List Of Most Profitable Niches With Low Competition In Ghana

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List of profitable niches with low competition in Ghana (Africa). A Blog becomes profitable when you choose the right niche to blog about. In this guide, you are going to discover some profitable niches with low competition in Ghana.

Why choose a particular niche and how demanding is that niche on the internet In Ghana (Africa).

Blogging is becoming one of the most profitable online jobs (businesses) in Ghana including Affiliate Marketing, YouTubing and other Freelance Jobs. But starting a blog you have to choose a particular niche you want to blog about.

You can not just start by creating a website for yourself and start posting everything you see or feel like posting. Google doesn’t rank a personal website that looks like Malls. What I mean by that statement is that, a website that has every niche posted on it. 

Google algorithm will not be able to determine what your blog is all about and you will always be dropped in Google searches.

You have to be in a particular niche in other to let the readers and visitors know what your blog is about and what they are going to get visiting your blog.  Choosing a profitable and low competitive one is very important.

To make this happen you have to choose a niche you have a passion for naturally or something you love doing. Like travelling and reading about tourist sites, Gaming and Entertainment.

Blogging about something you love nature or have a passion for will make writing blog posts easy since you have some basic ideas about what you are doing. This will make you consistent in posting, at least a post every day and make your website relevant in your niche online.

Starting a blog doesn’t cost that much in Ghana, but it depends on how you want your blog to be and how you want it to look. You can buy a domain name in Ghana at GH 155 Cedis with your MTN mobile money at Stormerhost,  A web hosting located in Accra- Ghana. 

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Let’s get into the highly searched and demanding  niches in Ghana now;

1. General News Update Blogs:

News/Lifestyle blogs are blogs that provide their readers with updates on the trending news in the world. This news can be technology updates, Political news, Entertainment news, Business news, Sports news and many more. In order to create a blog with this type of niche you have to passion about stuff like these;

I. Technology Update Blogs:

Technology Updates can be news about technology either in the country or outside the country. This can be new Inventions, Updates of Mobile devices, Laptops, software and even Cars. To be in this kind of niche you have to make a lot of researches in other to provide your readers with news and updates that will make them love to visit your website all the time.

II. Political and  Business News Blogs:

Providing your readers and visitors news and updates on Politics and Businesses. With this type of niche, you have to have a passion for doing it. You have to love Business and Politics naturally, by doing that you will be able to provide news and updates and even make lots of researches in other to provide your readers with what they will expect to read from your blog all the time.

Example Of Political  & Business News Blogs: GhanaWebYen.comPulse etc.

III. Entertainment niche Blogs :

In my opinion, the entertainment niche is the second most demanding or highly searched and profitable niche in the country. In countries like Ghana starting an entertainment niche blog will be simple and easy in terms of writing blog posts if you love entertainment yourself.

Entertainment is something that can not be eliminated in our daily lives as humans, so with this niche, you will have something to blog about all the time. And In the entertainment niche, you need not to make lots of research as compared to those in the make Money Online Niche and Education Niche bloggers will.

To start an entertainment blog you have to be active on almost all social media platforms have subscribers and followers and also follow entertainment pages and groups in other to keep yourself and your readers updated all the time.

Pick Catchy headlines to lure people to visit your website anytime they see your posts shared on social media platforms or in Google search results.

To own an entertainment blog you have to be consistent, Smart and Hardworking. This is because there are lots of entertainment blogs in Ghana that has been around for many years and has high website authority.

Websites like GhanaWeb,,, GH Page and many more are already in the game. In this case, you will find it very difficult to outrank them in Google searches because of their website authority.

And in the entertainment niche, there are no particular keywords I will say you can blog about on your website in other to start growing your fanbase or readers. The best procedure to promote this type of niche blog is by posting on social media platforms.

#NB: In other to be successful in the news niche you have to consistent, Hardworking and active on almost all social media platforms. Don’t wait for people to search for stuff before you appear, Because in a niche like this it will be difficult for Google to rank new websites on page one. You have to appear on their social media walls to gain clicks and traffic.

2. Make Money Online Niche:

List Of Most Profitable Niches With Low Competition In Ghana 2021-2022

The Make Money Online Niche is the Third most demanding searched and profitable niche in my opinion in Ghana.  To verify by yourself after reading this article search ”HOW TO” and see the Google suggestions.

But to get into this niche you have to get some experience in internet marketing or digital marketing because you will be serving as a mentor or coach to people who read your posts. This niche is not a demanding niche only here in Ghana but worldwide. 

And will be in existence forever since human beings can not do away with money and everyone’s main priority is to make money.

To start a Make Money Online niche blog is very simple and easy, All you need is to be consistent, smart, Hardworking and love learning new stuff. With good keyword targeting and planning you can get lots of traffic and even rank high for some keywords in other African countries and if you are lucky worldwide Google search results. 

