Pinterest Business Marketing Strategies For Africans 2024

In this article, we will be exploring Pinterest business marketing strategies for businesses that are going to work for people here in Africa and all you need to know choosing Pinterest as your marketing tool or platform. 

Pinterest is one of the websites getting lots of traffic daily and one of the most visited websites in the world now, even in Africa.

Choosing Pinterest as a marketing platform to market your stuff or products is not a bad idea. Especially for that marketing beauty, cosmetics, and fashion products. You have the chance to make it big-time, selecting Pinterest. 

This will happen if and only you do your things right, and that is what we will be talking about.

Pinterest is a social media platform that’s known to be a women’s favourite. This is because of the sharing of images and short videos. Just like TikTok, females all over the world share their cute and amazing lifestyles, talents, and products with their followers and customers.

Adopting these strategies you can start making it on Pinterest my marketing your products whether it be your products or you are selling these stuff as an affiliate

Pinterest Business Marketing Strategies For Businesses

1. Complete Your Profile:

What I mean by completing your profile is, Filling-in all the necessary information you need to in other to make your profile complete. Here, you have to create a welcoming and friendly profile that customers and other people will love whenever they visit your profile.

i. Email address.

ii. Link social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc.

iii. Interesting Bio.

iv. Phone Number.

v. Profile Pic or Business Logo.

Filling in all this necessary info, people, and customers will see you as legit and also interesting if you have a nice catching Bio. Linking your social media platforms will help other people or your friends on those platforms follow you when they also have Pinterest accounts too. 

I will explain this in brief in the next point.

 Once you have a complete profile you are good to go. Not to forget you can also add your website to your profile if and only you own a website. 

You can also request a website from Pinterest if you want. As an internet marketer, you have to own at least a single blog, that’s where you will be launching your products and interacting with your loyal customers.

As we mentioned first, here you will be linking your social media accounts. Like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and many others. Just like how you do on your Facebook. This is very important because of many reasons.

Some people like me find it difficult to trust online sellers. Once the person verifies you are on various social media platforms serving the same service, they might trust you and buy from you all even following any of your social media accounts.

I will continue by asking this question, have you ever got any notification of Facebook telling you the page you follow-on Instagram has a Facebook Page? This will also help you grow your followers. And help connect your fans together on all social media platforms you are on, and even help you build your brand across the internet.

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3. Create Nice Pins:

Once you have completed creating your profile and linking your social media platforms, what you have to do next is to create nice pins and then create genius boards. You will be asking in your head what is a nice pin?…

i. Nice pins are mostly vertical images.

ii. Impressive pins contain different images. 

iii. Images with 600px Width.

iv. Precise and controversial description.

Your pin has to contain several images or even a video.  From my experience, I think videos work faster than images. But then, your Images has to be vertical, have high image quality and has to be colourful in other to catch the interest of visitors to increase your link clicks.

Impressive and converting, pin gets at least 10 link clicks every 1,000 impressions. A video is a bit different to videos, it may get lots of likes and comments. You have to be able to create at least 10 pins a day.

You can use Tailwind to schedule and post your pins automatically.

4. Create Genius Boards:

After creating your nice pins you also have to create a genius, or I will say something like controversial or interesting boards that will make visitors click to see the pins it contains. Your boards also play a big role in your marketing career on Pinterest.

Boards will serve as a storehouse you save your products. Once you have pleasant pins that will attract people to check your profile, your boards are what’s going to attract these visitors to click on in other to help them discover pins in that area.

Once you finish creating your profile and start pinning impressive and fascinating pins, Create genius boards to store them. This will help you;

i. Increase your product link clicks.

ii. Exposure of other pins.

iii. Decorate profile.

5. Follow and Follow-back People in Your Niche:

This is one of the most important steps you do not have to skip when wanting to succeed in your Pinterest marketing. Just like how a blogger chooses a particular niche to focus on it, you also have to do the same here.

There are certain niches that work very well on Pinterest. I will list them out and also give some brief guide on how these products are going to work and suggest a way or marketing strategy you can adopt in marketing those stuff on Pinterest.

Here you have to follow people in the same niche as you. You just navigate to your home feed and search “Home decor or Home decoration” if you are in the home decor niche. You then follow all the people you can follow.

Once you follow these people, lots of people will follow you back, don’t hesitate to also do the same. By doing that, you will be growing your profile and your pins will likely reach out to these people and sometimes their followers anytime you make a pinned post.

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6. Post Videos:

You can also pin videos, from my experience in Pinterest marketing I think videos do well more than pictures. I am saying this because mostly for pictures to do well, it has to be in the appropriate width, length, and others. 

But with videos, all you need is to get video editing software to make your videos look more attractive and eye-catching. One thing about videos is when it gets lots of exposure people will start saving them in their boards. This will help your pin reach many people.

Once you have your profile created complete and looking professional to put all the above steps into action your Pinterest marketing will start to pick up as time goes on.

7. Proper Descriptions:

Descriptions also play a big role in your Pinterest marketing.  I can not write all about how to make keyword research for your Pinterest description here. But what I will say is you can search on YouTube and learn the latest and working procedures.

Just like how bloggers take their SEO practices serious, you have to take your keywords serious too. You have to make sure you insert all your keywords in your description and topic.

Targeting the right keyword also matters. Always target keywords getting a high lot of searches weekly and monthly, but there is low competition in it. 

1. Home Decor

i. Room decor. 

ii. Home Accessories.

iii. Home Accents.

iv. Walls

2. Education Niche

i. Story Books.

ii. Interesting Books.

iii. Courses

3. Arts

i. Paintings

ii. Drawings

iii. Photography 

4. Women Fashion

i. Jewellery

ii. Dresses

5.  Beauty and Cosmetics.

i. Hairs, Hairstyle, Wigs etc

ii. Makeups 

iii. Skin Care. 

In summary, Pinterest marketing is real and lots of people are making passive income from it. This will happen if and only you do everything right. No one is perfect but at least get most things into the right place.

i. Complete your profile.

ii. Link all your social media accounts including websites.

iii. Create nice pins.

iv. Create genius boards.

v. Proper and well-organized description.

vi. Follow and Follow-back people in your niche only.

vii. Post videos if you can. 

There are particular niches that are in lots of demand on Pinterest. Since Pinterest is known for being mostly women, the ff are some of these niches.

i. Home Decor (Home Accessories, Room Decor, Home Accents)

ii. Education (Courses, Story Books, Interesting Books)

iii. Arts (Drawings, Paintings, Photography)

iv Women Fashion (Jewellery, Bags, Shoes, watches etc.)

v. Beauty and cosmetics (Skincare, Makeups etc.)

To schedule your pins and post them automatically, you can use tailwind to get that work done for you easily.

 Visit Tailwind Official Website:      Tailwind

To conclude, above are some steps on how to start Pinterest marketing. Once you be consistent and continue to post pleasant and eye-catching pins, your products will be reaching out to numerous people as time goes on.

One thing you have to know about Pinterest marketing is, it is not a get rich scheme. It will take your precious time and energy to make it work. Once you have these ideas and strategies, you can start your Pinterest marketing career now.

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