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How YouTubers In Ghana (AFRICA) Make Money 2022-2023

How YouTubers In Ghana (AFRICA) Make Money 2021-2022

How YouTubers In Ghana (AFRICA) Make Money, 2022-2023. In this article, we are going to enlighten our readers with some 5 simple ways YouTubers In Ghana make money from YouTube.

And You also can start these simple strategies and start making some bucks from YouTube at the end of every month.

The YouTube business is not a get rich scheme, that is what many people do not know. To make it as a YouTuber here in a country like Ghana, you have to put in a lot of work and come out with some genius content all the time.

This is because in Ghana here, apart from Musicians like Sarkodie, Stonebowy, Shatta Wale and some other new artistes bussing it. It is very difficult to even get 500K views on YouTube. 

YouTubers go through a lot of struggles and in this article I am going to show you some ways they make money once they gain their online presence.

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How Much YouTubers Make From YouTube Video Views

YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world just like other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. With YouTube, you will be paid a certain amount after your YouTube channel is monetized on YouTube.

You will be getting paid from YouTube advertising clicks and also Your video views. So with this, all you need to do is to get great quality content in other to build your online presence.

YouTube Pays $18 for 1,000 views on every video and between $2000 to $5000 from 1million views.

You can use the Table of Contents below to navigate and read this article with ease.

1. By YouTube Ads:

Almost all Ghanaian YouTubers monetize their channel with YouTube Ads, like how bloggers do with Google Ads. Once you are building your online presence day by day, you can choose to monetize your YouTube channel by allowing YouTube to show their advertising ads on your channel. 

We all see these Ads anytime we watch videos on YouTube. Before a monetized YouTube channel real video will play, the first video that shows up is the Ad. In some cases, if the video is long, something like an interview, There will be Ads popping up several times as you watch the video.

This is like Ads you see on other social media platforms, once ads shown on your channels get a click you are paid some specific amount like how Google Pay bloggers $0.1–0.18 per single click on every ad shown.

To be eligible in other for YouTube to run their advertising Ads on your channel, you have to get at least a thousand subscribers.

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2. By Creating Sponsored videos:

Here once the YouTuber personally makes a video to promote a product as an advertiser or like an ambassador. Well known YouTubers like ZionFelix, Kwaku Manu, GhPage and many others, always show their personal advertisement.

This is different from YouTube Ads, Once you build your online presence day by day providing good content and getting tons of views, businesses and individuals will approach you for several sponsorship deals.

Thus, You will be posting a video talking about their offers and services in your videos. Some channels promote more than three different businesses in the same video. This when the video is long like interviews, there will numerous breaks and all the breaks will be used to advertise a business or offer they are providing.

 Some YouTube even becomes a brand ambassador for a particular business. Sign contracts with them, start promoting them in your videos as they load your bank account with money… 

How does this sound?….. It sounds easy, right?  But for something like this to happen, you have to build your online presence and have a large audience that these businesses will see the worth of getting into a contract with you.

An example is Teacher Kwadwo doing several advertisements in his videos for a Company like Kpok3K3 and Shatta Wale doing several advertisements for Infinix Ghana.

3. Promoting Affiliate Products:

If you are planning to be a YouTuber here in Ghana or you have yet to decide on what content you should create and the niche you should pick, I will advise you to promote affiliate products.

This is method is going to work for both genders.  Affiliate marketing on YouTube is very broad but in this article, I will summarize and make the vital points clear and brief as usual.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people and businesses products and offers as an affiliate.  Here you will be given a unique URL in which the vendor/merchant will track all your sales and leads. 

With affiliate marketing, you will earn a commission whenever you make a sale. Every sale will be tracked perfectly without any cheating.

Affiliate marketing is simple but takes a lot of time, dedication, and consistency to build your online presence, just like being a YouTuber.

So with this, you will be promoting other people and businesses products for them and earning commissions anytime someone makes a purchase and when they watch your uploaded videos. With this method, you would be killing two birds with one stone.

The reason I am saying this is whiles you are getting paid as an affiliate, YouTube will also be paying your video views. There are lots of affiliate programs you can join here in Ghana and start getting paid easily.

But my Pro tip I will give anyone who finds this idea convincing and want to practice is to join both foreign and local affiliate programs. Some of these affiliate networks are; 

1. Amazon associates
2. eBay Affiliate
3. Jumia Affiliate.

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4. Selling their own Stuff:

YouTuber sometimes make merches and sell them to their fans and followers. They drop the link to the description of their video and then the interested ones get to buy them. 

Another example is working as a freelancer to help other businesses build their brand online, help people set up their businesses online or even help them learn some petty skills like cooking, making liquid soaps and Ice creams etc.

Some create a website and drop the link to their website in the description or webinar class in the description.  The interested ones will book or save a spot for themselves and visit this class or webinar when its time.

Once they teach them something small they then add them to their community and sell them their online courses, e-books, recipes or other stuff created by themselves.

#NB:  This is also just like affiliate marketing, once they get paid by YouTube for the views of their videos they also get the platform to get customers and sell them their services and offers created by their selves.

Some also build an email list and start email marketing. Once they get the emails, they can send them continuous offers and promotions they are rendering.

5. Through Donation:

Some YouTubers also make money from Donations, just like how some bloggers do get donations from their blog readers and visitors. In Ghana here, it is not all that popular, but some people do it.

In countries like the USA and other countries in Europe, almost 55% of YouTubers accept or receive donations. This is not begging. Because big website like Wikipedia makes over $70 million a year accepts donation, how much more a Ghanaian citizen not to talk much to a YouTuber. 

This is when their contents and videos are interactive, and I will say change people live in different ways. An example is motivational videos, make money online videos, comedies etc.

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