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iTel S15 Pro Specifications & Price In Ghana 2023

iTel S15 Pro Specs & Price In Ghana, Cameroon & Nigeria 2022-2023

Image Credit: itel mobile

This is a review of one of itel mobile’s popular and widely recognized smartphones released in the year 2019-2020. This article entails everything about the itel s15 Pro Specs & Price currently.

iTel S15 Pro Review

The itel S15 Pro was the next smartphone released by itel mobile after the s15 was released. Just like the s15 the S15 Pro also received massive popularity in most west African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and many others.

The itel S15 Pro runs a 4G LTE which makes connectivity and everything faster. With its 2GB RAM and octa-core 1.6GHz processor, as well as an AndroidTM 9 Pie operating system. Just like th S15, the S15 Pro also comes with a high power management system.

It also comes with a 3000mAh battery. And it’s said to last for 39hours when fully charged and it’s in normal use. This means the S15 Pro can last for almost a day and a half when it’s in normal use.

It has dual security protection thus, face unlock and a fingerprint unlock that protects the privacy of its user.

The S15 Pro adopts an elegant waterdrop fullscreen design. With the 2.5D glass covering, its slight curvature at the edge of the glass display makes the screen more exquisite and comfortable for one-hand operation. The 19.5:9 display allows you to see more, enjoy a bigger vision when watching videos or playing games.(Source itel S15Pro page)

In combination with a large 2.0µm 4-in-1 Big Pixel and the softer screen flash, itel S15 Pro makes your self-portrait looks perfect and shiny in low light.

Reveals natural beauty with the help of its AI Face Beauty which has an algorithm that identifies face features, skin tone and environment lighting to bring out unique beauty and Professional Shot with AI Triple Camera.

The 8MP main camera helps to capture clear photos while the assistant cameras create bokeh effects and detect the scenario in order to output a perfect shot. The AI scenario detection function supports up to 12 different scenarios, including portrait, food, flower, pets and texts, Etc. .(Source itel S15Pro page)

It has an internal memory that is 16/32GB and can also be expanded to 128GB and 2GB RAM. Which is enough to help prevent the smartphone from slowing down anytime it’s performing a multitask function.

The S15 Pro come in a refreshing and charming gradient colour like S15. Unlike the S15 that comes in three different colours, the S15Pro comes in a single colour thus, gradient Dark Purple. Which is said to be inspired by magical nature.

Lastly, for its gaming abilities, we can not assure our readers but from the specs of the S15 PRO, we will say it can run some games smoothly without slowing it down and shutting down unexpectedly.

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Key Specifications Of The iTel s15 Pro

Below is a summary of the most vital specifications every mobile phone lover would love to know about a smartphone phone before purchasing.

Date Released
August 2019

Operating System
Quad-core 1.6GHz
AndroidTM 9 Pie


6.088″ HD
IPS Waterdrop FullScreen


Front Camera 16MP
Rear Camera 8.0MP
AI Face Beauty 3.0

Face Unlock
Finger Print Unlock


Gradation Dark Purple

Common Features
FM Radio
Wifi / Hotspot

Image Credit: itel mobile (S15 Preo)

Price Of The iTel s15 Pro

The price of the itel s15 pro might vary on the market now depending on where it’s purchased. The official price of the itel s15 Pro when it was released was $80-100.
What we mean here is, from $80 to $100 it may vary. In the same way, the price in store and online may also vary.
But prices we will be listing below is the likely price you would get in the three above mentioned countries.
The price of the itel s15 Pro in Ghana is GHC 450 to 550.00 only
The price of the itel s15 Pro in Nigeria is 40,000 to 42,000 naira
The price of the itel s15 Pro in Cameroon is 60,000 to 65,000 CFA only

Where To Buy Your iTel s15 Pro

The itel s15 Pro can be ordered online and delivered to your various homes. Also, it is available in almost all mobile phone stores because of its public acceptance.
For individuals willing to purchase the itel s15 Pro online, we recommend you check out these worldwide accepted online stores and order yours right away;

  1. Amazon
  2. Jumia (Residents in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon)
  3. eBay
  4. SLOT (Residents in Nigeria)
  5. Telefonika (Residents in Ghana)

You want to purchase your itel s15 Pro by yourself right? check out these recognized and accepted stores;

  1. Franko Trading Enterprise (Residents in Ghana)
  2. Freddies Corner (Residents in Ghana)
  3. Jumia
  4. SLOT (For Residents in Nigeria)

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