How To Withdraw Money From PayPal To Vodafone Cash

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In this guide, you will be discovering an easy and smart way to withdraw money from your PayPal Account to Your Vodafone Cash wallet in Ghana. This is a controversial question I see lots of people ask all the time. If you have been wanting this procedure, then this guide is for you.

In order to make this happen, you have to be very, very smart, Because we won’t be withdrawing the money straight to your Vodafone Cash wallet. That can not happen, But then we will pass through some little process, and then we will get the money in our Vodafone Wallet.

This procedure is for those who have money in their PayPal account, have not verified it by linking a Visa or Debit Card. This preventing them from withdrawing their own money.
Let’s get into these procedures.

How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To Voda Cash In Ghana

Steps Involved To Withdraw From PayPal To Vodafone Cash Wallet

As said earlier, this is a not all that long process, but will seem long to you when you are new. But then as said in order to perform this procedure you have to be very, very smart else your money will be stolen by a scammer. You have to be vigilant and don’t trust anything you come across on the internet.

1. Get a Paxful account : (Or any P2P platform that have paxful and mobile money in the mode of payment)
Paxful is a well-known website that is used worldwide. Here, what you will be doing on Paxful is we will create an account and then buy bitcoin with the money in your PayPal account.

This is simple and easy, Paxful has an escrow system that prevent bitcoin scams. And once you feel you are being cheated on, You can form a dispute and paxful support team will make sure they settle the dispute and award the bitcoin to the owner.

3. Buy Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency available on there:
Here you will buy any crypto with the money in your PayPal account and then choose your payment method to be PayPal. After that, get into a trade with any vendor and make payment required payment.

More on making payment, Here you do not have to worry because as you request buying from a vendor on paxful, their crypto will be held by a system called escrow. So they can’t prove stubborn to you. Once they receive payment, they will issue the release of crypto into your account.

If you encounter any misunderstanding with anybody on there, just file a dispute and the coins will be held and released to the rightful owner after intervention of the paxful support team.

4. After you have bought your coin, you now have to sell your crypto for cash:
Here you just have to sell the crypto you bought and then select the local money transfer medium you want to receive your money. Since the guide is about Vodafone cash, we select Vodafone cash as payment method.

Receiving Payment Into Your Vodafone Cash Wallet

Continuing from where we reached earlier in the guide;

1. Get into another trade:

Here, try to be very smart. This because the little mistake you make, a rascal take your money. Because of these local Nigerian and Ghanaian scammers. Provide your phone number you want to receive the payment on it and the full name you used to register your Vodafone cash.

And tell the buyer to send the money to that number, and also verify that name first before he or she sends the money.

2. Wait for alerts before you release bitcoin:

Some scammers can send fake alerts, and some do not even send the money at all. Those people will be pressuring you to release the coin. Be patient and trade wisely. Check the alert and verify by yourself and see whether it is a valid alert.

Even if time is by your side, check your account balance before you release any coin. Always remember either MTN Momo, Tigo Cash and Vodafone Cash do not support replies. Here be smart, that’s all.

3. After you follow all these process, your money in your PayPal account will finally get to your Vodafone Cash wallet account simply with ease. Even though some charges may reduce the amount, the main aim has been reached.

NB: To take this process, you have to be smart, else your money will be stolen by scammers on there. Almost all P2P platform have fraudsters and scammers on there. This is because crypto transferred can’t be neither traced nor reversed.

And the best part about this is if the rte of your purchase crypto is low, You’ll have lots of them. You can use it as an investment or wait for it price to rise and then sell it. But remember, cryptocurrencies are fragile, be very careful on how you choose to invest in them.

To conclude, this is the simple way to withdraw money from your PayPal to your Vodafone cash wallet in Ghana. This is an easy and simple method. What you just need is to be a bit smart to get everything done.

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Disclaimer: This guide is written and published for educational purpose only. We do not give a guarantee that it’s going to work 100%. We won’t also be responsible for any financial loss. Furthermore, we suggest every reader on here agrees with our disclaimer.


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