Unlike some of the news Blogs, with Make Money Online Niche, you have to make a lot of researches and learn yourself in other to be updated and provide your readers with the information they need. You can even have a mentor You will learn from or read from to help you make your blog posts.

#NB: A pro tip is to search for make money online websites in Ghana, Pick a relevant keyword that is giving your competitors websites lots of traffic. Get a Keyword planning tool online like SEM RUSH, Ahrefs or MOZ. And start writing articles about this keyword too, But you have to choose the right keywords in other to rank a bit high with your low authority website.

Target keywords that have high search volumes but low competition in other to rank high in Google search results since your newly created website don’t have any page authority or backlinks.

Examples of Make Money Website:   Bronze Review

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3. Music Niche:

Another Niche here in Ghana that gets lots of searches in Ghana here is music blogs.  Some blogs in this niche get over 1Million visits a month. In Ghana, 90% of people here love to download free music. Whenever we hear a track and find it to be nice, we just hop on Google and search for its free download. I know you do that and I also do that too lol……

To start a music blog you have to be a music lover. When I say a music lover I don’t mean someone who loves a single artiste but someone who loves good music, someone who loves everybody.

With this niche blog, you also have to be active on almost all the social media platforms, share links to your website anytime you post new music. And with this to rank high in Google search results you have to post old music that people will love to download but it is not available for them to download.

With this strategy you will be getting a small amount of traffic and Google will notice your website as time goes on. By doing this and also posting new music addition you will be ranking high in Google search results in no time.

#NB: These types of blogs will be outmoded in the mere future because artists would love to make money from people not by attending their shows only but by streaming their music. This will make some of these acts illegal. 

So my advice is to create a music blog and add entertainment news and even sports news or Technology updates so in case anything like that happens in the mere future you switch your blog mainly to the new updates. With this, you will maintain your Backlinks, website authority and the time and money you have spent on your blog.

An Example Of Music Blogs: HitzghGhanamotionCraterHub etc

4. Education Niche :

Education Blogs also are blogs that do not trend always in Ghana but do trend occasionally. They are part of the niches that will exist forever, The reason is, as human beings we can never stop learning because without learning one can never acquire any skill or knowledge.

 With this type of blog, you can be teaching people or I will say your visitors some special skills or even be a mentor or a coach. The educational niche is also one of the most profitable niches in the world.

I also own an educational niche website which Is also an affiliate website, My main aim in creating that blog is to help people find the right courses for themselves and also recommend the best education platforms they can study online and get certified.

A website Like Mine I am targeting both Ghanaian readers and foreign readers.  Getting into this niche you can also start by targeting Ghanaian readers and then signup some affiliate networks and move internationally.

Just like the Make Money Online niche with the education niche, you can also target relevant keywords that are getting tons of traffic but websites ranking for those keywords have low website authority.

Examples Of Educational Blogs: GHstudents etc

5. Travelling Niche:

I know you have come across lot’s of travelling websites online. Travelling blogs are blogs that introduce you to places and adventures you never know existed. With the travelling niche, you will be blogging about interesting places people find interesting and would love to visit.

To start this kind of blog you have to have a passion for travelling and discovering new places, This will make writing about them a bit easy for you. Ghana is blessed with lots of tourist sites like castles, Kakum national park and other national parks. You can start blogging about them and even foreign tourist centres, hotels and others.

Travelling niche blogs is also very profitable when managed well and is getting good traffic. Targeting Keywords and taking your SEO practices serious is the main way to get your website ranking high for some relevant keywords although it has a low page authority.

You can monetize your travelling blog by joining affiliate networks and referring people to book flights and book hotels in cities and places you recommend for them to visit on their holidays and vacations. You can also monetize it with Google ads and many more.

Examples of Travel niche Blogs: Travelpayouts Blog, Travelcroc  etc

To conclude, Although there are more than 5 niches in the world the above-mentioned ones are those that would work for a new blog without any website authority here in Ghana. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme, but it takes precious time.

 Targeting relevant keywords and taking your SEO practices serious both ON and OFF Page SEO. It would take you 2 to 6 months to make your blog more relevant online, get tons of traffic and start ranking page 1 for every keyword you write an article about.


Michael Rashaan is a webmaster and co-founder of Kbroda Groups. I currently hold a double major degree in Information science and Political science. During my Information science days at the university, I got enlightened more on how vital and powerful information is to human and businesses. As an information science graduate, I love to give out information that seems important for free through my research-oriented blog posts. Another part of me is, I also love to give back to the society, even though I don’t have much. This has made me develop the habit of writing and publishing. I see this to be the little role I play to make the society better. Contact me on

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