook.

One pro tip is, You can go online to public forums and promote them, there. This is by visiting Question and Answer well-known websites like Quora or even Facebook groups. 

Search for people wanting a good Web host that is located in Africa and send them your affiliate links. Do not spam your affiliate links all over the internet. Share it with people who are interested.

Stormerhost official website:   Stormerhost

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Payoneer is an American financial company that allows its customers to send and receive money all over the world securely. Payoneer is for Affiliate Marketers, eCommerce, online businesses etc. Unlike Paypal, with Payoneer, you can link your account to your local bank account here in Ghana. I myself I use Payoneer.

 With Payoneer too, You will be sharing your referral links to your friends and families. Once they sign up they will be getting free $25 and you will also get paid.

After that, you will be paid a commission from every transaction they make in their account since you referred them. You just have to share your referral links to friends and families whether on your WhatsApp stat, groups or even on Facebook.

You can even save money and then you use that money to run an Ad on Google or any social media platform. Once you put in money you get big money back.



With Fiverr, I know those who are really interested in making money online here in Africa and have been making lots of research has come across this website or heard someone talk about it.

Fiverr is a website where you find freelancers to work for you on your behalf and pay them. Herewith Fiverr, it’s two options, If you have a skill like Writing articles, Translating, Transcribing, Photo designing etc. You can sign up, update your profile create a gig and start working for people and get paid.

Getting a customer on Fiverr is a bit difficult because they are lot’s of freelancers on there like you. The best way to succeed there is to buy your own gigs and give yourself 5-star reviews in other to convince people to work with you.

You can also join the Fiverr affiliate program, refer new users there and get paid. Once they sign up make a purchase or complete a trade there you will earn a little commission. This is simple than the first idea, but the difficult things last long in life. 

So you can choose for yourself. But in reality, the first idea is the best but it is very very hard to make it, so you just have to involve smartness.



Upwork is just like Fiverr, Upwork is also a website for freelancers. Freelancing is one of the most profitable online businesses like Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and many more here in Africa. But since it’s profitable, It will take you lot’s of time for it to work for you.

As I said earlier you have to buy your own gig and give yourself 5star ratings in other to help you convince clients that watch your profile or gig. This is the only hack that’s going to make you succeed on these freelancing websites.

 People make videos on YouTube on stuff like this a claim it to be easy. But the real truth is it ain’t easy, you have to find ways and means to make it work.

So on Upwork, you just have to sign up as a freelancer and fill in to complete your profile. After that, you can try searching for clients. If it takes you a lot’s of time and it is not working. My little advice is, to take your referral link and refer people to sign up to use their service and then get little commissions from that.

And by getting people you have to plan a way you will advertise them in other to get people to sign up. Don’t spam your links in groups and other people’s inboxes. send your link to interested people only. Remember failing to plan means you are planning to fail…



You can also start YouTubing.  This is one of the website’s that’s paying lots of Africans like you and me lots of money daily. To succeed on YouTube, you have to plan before you get into that business. Without any plan trust me it is not going to work.

Since we are in the technology century, you don’t need lot’s of hard work to make it all you need is to think and plan. Else you will waste your strength and time for nothing. With YouTube, you have to think about the following stuff first before you make a move.

i. Think about the content you will be putting out there

ii. Check how business is going for those already in the game that are doing the same thing.

iii. After deciding on what you will be putting out there. Think of the tools you will use (You being a beginner with a low budget)

iv. After getting everything you will need, you then start working. The real truth is you have to put good content out there and share it on social media platforms in other to refer people to go and then watch your stuff.

You might be a shy type, But interested in YouTube that was why I said you have to think. You choose not to appear in your videos. With this, you have to find content that will fit that idea. For that, you can do little tutoring,  Edited sports videos etc.

YouTube Pays it’s Tubers $18 for every 1000 views. and $2000 – $5000 for a Million views. For YouTube to work for you it will take a little time and hard work.



I know you have heard of Chipper Cash because it is one of the best money sending mediums here in Africa accepted helps make financial transactions here easy and secure. Chipper Cash has 2million users and 10,000 users daily in almost all African countries. 

 At first, when chipper Cash was established, they were paying people who refer to other friends and families on their network. And they are still doing it now.

Companies do stuff like this because of online relevancy and dignity. And till now although Chipper Cash is known by almost all Africans, they still pay their customers to refer their friends and families to their network.

So herewith Chipper Cash, All you got to do is to download their app on the Google Play store and then sign up. After creating your account, you just get your referral link and then share it with your friends and families. 

With this, even WhatsApp will do. I myself used my friend’s referral link to create my Chipper Cash account.

Just introduce it to them and let them start using it and also advise them to refer to other friends too. That will make you earn more from chipper cash.

Download Chipper Cash:    CHIPPER CASH 

Money Making Apps That Pay Real Money In Ghana – Full Video

To Conclude, there are also lots of different websites you can make free money from using or referring friends to their network but because of our location, we can not access them all. But above is the perfect ones that are going to work, if only you put in a little work, smartness and consistency.

We will be updating and posting stuff like this only on our website you can check in here always and drop your comment if you have a problem or question you want us to help to solve. You are permitted to share this article on any social media platform you want.

DISCLAIMER: We are not giving 100% assurance that this procedure is going to work for everybody. We won’t be responsible in case of any financial loss. Also, the info on this page is not from a certified financial backer.


Michael Rashaan is a webmaster and co-founder of Kbroda Groups. I currently hold a double major degree in Information science and Political science. During my Information science days at the university, I got enlightened more on how vital and powerful information is to human and businesses. As an information science graduate, I love to give out information that seems important for free through my research-oriented blog posts. Another part of me is, I also love to give back to the society, even though I don’t have much. This has made me develop the habit of writing and publishing. I see this to be the little role I play to make the society better. Contact me on

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