How To Withdraw Bitcoin Through MTN Mobile Money in Ghana

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In this guide, we are going to walk you through the safest process or procedure to take in order to withdraw your bitcoin and other digital currencies through MTN momo and other digital wallets.

At the end of this guide, you will know everything including the website and other payment mediums to withdraw your bitcoin and other digital currencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum etc in Ghana (Africa).

Once you have this question popping-up in your head, you will definitely ask yourself this too; So which website can I withdraw bitcoin through MTN Momo😩😫? The simple answer is to your question is Paxful… There are lots of websites out there in which you can sell your bitcoin or withdraw your bitcoin through MTN Momo on their platform in Ghana.

Some are ;

  1. Yellow Card
  2. Bitpesa
  3. Coincola etc

But in this guide, we will be using Paxful. Because, it is one of the popular, old and most used websites used in terms of selling and buying digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum etc in the world now.

You can withdraw your Bitcoin through MTN mobile money without breaking any sweat in Ghana. Paxful has over 4M+ active users worldwide. And some of their users are located in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Canada, China, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya etc. 

This is the reason we are saying they are one of the most popular, trusted and safest platforms to withdraw, buy and sell all your digital currencies

Other Payment Mediums You Can Withdraw Bitcoin Through In Ghana.

You can also choose to withdraw your bitcoin through the below mediums if you don’t want to use MTN mobile money. Below are some of MTN momo alternatives;

  1. Vodafone Cash
  2. Airteltigo Cash
  3. Local Bank Transfers
  4. Western Union
  5. Chipper Cash….. and many others.
How To Withdraw Bitcoin Through MTN Momo in Ghana 2021-2022

Steps To Withdraw Bitcoin Through MTN Momo in Ghana (Africa)

Below is the step-by-step procedure to withdraw your Bitcoin through MTN momo. This is the procedure you will be using if you choose to go with Paxful.

1. Search “Paxful” on Your P.C or Phone Browser

2. Hop on their official website

3. Create an Account If you don’t have any.

3i. Log-in in you already has an account.

4. Click on The Menu and Select Sell  (Sell Bitcoin)

5. Here you will be allowed to choose your mode of receiving Payment. (Select MTN Mobile Money)

6. Click on Search

7. Offers of those willing to buy Bitcoin using MTN Momo will appear. (There are mostly hundreds of individuals.

8. Glance Through and Select the one with the best offer. (Here we mean one with a high rate and legit Profile)

9. Get into trade with that Buyer. Provide your MTN Momo details and wait for him/her to make payment.

10. Lastly, After you confirm payment Release Bitcoin to the Buyer.

You have successfully withdrawn your bitcoin into mobile money. Here you have sold your Bitcoin and received the payment through MTN mobile money. 

This is not a difficult procedure. And those willing to use other mediums like Vodafone Cash, Chipper Cash, Tigo Cash, CashApp, Zelle and many others, this is exactly the same process you will pass through using Paxful. Simple and easy!

People Will Ask: How Safe Is Paxful?

We are not saying the platform is 100% safe but it is the best compared to the others out there. Remember the internet is not a safe and fully-trusted place!. If care is taken you will never get scammed using Paxful for business. Why do I say this? This is because;

1. Before you get into a trade with any individual on there, you can first check their profile to detect whether he/she is real and how his/her past trades and business went with other people.

2. They has an escrow system that saves bitcoin in other to prevent cheating. And if you feel cheated on you can just form a dispute or choose to cancel the trade.

3. They have laid down rules you have to follow when using their platform. Fraudsters always trick you in other to break these rules. An example: Do not trade with anybody you meet on Paxful outside their platform. When you meet fraudsters, they will try to convince you to chat with them on WhatsApp which is not in the company’s terms and policies.

4. They have Favorable Payment methods for everybody. You can choose to buy or sell bitcoin with all kinds of Gift cards, Mobile money transfers, Zelle, CashApp, Mpesa, Chipper Cash, Bank Wire, Western Union. With is payment and withdrawal options you can get into a trade with everybody in the world no matter their location.

5. To be safer on Paxful you can also choose to Verify Your account. Verifying your account is not a difficult thing to do. You will need any of your legal documents like a Ghana card, Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s licence and then complete with a face verification.

Once you are done with your verification you can get into a trade with everybody and have no limit on your account. You will also be on the safer side than non-verified individuals. 

How To Get A Paxful Account (Things Needed)

Getting an account will not cost you any penny. All you need to do it to hop on their Official Website create your account and start your buying and selling.

Below are the things you will need to when creating an account;

1. Valid Email Address

2. Full Name

3. Valid Phone Number ( Compulsory ! Virtual Phone numbers from websites like Text now are not accepted)

4. Documents  (Optional for those who want to verify their account)

How To Verify And Start Using Your Account

I know some people will be asking questions like Is it compulsory to verify my account? Can I use a non verified account? What do I need to verify my account?

Okay so the answers are, It is not compulsory to verify your Paxful account. I myself my account is not verified.

Of course, you can use a non-verified account. It is fully functional but you have limits. In terms of trade limits and the people, you get into a trade with. Some verified users want to get into a trade with only verified profiles so they don’t encounter scams.

What you will need to verify your account is any legal national document and then you complete this process with a face verification to confirm that particular document belongs to you.

Documents like Ghana Card, National ID card, Passport, Drivers license.

Verifying your profile is very important but not all that important. If you are really there for serious business I suggest you verify your profile in other to prevent you from fraudsters.

Note: To be able to use your account you have to verify your phone number first.

So make sure your phone number is valid and not a virtual one acquired online. Examples of Virtual phone numbers are one’s got from websites like Text now and the other Apps that give free U.S.A and Canada phone numbers.

To conclude, This is everything you need to know about withdrawing your bitcoin through mobile money. In this guide, we tackled a lot of amazing stuff that is all-important and helpful for individuals willing to use the procedure or website we used in our article.

Paxful is not 100% but will be safe for you when you follow simple rules and we will say it is the best compared to some platforms out there.

You are permitted to share your comments either, questions, suggestions or ideas in the comment section. We will do our possible best to reply on time.

You are also permitted to share this amazing guide with all your friends and families in Ghana or abroad on almost all social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.


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Disclaimer: We are not giving a 100% guarantee that this procedure or guide is going to work for every reader of ours. We won’t be responsible for any financial loss.


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