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This is a brief review of the new Itel S16 Pro smartphone. This review covers every aspect you need to know about the Itel S16 Pro, Its specifications, price, and stores you can buy yours at an affordable and reasonable price.

Just as said earlier, this review has everything covered in brief, glance attentively to unlock everything about the Itel S16 Pro.

Itel S16 Pro Review

The Itel S16 Pro is one of the most celebrated smartphones of Itel Mobile. And it is popular in African countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria and other southern countries in Africa from Google search query.

 The smartphone is powered by a 4000 mAh Li-ion non-removable battery that also doesn’t support fast charging. Just like other Itel smartphones the S16 Pro also has a long-lasting battery life, which is said that it will last at least 3 days when fully charged and it’s on standby.

The S16 Pro runs an Android 10 operating system and Octa-core 4×1.6 GHz, Cortex-A55 in other to enhance the device’s processing and performance. For the aspect of its network and connectivity, the Itel S16 Pro supports GSM / HSPA / LTE and others like GPS, BT, WIFI (HOTSPOT) and others.

It comes with sensors like the;

  1. Face ID unlock feature
  2. Finger Print Unlock
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Gyro
  5. Proximity
  6. Compass

Also, it comes in two different colours thus; Black and Blue. This makes the S16 Pro looks suave and more than attractive to handle. It has a non-scratch glass screen and a plastic back too.

In-depth of its display and features, we will start with its display screen size which is Scratch Resistance Glass Screen 6.6 Inch, its Weight – 164g and its Screen or Display Resolution – 720 x 1600pix, lastly it is a touchscreen.

For its camera and video quality, we will say it’s average because it was released in 2020. Most phone released in 2020 or even early 2020 has quality camera and specs when compared to the Itel S16 Pro.

The Itel S16 Pro comes with a Front or selfie camera that is – 8MP and a Rear (Triple) camera – 13 MP + 2 MP + 3.0 MP. Its camera has features like the Panorama and Flash Led and the Video quality is said to be – 1080 Pixel 30 fps.

And from the specifications listed above, you now know why we said it is average. But it can take nice pictures in favourable weather which is “not always”.

We will also classify its storage as average too. To compare with other brands of smartphones released in 2020, the ROM and RAM of the Itel S16 Pro are average or even below average. This is because there are lots of updates which makes it important to have at least enough RAM to prevent one’s smartphone from slowing down. (Nobody likes or loves a slow smartphone)

Even though you have an external storage slot to top-up your original space given to you. The Itel S16 Pro comes with a ROM of 32GB and a RAM of 2GB.

You can multitask on this smartphone but not too much else your phone might start slowing down or even some apps can shutdown automatically by themselves.

Lastly, for its gaming aspect, we are not 100% certain but we will not recommend the S16 Pro to game lovers. This does not mean you can not play games with it No! You can, but you have to consider the game’s specs like graphics and others. 

We will recommend this smartphone to every Itel Smartphone lover both students and workers.

Key Specifications Of The Itel S16 Pro

Below are all the vital specifications of the Itel S16 Pro you need to know.


  1. September 2020


  1. Android 10
  2. Octa-core 4×1.6 GHz 
  3. Cortex-A55 


  1. GSM / HSPA / LTE


  1. Scratch Resistance Glass Screen
  2. Display Size –  6.6 Inch
  3. Weight  –  164g
  4. Screen Resolution  –  720 x 1600pix
  5. Touchscreen


  1. 4000 mAh Li-ion battery
  2. Non-removable
  3. Doesn’t Support Fast Charging


  1. Front or Selfie Camera  – 8 MP
  2. Rear Camera (Triple)  –  13 MP + 2 MP + 3.0 MP
  3. Panorama/Flash Led
  4. Video  – 1080 Pixel 30 fps


  1. 32 GB
  2. 2GB
  3. Supports external Storage (SD card Slot)
  4. External storage Limit 64GB


  1. Face Unlock
  2. Fingerprint Unlock 
  3. Accelerometer
  4. Gyro
  5. Proximity
  6. Compass


  1. Black 
  2. Blue


  1. Loud Speaker
  2. BT
  3. WIFI
  5. GPS
Itel S16 Pro Mobile Phone
Image Credit: Itel Mobile

How Much Is The Itel S16 Pro in Cameroon

The prices listed below may vary in different stores put there because of lots of reasons. It might either be high because this is the officially released price when the S16 Pro got to the market. 

