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How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To MTN Mobile Money 2021-2022

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How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To MTN Mobile Money 2021-2022. Have you ever asked yourself such a question before?

This is a guide that is going to enlighten you with three (3) working and easy procedures in which you can withdraw or get your Paypal funds into your MTN mobile money.

PayPal is not available in lots of countries in Africa. And also, some African countries that have PayPal also have some limits or restrictions. Some can withdraw and deposit others can deposit but cannot withdraw, others too can neither withdraw nor deposit.

Examples of some of these countries are Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon etc. You may ask “Can I withdraw my Paypal funds straight into my MTN mobile money account straight?” 

The answer is NO!!!

Can’t be done straight, you can withdraw your Paypal funds from Paypal to MTN mobile money but you have to pass through some little processes before your funds will get into your mobile money wallet. (Third-party websites)

This is because MTN mobile money wallet cannot be linked to Paypal and even some of these local banks too. This is going to make it impossible to withdraw money straight from Paypal to your momo wallet.

In this guide, we are going to enlighten our readers with Three (3) working and tested steps in which you can withdraw your Paypal funds to MTN mobile money.

These are 100% working procedures but you also have to be cautioned because your money will be passing through third party sites. Be cautioned because the internet is not safe and cannot be trusted 100%

How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To MTN Mobile Money 2021-2022

Now if you agree let’s get into these three simple steps.;

Below are the three (3) simple steps in which you can withdraw your funds from Paypal to your momo wallet.

1. From Paypal To Coincola or Paxful to Mobile money wallet:

Here you will be buying either bitcoin or other digital currencies with your funds and then selling these digital currencies to local buyers on the platform to get paid through your MTN mobile money wallet. (We will explain and drop the steps below)

How To Withdraw Money From Paypal To MTN Mobile Money 2021-2022

2. From Paypal To Bank To Mobile money wallet:

With this procedure, you will be withdrawing your Paypal funds through the Visa card option and then getting them into your bank account. After that your transfer it into your MTN mobile money wallet through mobile banking.

There are banks whose Visa cards can be linked to Paypal, we will list them all below as we explain this point. And also to finalize this option you have to be registered on mobile banking.

Most banks in Ghana, Nigeria etc do this… you can visit your bank and then register it too.

3. Sell Funds:

Here you will be selling your funds to third-party websites or even friends. Here you have to be very very very cautioned! Else you will lose that money of yours easily to some riffraff.

Individuals that work online as Shoppers, Bloggers, Affiliate marketers, digital marketers etc always buy Paypal funds to pay for services, buy online, run advertisements and many more.

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1. From Paypal To Paxful or Binance to Mobile money wallet:

Here you will be buying digital currency first and then selling it on there. The popular digital currency we all know is bitcoin so we will be using it as an example in this guide.

And also in this step, we will be using Paxful. But you can also use Binance it is just like Paxful but Paxful is a bit more popular than it is. I personally use both, so you can choose any of them you want too.

To trade on Paxful what you will need is;

I. Valid Email address

II. Valid Phone number (Virtual phone numbers are not accepted)

III. Full Name and Passwords

IV.  You can choose to verify your account by adding your National ID, Passport, Drivers license etc. (Note: this is optional)

How To Create A Paxful Account 2021-2022

1. Hop on Paxful Official Website

2. Click on sign-up and Fill-in valid and necessary info

3. Submit your info and your account will be created successfully.

4. Now Log-in and then verify your Mobile money. (Do that by clicking on your profile and editing all the info there including your auto-name generated)

NB: Without your phone number verified you cannot get into a trade or buy and sell on Paxful. So make sure you have a valid phone number.

How To Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcash On Paxful With Paypal Funds 2021-2022

1. Hop on Paxful Official Website:

Check the website well make sure you don’t log in to a fake site or Phishing website. Very important!

2. Log-in Your Account:

Make sure you remember your account log-ins

3. Click on Buy on the top menu :

You will find the menu at the top left corner of your screen even if you are using a mobile phone, desktop or laptop.

4. Select Payment option:

You have to select your payment option as “Paypal”. Because you will be paying with Paypal funds.

