How To Write A Straight Admission Approval Statement Of Purpose

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Graduates and students seeking to further their education for or scholarships mostly do write a statement of purpose. Just like most advisors say, your SOP is a representation of yourself when your application is being scrutinized by the admission board.

At the moment you probably won’t be around and your statement of purpose is what’s going to defend you. And at the end of the day, have an influence in whether you’ll be getting admission to your dream school or scholarships. This article will go straight to the point on enlightening you on how to write a winning statement of purpose. And also, throw some light on how long as in words and paragraphs a professional SOP should have.

Today, as technology is taking over every industry in the world now. It is doing the same in the education industry, now new chatbots and AI software can write statement of purpose for its users in minutes or even seconds once the needed information is being provided to them.

It is good to use AI bots to ease off work sometimes, I myself tried writing some part of my statement of purposes for my graduate school application with AI. I somehow loved the structure and some details in it. But later realized it is a fully plagiarized SOP, which is somehow bad for an academia. You remember way back in school lecturers always use Turnitin to check plagiarism on common assignments, that’s not a big deal.

Statement of purposes mostly do come with prerequisites. Thus, mostly you are given some set of instructions on how your SOP should go.  Most academic organizations want applicants seeking admission to write an SOP that includes, the preferred program they are willing to study, their academic and professional background including work experience, why they think such program and school is the best choice for them, dreams and preferred career path after the program.

From what’s mentioned earlier, they want you to summarize almost everything in that SOP of yours. Mostly, statement of purpose are not to exceed 500-700 or let’s say a page or two pages. Here, your effort will let them know if you’re or will be a good candidate for them.

Some key things you should know writing a SOP.

1. Do not start your SOP with a problem statement:

Although it’s currently the popular style of writing SOP, but it’s a no!. Do not begin like this in your SOP’s. “I go by the name Ricky Jones and I hereby submit and interest in studying or pursue MS in Information systems”.

Always bear in mind that a good introduction is the key. And starting your SOP well will definitely make the reader stick around till the final end of your SOP.

2. Try to be more detailed about your self. (Your academic back and professional background. And if there is a switch, try to give vivid reasons for such decision of yours):

After your intro you’ll probably have to provide your academic background and if you are there you think some courses taken in during your undergraduate studies are quite convincing, try to mention some of them here and let your reader know how those mentioned courses connect to your preferred course you’re willing to study this time around.

Also, if it’s a work of some experiences after your period of study, list them. This can be a good reason for a switch in study. Here, you can include all your work experience, including internships and volunteer works taken. Lastly, if you have taken any competitive MOOC thus, massive open online courses, you should do well to include them.

Mostly, MOOCs in your preferred area of studies is a good option. You can take some of these online courses from respected online educational platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Cisco, and many others out there.

3.  Now give some valid reasons why you think that course or scholarship is of big interest to you:

Here, to write a perfect one, we recommend you write with passion. A particular one from the soul. Remember, good SOP’s don’t only give admissions sometimes. Individuals with good ones sometimes bag huge scholarships as well as assistantship sometimes.

4. Touch on your career goals and your plans after the program, and end it:

After everything, you should also enlighten your reader your plans and career goals after your study or even after you’re given that scholarship of your choice. This is also another important section, because that scholarship or program become so important to you when you know what you want in the mere future.

And knowing what you want to become years to come, writing an SOP won’t be a problem. Since it will be one out of passion and will be a good representation of yourself and what you actually want.

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How To Write a Winning Statement of Purpose In Minutes

Although, coming up with that winning SOP can take weeks, sometimes months. Sometimes, time won’t be at your side and this guide here is to help you with the smart way to write a winning SOP in minutes if you do not have a budget for that. Let’s get into how to get this done.

1. We suggest you use an AI bot:

All SOPs come with instructions on how they should be written. Kindly, copy these instructions and paste them in your AI chat, and then wait for the bot to come out with your SEO. Copy that SOP and the paste that same instructions to two other AI bots for them to write different SOP’s on your behalf.

Now copy these SOP’s and try to edit them all by joining them together. Thus cutting and pasting. What’s best is you remove some parts and write them yourself.

2. Now Rephrase your final SOP:

Just as we mentioned earlier in academia, Plagiarism is something like a crime and its honestly not tolerated. Kindly hop on Google and then find a couple rephrasing website and then rephrase your SOP.

3. Now Finalize your SOP:

At this stage, after the rephrasing, kindly do well to make changes in the SOP by yourself it make it look more human than it was previously.

4.  Now hop on plagiarism softwares or websites to check the plagiarism score of your SOP:

Your SOP should have a less plagiarism score. Something below 10% is best and look more professional. Kindly try different plagiarism detectors online since they all are programmed differently. Meaning, a software glance will at least help you identify something or suggest to you some sort of changes to make somewhere.

Recommended plagiarism checkers like Turnitin etc…

5. Finally, give or send out your SOP to at least two-three friends to have a glance through it and then listen to their feedback:

Try to make changes if they request one and you think it’s necessary, too. You’re done, you can proceed to send your SOP to complete your application and trust me you’ll be in a good stance after that processes it passed through.

In conclusion, always remember your statement of purpose is a representation of yourself in front of the admission board. Also, a winning SOP should be well written grammatically with paragraphs. As mentioned earlier, an SOP should be 500 words, and sometimes more.

And should be a page or two. And above that will be classified as too much. Always remember to be a bit detailed and concise in or explanation and details give in your SOP’s.

If you think all the above-mentioned is somehow rigorous, you can contact writing firms to get it done for you at a fee. For individuals interested in contacting writing service companies to help them get their statement of purpose done on their behalf, you can check out or previous article on the list of best writing service companies on the internet now.


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