But its demand goes down slowly as new smartphones are been released and the same way the prices might decrease too.

But then, we will list at least three (3) different stores where you can get yours at a reasonable and quality-price without breaking any sweat.

The official price of the Itel S16 Pro in Cameroon is 43334.00XAF approximately

The price of the Itel S16 Pro in Nigeria Is N 33,000.00approximately

The Officially released price of the Itel S16 Pro is $81

Where To Buy The Itel S16 Pro in Cameroon

After this brief review, we hope every reader is okay and now willing or certain to buy the Itel S16 Pro. The fastest and safest way to buy the new Itel S16 Pro in 2021 is to purchase it at any of the listed shops and online stores below.

Even if you have a tight schedule does not matter. All that is needed is for you to visit any of these trusted online stores and make your purchase and wait for it to be delivered to you or even visit their shops by yourself and purchase your S16 Pro without any long process.

Those living in areas where delivery cannot go on or are not safe can also visit the listed below shops and get theirs at affordable prices and high quality.

But then, We’ll suggest buying online to prevent any misfortunes and save enough time and money for yourself.

Buying in these online stores or shop is secure to the extent that, they have put in place laws and offers that is going to favour every individual willing to shop at their premises.

Some of these options are, you can choose to make payment of the product you are willing to purchase on delivery. Or you can also choose to first make payment and then wait for the phone to be delivered to you.

You can also purchase stuff you want to buy along with your mobile phone like Quality power banks, USB cords, Chargers, Phone batteries, Phone covers, Screen protectors, Android and Apple Air pods, Phone stickers.

Below are some of the stores you can purchase your Itel S16 Pro from in Cameroun and Nigeria 2021.

1. Jumia:

Jumia is an online e-commerce platform where almost half of buying and selling online in Africa goes on. They are available in both Cameroon and Nigeria and not only in these countries but other African countries like Ghana, Mozambique, Kenya and many others.

Shopping on Jumia, all you have to do is to visit their official website and navigate to the page of the item you are willing to buy and then check them out and make the necessary payment you have to. 

You can choose to pick up these items by yourself in other to cut down the delivery cost at any of their nearest shops or you can choose to get it delivered to your doorstep. 

You are allowed to execute any of these options you find favourable or simple.

Also Jumia, also have favourable payment gateways in which is going to favour both residents in Nigeria and Cameroon. You can also buy your Itel S16 Pro with ease here in Africa.


2. Slot Systems: (For Residents In Nigeria Only)

Slot systems are said to be the leading retail company for affordable smartphones, computers, accessories and other types of electronics. And there are currently available in Nigeria, so we will recommend them to residents in Nigeria.

Their website is not complicated and can be easy to be accessed with ease. They are just like Jumia which is available in Cameroon and Nigeria. But for Slot Systems they deal with electronics only.

You can choose to buy your Itel S16 Pro by visiting their shop 2B Medical Road, Ikeja Lagos or hop on their official website and then order your S16 Pro. For the payment methods, they have payment gateways that are going to favour every resident in Nigeria.

Remember those willing to buy it online and get it delivered, you can choose to buy your Itel S16 Pro and get it delivered to you or you can choose to make payment on delivery.


3. eBay:

Just like Jumia, Amazon, Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms, eBay is also an e-commerce platform where you can purchase your Itel S16 Pro in Nigeria or Cameroon. The eBay platform was originally started in the U.S and they are also the owners of Paypal.

Here, what you have to do is to just find any Itel S16 Pro that is on sale on their platform and then make payment and then wait for shipment. eBay ships to almost all countries in the world.

And this is a method we will recommend for both residents in Nigeria and Cameroon


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