5. Search For available sellers:

Here, check through the offers, and start trade with a vendor you see his/her profile as legit. (Remember there are fakes on there!.

My advice is to first glance through the vendor’s profile before you start to trade with him or her. At least he/she have to have 1000+ trades).

Also, some vendors want you to send money though “family and friends” option. Be cautioned when doing that, this is because money sent on PayPal through “family and friends” option can not be reversed.

6. Take the Vendor’s PayPal email address and then forward the money to him/her. If you can take a screenshot when you are done and then forward it to him/her in your chat for him to verify his account balance.

7. Here once he/she confirms the payment he will release the bitcoin in your account.

Here First Part is done! Let’s move to the second part

1. Click on the Menu button on your and select sell bitcoin:

Where you first found the buy, you will also find the sell option too.

2. Select MTN mobile money as the option to receive your funds:

Here since you want to get paid through your MTN momo, you will have to select MTN mobile money.

3. Get into trade once again with a buyer:

This time it’s a buyer, not a trader. Provide your MTN mobile money details for him/her to send the money to you.

Here be cautioned don’t fall for pranks or fake alerts. Take your time and check very well because Paxful’s escrow system will be holding your bitcoin so be very very comfortable and check if the alert is valid.

If it is, the release of bitcoin to the buyer. Just like the other trader release your bitcoins to you.


Remember there are fraudsters and scammers on both Paxful and Binance be very careful so you don’t fall into any of their traps.

1. Don’t trade outside with anyone you meet on Paxful. Trade on there alone to prevent yourself from these fraudsters.

2. Do not click on any link they send you in chat, in the process of selling or buying. These are phishing websites that can still your logins.

3. Don’t worry if you feel cheated report or form a dispute with Paxful’s team they will resolve it and give the bitcoin to the owner.

4. Remember to follow the above steps and be smart in other not to fall into these scam traps.

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2. From Paypal To Bank To Mobile Money Wallet:

With this option, you will be adding visa cards to your Paypal account and then withdrawing the funds. Remember your account has to have the withdrawal function else it is not going to work.

So we suggest you create your Paypal account using Lesotho because they are one of the countries in Africa that can do both deposit and withdrawal on Paypal.

Below are some of the banks in Ghana that you can link their visa and debit cards to your Paypal account;

1. United Bank Of Africa (Afri-Card)

2. Stanbic Bank

3. Barclays Bank

4. Zenith Bank

5. Standard Chartered

NB: You have to first make inquiries at these banks before you get their cards, either Visa or debit card. Just to prevent you from wasting money and will also help you ask all your preferred questions in mind.

With a debit or visa card from a bank that can be linked to Paypal, you are good to go. You then follow the below steps.

1. Log in to Your Paypal Account.

2. Navigate to Your Menu to Select Withdraw option

3. Follow the steps accordingly and then wait for confirmation or withdrawal notification

After completing this procedure;

You will have to be registered on mobile banking. With mobile banking, you can make bank transactions on your mobile phone at any place of your comfort.

You will then have to withdraw the money into your MTN mobile money wallet.

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3. Sell Funds To Friends And Third Party Websites:

You can sell your Paypal funds to your friends especially those that work online. Like affiliate marketers, digital marketers, bloggers and many others. People buy funds because they can not link any visa or debit card to their account.

But you have to be cautioned, involved in this activity the person might either be a scammer who is going to take the funds but not pay or going to use that money of yours to send to him/her to perform fraudulent activities online.

I personally don’t recommend this procedure that much but you can choose it if you know this individual or have some trust.

Also, you can sell your funds to Third-party websites and get paid through MTN mobile money. Some of these websites are Forex traders, bureaus etc. But verify to know if they are legit first.

Some of these websites are;

1. Anasmotek

2. BayGh

3. EXPal

4. GH.Loozap

5. Ewalletgh

NB: We are not saying they are legit! Please run some background checks on them before you try to get into business with them.

To conclude, in this article we emphasized the three (3) procedures which you can use to withdraw your Paypal funds to MTN mobile money in 2021-2022.

You can drop your questions and suggestion in the comment section if you have one.

We are going to reply to all comments……


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